NameBeat Blade
ReleaseBattleCry HQ Studio

Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a modern music player with the most technologically advanced graphics effects and nuances. The user will plunge into fast-forward racing, controlling a runner trying to show off his speed and agility. The whole joke is that the running man only crosses the obstacle perfectly when the user’s command coincides with the music’s current beat. All these mechanisms make gambling toys dynamic.

Get started and quickly fall in love with Beat Blade: Dash Dance. Lead the running runner and listen to the rhythm of the sounding tune. Cross the depths and jump over glowing blocks, flying spears, lava rivers, and electric circuits. Cross significant gaps by jumping on floating platforms. Click on the beat of the bass of the music playing because the authors thought that letting the tune create some opportunity to click when an obstacle appears. If the user has no interest in music or exciting gambling races, it won’t be easy to win. The mod for all things public offers a lot of neon locations, each with its color theme, multi-dimensional obstacles and enemies, astonishing achievements you want to strive for, and of course – tunes. The music is varied in styles of electric, acid, metal, rock, techno, and others…

Beat Blade MOD

Love it! But when I watch an ad to continue, the controller glitches. Like it would freeze my controls then when it freezes then I run into a spike. And it's annoying . It is a nice game but u have to unlock the songs with network' so many ads during play time but it is okay . It's so fun and it helps me with the beats especially on the drum when I want to play it. I love this game therefore I give it 5 stars when beat sounds then it cut box with blade so it's satisfying so love this game. I love this game alot but one thing I would like to see in this game is death notes. And you have to hit them or you lose or not hit them or you lose. Or both it doesn't matter I just thought it would be cool to see in this game.

Beat Blade APK

Alright, so there was a skin, which I can get by completing a certain level on full combo. I was trying to complete it on full combo for about 4 hours. And after I did, even the game showed you completed it on full combo, but I didn't get the skin I wanted, the game just kept demanding to complete that level on full combo, when I asked for the skin. Give me my 4 hours of life back.. It is very good app.i am enjoying it. You can add some lyrics that are now viral like metamorphosis, rapture,after dark,the perfect girl etc. The game is great in the graphics are graphics. The game is so fun. You can play it for hours. Really it is. They're so fun. I don't want to play every day. Thank you forever who made this video? I mean the game Thank you for dinner and I really like. No option to disable bombs so i cant enjoy songs like through the fire and flames. Made me break my phone case. Rage games are garbage and fnf is better anyways..

Beat Blade APK

It would be a really great game if it weren't for the loads of ads pushed in your face. Every time you want to try a new song, you need to watch 2+ ads, when you die, ad, when you beat a level, as, when you want to revive because of the game's bad respawning system, ad. I understand making revenue but I just want to play a fun rhythm game and not watch ads every 10-20 seconds.. Smooth to play but those spikes are too much that it doesnt let you enjoy to play the song and those ads are so annoying. Tried to play for an hour and uninstall it after.. One day All my progress was wiped. All blade pass achieves, all earned songs, all earned skins. Am absolutely disappointed . Has been kept only bought early ad-free pass.. Hello, I actually very much enjoy this game. There is just one small problem.. The music is great, just not enough stray kids? They recently dropped and album and I was wondering if you could add more of their songs? Thank you so much, beat blade! I will give 5 stars once you do..

Beat Blade APK

This game is unpolished first of all the fps sucks im getting 20-30, fps below and the most frustrating thing FIX YOUR HITBOX i am on the cube but it didn't count fix your game first. Perfect game if you like music you can play it when your chilling at home or with friends to show off your reflexes I wish there was more games like this. I like it so far hope to see updates on the graphics and animations maybe a close pov but Great! App!. Absaloutly love this game but im not too keen on the recent update i dont like that you have to use energy where as before u didnt and when energy runs out you have too watch add i paid for the game nearly 4 years ago to get rid of adds as i enjoy the game now i gotto watch em again to carry on playing after energy used up.

Tbh I like this game, but the problem is they put offline but I can't play offline I need to use my data. How can I play this offline.. I played this game when it first came out and lots of songs and swords but when the update came out I lost everything and had to restart from the very beginning now I have to be watching ads just to get the songs I had back. Ads still show up even though i purchased the option for them to no longer show up. Restore purchase does notning.. 3 out of 5 beacause there's a error when you die the timer stops on 1 sometimes, I love the graphics you can change it and the effects too but it's laggy when you turn on ultra graphics mode, Love the music and you can find a lot of music to pick but you have to have a pass and need to pay or watch 2 ads I can't play it, but love the game,.

amazing game you get to play all your favorite songs and because it offline you don't have to worry about being online else you want to download songs. 10/10 Good for passing time without/ with network but there can also be multiplayer, with races or sudden death in which person who gets out first is the loser . Over all its a good game..

Download ( V4.0.8 )

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