NameMiss Hollywood
Size22.04 Mb
ReleaseBudge Studios

Miss Hollywood® – Lights, Came is an RPG game. Budge Studios introduced this product in 20016. This studio is dedicated to creating the best games in this genre and has a multi-million audience of users. They are supported by Android and iOS operating systems. This casual app parodies in a playful way the world where the real superstars of our time live. Play fun mini-games, earn popularity, dress up in beautiful outfits and become the best in the Hollywood show business.

The game Miss Hollywood also allows you to try yourself as a director or producer. You can find pirate treasures, come up with movie scenes and even create your paintings. It has a beautiful bright design, and great music draws users in for a long time. Although this app is free to download, some items can be purchased with real money. Miss Hollywood is available on Google Play and the App Store. Currently, she is gaining more and more popularity and receives only positive reviews and high ratings.

Miss Hollywood MOD

Please make it without any prices it is very inappropriate to give children credit card info or unlock the Characters that are in the game because they can get in trouble for doing that or you might make it a SCAM.. This is probably the worst game I've ever downloaded because You have to pay to play with most of the pets like really and This is just dumb and Why so many adds . This game is so fun when I was going on a trip I always play this game and u don't need internet to play this game. Is so Fun and but is easy to make a a - Room for Pets and Complete the game And Challenge.. I don't like to play this game because when I am tap one button it's won't work when this problem be solved then only I will play this game before 3 days.

Miss Hollywood APK

Why cant I go to the other one's only miss Hollywood and how to unlock them. I don't now. How. To. Show me how. Please. Will you help me with it please Or. Overall this is a great game! Buuut... I really don't know why you have to purchase to use other characters, same with all the other Miss Hollywood apps. 4 Stars!. I used to love it it was my favourite game and what i didn't like in the game that there isn't new things what i'm saying is that please add more things update it like every year theme you can agree or disagree i dont make the rules but its what i think thank you!.. It won't let me do all of them so all that makes me mad and I'm going to delete this game if it doesn't change it in 3 days.

Miss Hollywood APK

Please but studios please make games that have more stuff in it's kind of boring when you make just one thing to play with like your paw patrol games with only two PAW patrols that you can use and your Barbie dress up princess game where you can only have a princess and I really want to do is very the superheroes and the unicorn but I couldn't because they were locked I really want you to make more games that have more stuff than just two or 1 or 3 or something like that like the other game. I make the best movies ever in the cinema but until September 29 now I get a squishmallows meal in September 12. Ok soooo....This app is alright.. But you can't unlock the full game! It is VERY expensive (10 pounds/1500rs or so) And if you don't pay it's fun for a while but then after playing each game a certain amount of time (I think 8?) You don't get any prizes at all! This is a fun game...Only for a while but if You can't pay for games this isn't for you.. It is with a little mixed thoughts that I give 5 stars.. my little one loves all the Miss Hollywood games & loves this one best. Because of this fact I purchased a quite expensive package for all the pets. At least she is thrilled .

Miss Hollywood APK

Good and pretty game but it have a glitch it very annoying can you please fix it! i download and wait you fix sice 2021 but it still glitch so i gave 1 star.. This game is my childhood and fun but there's one problem after you are done with Miss Hollywood(I think thats her name) it gets pretty boring but If you want to play the different characters you'd have to pay real money But Overall It's a great game Would recommend. I played this game when i was 7 years old the thing that made me upset tho was YOU NEED TO PAY FOR ALOT and that only give you ms Hollywood also this game AMOLST BROKE MY PHONE because it froze completely i cant move or leave the game i turn my phone off and on it stayed frozen i had to power off my phone and i was back on my home screen i deleted the all the games straite away so what I learned as a child money can buy fun after 5 years:that this game only cares about money & brakes phones to. This game was my entire childhood. I have played it pretty much everyday ever since the day I downloaded it. However I had to keep asking my parents to buy me the other animals but they never let me. This game is great and all and can only use a couple minor fixes like some bugs, but most of it has to be paid for. If a kid is trying to play a fun game and things like those come up, it can encourage a kid to spend money for an item they will enjoy one second, but will keep asking for more..

Thanks for the use the same. If the reader to you by the way to the extent of my own and not a problem ,I am not sure how 6 to be a problem, I have been a long terminal. I think it was a great day and the Price Is for 30th of September 32 the best of the Crown. I have to pay a penny helps you find and a half hours to ensures that the new one, Chiswick High Road, and I have a look. If the item you are a bit. I am not sure if I am looking to buy the ticket search for a while. How can you tell me w. it's a very good game for kids I really love it because I am a kid but however when I get done with miss Hollywood's room you have to pay alot of money but it's pstill a very goods game please make more like this please!. It's been glitchy alot. I join the game and click on Miss Hollywood's room. After that the bags glitch and I can't click on anything so I am left with having to leave the game. I can't play the game at all, all I can do is look at the characters you have to purchase.. I don't like how I had to pay for it so it's definitely not a 5 and it's a bit pricey.

it's Born to many ads and I can't do anything I don't want to pay money for the other one please make it for free PLEASE. I love the game so much and I have all the game but maybe could you just let us have me pet's in the house and I love miss Hollywood because she is so cute . The app is really cool since its so good why do i rate it 4 stars??beacause you should not have to pay for this great app i am 7 and i play it i think some of the stuff is a bit easy but there are many pros and a few cons. The game is fun, cute and all but its not quite fair that you have to spend money just to unlock characters and fix their room. Plus only 1 character wow obviously they only care for money..

This game is nice I will play this game everyday and no stop that is way I am giving it a 5 star. I give it a three because it's not fair for little kids if it's money can you please make two of her friends not for money so little kids get to do 2 of her friends please because my kids beg me to buy them but it's just making me unhappy spending money on a game please take this advice if you want this advice please my kids are begging the creator of the game. To budge: is a great game but iam poor irl so i cant unlock more pet pls make it free:'). I am only 10 and i alredy know the creators are gold diggers only mony is what thay are after only mony not good content mony wow i am not suprised.

Please stop ads and I'll be pretty good it's just the ads and that's why I didn't give you a 5 star but can you please stop doing so many ads :). Cute little game! I give this a four because I just wish when you start the game, the only pet you get is Miss Hollywood. Please check up on this because not all people have money. Thank you for understanding.. Only one character unlocked the rest to unlock them you had to pay lots of money this game is only about the money there getting. My kids try to play this and they wanted to play the fairy one and it couldn't do anything at all things why does hard as I could but didn't do anything that was their very first app on their tablet.

I was going to download this game and I read some of the reviews and see that I have to PAY for the rest of the game it's for kids like gosh. I love this game but why do you have to pay i like that they are low prices but it would have 5 stars if all of the characters are free also thank you Buge studio fir making this game!!. It only has two rooms and my daughter keep asking me mom can you buy this please Mom he buy this so I would of given you a five star if you would have please update this instead of having two rooms. I love this game when I was a kid!!but its sad when you cant play your favorite quest again and your complete with your room but still a amazing game keep up the good work!!!.

I love this game but why you have to pay for the pets it's a kid game and plus it'd be much better. It wassss working fine but now i cant press anything so if theres one thing i would like you to do PLEASE FIX THIS GAME. I download This when I was 6 years old and I decided To download it again Becuse I miss this game So bad and There is a bug glitch But is okay Just fix it Soon or Today or Tomorrow. it is so cute you decrate rooms but also you have to pay for stuff so i give it 4 stars but it is funny ,silly cute ,adorble ,epic i love it still so much.

You have to pay for most of the stuff. How could kids pay for it? And if there parents say no then they just can't play. Way to many ads. Bad app.. Cute animals but how are u supposed to finish the game if u cant even do all of the rooms if u have to pay for them this game is for kids and do u really think kids can buy the stuff like what they ask there mom or dad qnd they say NO then everyone will say this is a horrible game and if u want a good game were kids all over the world to play this game and say its an awesome game then MAKE THE OTHER ANIMALS FREE yes u said u have to pay for STUFF not the animals. Hi I am on my way because playing games. Yeah okay I'm very good because my game is very good. I had to tap something because I had to because that's choosing another pet characters boring. Hate ir when i installed it i felt like yaaaayyy but then i saw everythink was inncash PEOPLE Games are for playing not paying.

It was actually pretty fun at first. It sucks that you can only play 1 character and the rest, you have to pay..

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