NameMagica Match 3 Matching Games

An interesting adventure of the genre three in a row. Magica Match 3 Matching Games, if you like completely new adventures and don’t want to sit in one place, then you will like this game.

You will definitely get new impressions as soon as you experience this game. You will have to prove to everyone that you are a super-class player. Take advantage of the most incredible features of this island, and build metropolises and amazing cities. If you decide to build unique quests, and landmarks, and uphold local traditions, you can experience this project to the fullest. Play with us, get incredible satisfaction, and become a winner.

Incredible match 3 fun, has lots of challenging levels and has unlimited moves. Play in real and mythical worlds, get full satisfaction, and get good bonuses. You can use balloons, fly over the whole city, and solve difficult puzzles. You must restore the famous cities of the world, find yourself on a pirate island and match all the pieces in a row. Excellent graphics, many tempting adventures, and everything that you will definitely like.

Magica Match 3 Matching Games MOD

I like this game , it's fun just started playing seems easy ,but I'm guessing it gets harder as you play.. Love the game,but it froze again. Had to uninstall when I was almost at the end. Frustrating! I give up! Installed it again and again it froze.. Magical love the game. There is one problem though. When you had to watch a video for a free spin the game freezes then you had to start all over again. Have been play 3 weeks find it a challenge no annoying ads I can't get into next level just says loading for hours!!. Brilliant.Thousands of great games. Loses sound focus after playing ads. Needs restart to restore on new pad android 13 but OK on old one??.

Magica Match 3 Matching Games APK

I used to play clockmaker. I enjoyed playing this game. It's really awesome game. 5 for me l love the game. Was having fun until. Have to play levels over and over and over. But I don't understand is why after I pass them. Deleting the game. No fun playing same levels after they are played and passed. This is a fun and challenging game. It provides plenty of opportunities to earn boosters that are needed to pass some levels.. So far so good. I wish you didn't have to repeat the levels a few times to collect all the coins.

Magica Match 3 Matching Games APK

It's very nice game but while playing the game it always show's no internet connection please check please check it thankyou. I have not been able to log in or reset the password. Ended up and lost all my game info after setting up another account doing the same thing. I'm not able to log back in. There is one particular ad that when it plays it will freeze the game every time. I have to close out the game and start again.. So far everything is good but when I try to watch a video for a spin on the wheel it says check internet connection I have internet service I wouldn't be able to leave this review if I didn't.

Magica Match 3 Matching Games APK

I really enjoy the challenge of this game it takes thought and logic, excellent way to keep the brain working. This game is a lot of fun you will want to continue playing for hours an you will recommend it to your friends. I love this game even though im starting it for a 2nd time only cause got rebooted n lost all my progress.. Not even at a high level, and already only giving two stars in what should have been a fairly easy level. Uninstalled..

I really love the game makes me relax but sometimes its freeze and when d Add pop Up i lose my game and it makes me anoyed... It's like playing with a 4 year old who makes up rules with every move. As you get higher the combinations no longer behave as they have been - no full row/column, the one piece that hits all similar ones on the board suddenly changes to a different object. I don't mind a challenge, but I hate being cheated. Uninstalling.. I'll change this to 5's if you can make the game a lot more faster cuz it's just so slow; n some way; maybe an "watch ad" for free coins & logs! Everything else is great! I've honestly never played a game like this before n I'm enjoying myself n relaxing playing your game! Nice job. Game will not load and keeps shutting down,since you will not fix your game I'm removing it,game still crashes.

Love the different levels, and different worlds. The graphics are crisp and clean. However, this game does not allow you to get extended life as rewards, and the constant having to play same levels to get each reward is tedious.. I would give it 5 stars but nearly everytime u watch an ad the game crashes. Really annoying when you are after extra moves.. I'angry that I can not get my bonuses like before, you have struggle along to get help. It's not like the previous version. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS NOW FOR THE PROMISED NEW LEVELS....PLEASE OPEN THEM. This is the BEST game ever. I have been playing it for years.

The first four levels seemed fine. Now when I try to spin for extra moves the game throws me off.. Game itself is fun. Biggest problem is its slow to load and glitchy, to the point where I have to shut down and open the program again. You have levels to pass before moving forward to the next city. It will not load the next level for me. I may have no choice than to delete. I will give it 24 hours before giving up.. Update: Eventually you get to a point where you can't continue without spending money Not a bad game but it is incredibly glitchy. Seriously in need of an update. This game is cute. But if I have to break or remove squares that I have already removed or broken I will remove the game quickly..

I had to uninstall this app. I have to turn my phone upside down to play this game. I have also checked the settings on my phone as well.. It's a fun game and challenging. The ads are no worse than other games I have played o enjoy playing it.. It's ok until the pop up window wants me to buy then it's not Ok anymore. Will probably uninstall when I can't win without having to buy something. Update: now when I click on the wheel to spin it tells me to check my internet connection. Hey I'm on the internet!!. Can't add email to save progress saysdont look like a email other than that I liked it but can't save.

I've been trying to load a new level for the last 10 minutes but it can't load,why can't I return to my previous level I used this email address but it says it's wrong fix it please. Best match 3 I've seen. No ads except for a bonus. Biggest bummer was having to play same board multiple times to unlock a reward or gather more resources. Tip if game starts to freeze: Delete game cache and data then use retrieve my progress button when app starts again. This worked for me and didn't lose anything.. This is the 4 th time the game is freezing and then closing and the 4 time I uploaded the game that takes 5 min to upload. Game closes in the midle of playing. I can not go on like this. I will uninstall the game. Just wasting my time.. I really like this game. Levels are challenging but not impossible with patience. I appreciate not being forced to spend money but occasionally buy packs to get some extra gear..

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