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My Talking Tom: Friends invites users to join the virtual world created by the caring hands of an artist. The famous cat Tom is now joined by his loyal friends – Angela, Ginger, Beka, and Ben, among others—in a simulator of virtual pets with favorite characters in the title role. My Talking Tom Friends is a colorful arcade game for children designed for Android mobile devices.

Now you must take care of all the funny animals, surround them with respect and maintenance, and fulfill their capricious requests and desires. The game has the same casual controls and many new items in care items, resources, and quests. Get started and dig deep into the creators of My Talking Tom: Friends. Meet the characters and try to figure out the personality traits of each furry pet and the fact that they are adept at something different. Angela cooks and bakes delicious cakes; Tom does a lot of housework, is a good painter, and can sing and dance – all these features should be used in the game!

This simulator lets you have fun with your favorite virtual pets, including the famous Tomik, Hank, and Angela. In the game, you will meet six characters. All of them are moving into one huge house, and need your help arranging. Of course, you will be allowed to play with funny characters in addition to work. The process of the game is presented in the form of a Tamagotchi. For each character, Youy clothes and monitor their health and mood. And each character will also play mini-games, has fun in every possible way, change the house’s interior, and much more.

In addition, users will enjoy a new bonus system for completed tasks, and cheating for money will allow them to enjoy earning money in mini-games without losing much time. Events will occur in the apartment and the city, as friends will want to go on excursions, go for a walk in the park, or visit the pool and the zoo. Of course, pets, as before, need to rest, eat, play, and socialize. The game has a lot of achievements and unlocks toys and accessories for furry animals and several detailed rooms with multiple abilities in each game. There are relationships between characters, costumes, skins, shoes, a sea of ​​fun additions, quests starring several characters, lots of humor, and responsible action!

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