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Angle Fight 3D is a minimalistic simple puzzle action game in which dynamic battles await players. Before that, however, he needed to prepare a hero. Choose your gear and equipment, go to the correct location, and develop a strategy. The project has simple graphics, but attractive tournaments and valuable rewards are given for the activity. The two participants go head-to-head in a spectacular confrontation. Each level is its opponent; no two are the same. So it would be best if you prepared differently each time. Focus on the combat position and enemy abilities and choose the appropriate place to gain the advantage with the first blow.

In Angle Fight 3D, controls include changing position – the movement of the character’s arms and legs, his weapon with various weapons – ax, sword, light weapon, shield, etc. The winner is the one to hit the enemy first. If the device selection fails, you will have to start over. The characters look like cubes from many balls of different colors; on impact, they seem to “smash,” so any damage is pronounced. A successful move cuts the man “like a seed”; he divides into balls, and the level is over. This makes the battles very dynamic and fast.

Download ( V0.7.34 )

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