NameAnimal Village
Size54.37 Mb
ReleaseHeroCraft Ltd.

Build a metropolis in a real forest. Animal Village you have to get acquainted with all the inhabitants of this magical forest. You simply have to build cool houses for animals, do not forget to feed them and play different games. Try new animals, any birds, and much more to get the most out of it. The playing space is incredibly large, and the whole atmosphere of the fairy forest will impress many players. Here you will meet the most interesting forest animals and birds, get to know them, and learn something new.

Hours of adventure await you, incredible gameplay, and the toy is suitable for players of any age. A variety of landscape elements, and crazy decorations for a large clearing. Build your incredible forest, and use various gadgets and bonuses. From the very beginning, it is clear that someone made a real mess in this forest.

You will have to clean up here, help the little animals clean up, and find a lot of food for them. Each of the animals requires constant care, and you are obliged to provide it. Arrange this large clearing, feed the animals, and make sure that their houses are constantly clean.

Animal Village MOD

It is really a very good game but the evil pigbat i don't know what is it but they are very annoying they keep coming repeatedly please do something. It's fun, graphics aren't like the pictures but that's fine, it's still awesome, never had a farm sim like it! Give it a go, you won't regret it, don't say no because of bad reviews and the 3.5 stars. This games underrated.. Its really good when i play it first but im so dessapointed that you can only have another gnome by paying for it...can you provide another workers for free...i really really do like it but it just that i have to pay in order to get another worker. The game is great, I looked for it for a few years, but it does not open the game after some levels. what's the solution?. The game is great graphics are good one thing is not ist hard to get money please make it esy to get money.

Animal Village APK

I love it but I want the evil animals to be wiped out off the game.I had 9 zeppelin keys and now I have only 3.I want all my keys that I had. Nice game. Game is good. After 15 th level it's not loading. It opened & shut down immediately again & again. I played 1 day only.. The game was amazing and great and was my favorite but now everytime I load up the game it kicks me right out of the game so I cant even play it anymore without instantly getting kicked out I'm very sad about this !. The game is so intertaining but now a days when I open the game later spontaneously game is off please to check the issues of game and set it....

Animal Village APK

Very nice game. But Very bad game. Is this game realistic? Is this game smooth? Is this game silly? 1 (yes). 2(no). 3(not sure). .

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