NameBluey Let’s Play
ReleaseBudge Studios

“Bluey Let’s Play” invites you to a vibrant world of imagination and fun! Dive into 20 exciting mini-games where you can join Bluey and her friends in creative adventures. Every activity is a chance to learn and play together, from building sandcastles at the beach to solving puzzles in outer space. Explore colorful environments, discover hidden surprises, and unleash your creativity. The whole family can join in the excitement with intuitive controls and multiplayer options. Whether it’s a race, a challenge, or a moment of laughter, “Bluey Let’s Play” is the ultimate playground where endless joy and exploration await!

Bluey Let’s Play MOD

Please make this game free, I am 9 and I love bluey but the mom and dad are not even free. DOWNLOADERS BEWARE there is a HUGE subscription pay wall. One time fee unlocking characters and locations would be make this game much better. Subscription fee is pure greed. You are better off subscribing to Disney+ to watch episodes.. Couldn't subscribe on child's managed device so had to subscribe on my own. Then app is not part of family library so can't share/activate unlocked version to child's account. Unsubscribed again within 2 mins of subscribing but 6.50 already taken. No means to claim refund shown on purchase. Might as well be a scam.. Games geared towards children should be barrex from this level of micro transactions, the game is designed around your kid accidentally purchasing. This is disgusting. Do better devs.. Very very bad app because my child just can play 2 games and the rest l need to pay this app has nothing fun and it makes my child sad it only can play 2 games so l uninstall this app better so sad and the developers fix with more games to play 2 that is just a little and it like nothing the developers think they don't want more fun so 0 out of 5. Fix or never downloaded ever again so disappointing .

Bluey Let’s Play APK

$10 a month subscription forever is outright extortion. You are kidding yourself if you think that this or any mobile game is worth that amount of money.. it dosent really work i try to put in a charatcter but then it glitches right away then i cant do anything. HATE IT I literally just got into the game and only two places were unlocked and when I went to the backyard it kept saying subscribe I couldn't play and the backyard but it was open and the kitchen was open too but I don't understand why it would say that I mean it was open never downloading this game ever again . Extremely limited scenarios with $9.99 monthly subscription fee; not much to explore or enjoy, unfortunately not particularly enjoyable and the subscription fee is inhibiting. Such a pity because I was looking forward to exploring but there's nothing much to explore. Disappointing when there could be far more options available but unfortunately creators are money hungry..

Bluey Let’s Play APK

I like this game very much because it was to fantastic but I am downloaded against I like it this game very much because I like this cartoon because I am 10 years old now 11. There's a lot of maps and stuff you can play in but you have to spend a lot of money just to play more than 2 maps and to play more than bingo and bluey other than that the game is really fun and there is no adds . This game is fine, but the subscription fee is gross. Let us pay one time for an app, stop making subscription payment apps for kids. $13 NZD a month is ridiculous.. It's good but all the places are closed only 2 are open the backyard and the kitchen there has to be more and to open the others you have to buy something.

Bluey Let’s Play APK

It is fun but it would be more fun if you had every character unlocked because I want certain maps and characters that I can't afford but it is still fun please make every character unlocked then it will be a 10/10. I am 9 and i really love bluey the fact is this game is so fun i love the carecters i only have bluey bingo and muffin they are super cute thank you budge ( i have no more money). I have to pay for everything it's so annoying we only have 2 caracters to play with and it's all "pay to have fun" it's so annoying. Bluey would be disappointed. Clearly a cash grab centered around the popularity of the most lovable cartoon family. Shame on the developers and publishers of this game clearly targeting children with this cash grab..

I love watching bluey but this game is a big no. you have 2 levels and 2 characters but you have to pay for nearly everything in the game. And 6.50 for a month is just a joke for so little content. Please make this a one-time payment and then further payments for expansions. My kids 3 and loves Bluey, but nearly 7 a month is nearly more than I pay for Disney + which has the entire show on it, plus all of Disneys catalogue. I'd happily pay 7 one time and then again for each expansion or something. If this is changed, my rating would go straight to 5 stars easily. mainly because you have to pay to get any othe characters instead of giving us task to complete to unlocke other characters. it's not that good I really don't recommend this game and I don't want to pay the money and I don't anyone wants to I wish you can have more at the start without paying any money and only bluey and bingo not even mum or dad.

Cannot give a good review for this game. It's promising, and is really fun for the kids to play, until they click on an advert that pulls them straight to the store. I tried the subscription, hoping to remove the ads, but they remain a core part of it. It's frankly an inappropriate feature to have in an app that you pay 7 a month. For the price of the subscription, the content just isn't there. Really disappointing, avoid if you can. I'll be cancelling my subscription after an hour.. The kids don't even want to play with this app because too much is locked! Would rather pay $60 for the Bluey Switch game than this. The monthly subscription for a year will cost more than the Switch game. And I'm sure the game on the Switch will be more enjoyable.. If I could give it a zero I would u can only play like 2 games and unlock 2 character before they make u pay monthly for everything else that's the dumbest thing ever don't play this game all they want is money. Even though i am in fourth grade and my friends think i am crazy because i watch Buey a lot. but this game is really fun. but the reason why i gave it 3 stars is because i can only do 2 areas a n some coloring pages (which get kinda boring after a while) i onley have those 3 things because i am not allowed to join/subscribe. so it would really help me and other kids if you made more things free.(i know it says rob but that is my dads name)..

it's so good but my baby is so sad because not all of the characters are only Bill and bingo hit that he has he's just left Mom and Dad only like whole family so is desert desert five stars like a five star hotel. what do you expect me to do with blue and Bingo just blue and Bingo this game want your money. bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey bluey!! This is the coolest game ever. This is my childhood show and maybe I could still watch it! (Yes I can)5 starz. i dont know how to get other levels it should give you objectives and let you move on after you complete them.

This is a very fun game I could have given it a five star but I can't unlock the other activities if it's not that this a fun game please download this game for your Bluey fan kid.please show us how to unlock the other activities cause I've pressed the subscribe now button but it does not do nothing.Please. It's actually so boring because nearly everything is locked and you can only play with Bluey and Bingo.And also you have to go to the kitchen or the garden so please don't play this game .. I love The show Bluey so I wanted to check this out. There is not much to do because you have to subscribe and pay $6.99 every month to be able to get more worlds and art things to do. (You have to pay to subscribe). Total scam. Not worth the subscription and on top of all that the developers STILL have the guts to advertise their other products to children in the app. It's sick. Shame on them..

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