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Free game “My Little Pony”! Meet Sparkle, Rainbow, and others. MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess – if you or your child is a fan of this game, then this game will appeal to you! It is worth noting that this application implements the development team’s latest ideas that created this game. My Little Pony is a colorful story based on a kind and colorful cartoon series. Now, his fans can participate in exciting events and immerse themselves in the fun and miracles. Along with cartoon characters, gamers must save Ponyville, complete challenging missions, and help Moon Pony friends – the list is impressive, but every problem in this virtual adventure is solvable. This makes the game an inexhaustible source of positive emotions, conducive to pleasant relaxation.

Now every user of the Android operating system will be able to visit the Sweet Apple farm, owned by the Apple clan, where cute ponies run their farm, grow fruits, and compete with other families and farmers in various competitions – who dances better, who picks fruit faster, and who better riddles.

My Little Pony will require spatial thinking and a non-standard approach because participants in the game will have to build a city, save the planet from darkness and help the heroes deal with many problems. And difficult. The game is suitable for younger gamers as it teaches responsibility and compassion and adults and serious players who need positive emotions. In a fantasy world, any miracle can happen, so a virtual trip to Ponyville is an excellent remedy for boredom and monotony

It is also worth mentioning that all players will be able to share the results of their achievements and participate in various competitions, where additional features and items for the game itself will serve as prizes. Download this application, and you will never regret it because you will get excellent entertainment for free. Make grand plans to construct new buildings designed to decorate Ponyville, a mod that earns a lot of money will come in handy. Imagination, ingenuity, and willingness to help those in need will also help you cope with the work. No matter what the goals and interests of gamers are, they can also spend comfortable hours with cartoon characters; just seeing them brings a smile.


Though I agree with the recent reviews regarding how quickly expensive it gets to play mini games, I enjoyed playing the game until the latest update. Now, it's completely frozen and icons don't respond at all. I've uninstalled the game, clean cache/data reinstalled it, restored my account, no can do. I tried again after rebooting my phone, still, nothing is working, I can't even get in the option menu to contact customer support. A shame after the time spent on that game.. The problem is the paramont+ advert in the watching adverts to get a rewards and a pony is not working please fix and thank you.. I love pony. But there is only one problem if you get a new phone ore uninstall you start from the beginning so sad. Was enjoying this game till the most recent update... it worked the first day I loaded it and then today, it will load but I can't get it to do anything other than move the background around. Can't click on anything else, can't access customer service. I've restarted the game countless times, restarted the phone... nothing is working.. So fun and cute, however the game never loads ads for me and crashes when i try, and I can't figure out how to use the augmented reality feature :( I love it tho <3.


It keeps freezing every time I enter the game redoing the same quest I've been trying to do but freezing when I try to go any farther. It has no save progress feature so it mean game dont have sync progress. Dont play this game if you want save progress. You cant restore or transfer to new one cause developer eats money. No CONNECT button in settings either. It will kill your time so dont rather play.. its great and so much fun! But... The game gets expensive way too quickly, and I think it takes too long for the ponies to Finnish their tasks. It is a fun game but recently when i brought pony online it does not show in the map. And i cannot play any mini games on it please fix the bug isuse..


I had to reinstall the game after playing for a month and spending 20 on the game. Now after the reinstall my save is gone and the game no longer allows me to connect to google play in order to load my cloud save.. 5 stars best mlp game in the franchise but the thing I don't like much is the game is hard to start off for me overall I love it though. Updating my review since forever and bless this game connect to Google and I got all my progress back :3 It's a good game and unlock my inner childhood to take care this game as long I'm still into it. you have to pay just to play the minigames or complete story quests, itd be fun if you didnt spend all your gems and coins just trying to progress in the game.


I like this app it's very good But if I was to get another phone I want this account to be on that so I still have all my progress But I don't think I can do that because when u get the app it doesn't ask u to sign up or anything It would be very useful. Best walaupun lambat.Jangan ambil rainbow dash dan rarity watashi!!Aku dapat dulu semua pony tu!!Watashi nie org lelaki.......bukan perempuan........saya tak berlagak.......saya cuma bagitau je.Jangan marah ehhhhhh..hihihihi. Ihan paras peli mun koodi on 6abce3b pyytk muassa kaveriks annan niit sydmmi sillon ku voin eli joka piv. This game is outstanding, but It became too big and I had to delete it. But it is good very good!.

Everything is great in this game HOWEVER it's been 2 WEEKS NOW that the app won't let me play adds!!! it keeps telling me "oops something went wrong with this feature right now. Try again later"... irritating as all hell to deal with for this long!!! Otherwise it's a great game truly.. Got a new device and lost all my progress...i KNOW it's in the cloud. I really need recovery help. 9c4cd75 9/17/2023 I'm still trying to get help uploading my old game!. I would love to give this game a 5 star, but this game crashes too much for me to do so. I will level up and place buildings, just to come back and have the game not save any of the progress. Since a lot of the activities are time sensitive it really can make or break the experience. Please add a save feature or backup feature so we don't have to lose hours of progress like I just did moments before writing this.. I love this game but the mini games are expensive to play. Also, it wants to force me to use the jewels that are rare and hard to get because you buy them with actual money. I hate when games force players to use real money to play. Will be deleting the game soon..

I have been playing this game for a long time, This game is awesome. I think both adults and children will enjoy this game. And I really like this game,. The game is really good although the ads are broken and when I press the ad button the "paramount plus" ad doesn't show then it breaks the ads entirely so I can't watch any. Other then that it's been great!. This game doesn't give me credit for every ad I watch, and there's no way of saving progress if you get a new phone, so spending money on it is pointless, unless you plan on never getting a new phone again.. Help this is so fun I love playing this game. Some people say I am too old, but who cares I love it..

This game is fun.But the things are so expensive and we can't get free gems or coins for example of we don't have gems or coin how will we earn how will we play the minigames if we only have ponyville so I rated it 45. I love this game and have played it for years but everytime you switch devices it doesn't save progress, I wish there was a way we could link an email or a number so that we can save progress and play on diffrent devices.. I love the game, this game was practicly my childhood! Ty for making this gane I really apprieciate it! Keep up the good work :D. Came back for the nostalgia but realized everything is so overpriced. You can't even get some things without using real money, and I hate the fact that they force us to use gems to proceed with the game. It's stupid. They probably won't change anything given so many people here are complaining but they're doing nothing to change. Really sad that it's become like this. Please don't be so money hungry, developers..

It's fun but the mini games get way too expensive way too fast. I have to watch an ad every single time I want to play one, unless I want to spend half my bits just to play for 30 seconds with one pony, or for one card game. Half my play time is spent just watching ads. The game is fun, I do like it, but I shouldn't have to watch a 30 second ad just for 30 seconds of playtime every single time. If the mini games were less expensive it'd be five stars.. It is as good as any mlp game, but one character that should be added is Octavia, who is DJ-pon3's sister and who would want to be in a game without their family like DJ-pon3. My little pony is for losers XD "Edit" I don't remember writing that but im am gonna keep it! It made me laugh =]. I watch an ad and only get 1 gem every time. Please make it 3-4 gems. All the ponies and buildings are beyond expensive, and you'd have to spend $100 on almost 270 sumthin gems, all for 1, maybe 2 ponies that aren't a recolor of the main 6. The ads glitch, so you have to watch 2-3 for it to register that you watched one. Bits are expensive as well, and everything costs thousands and thousands of bits, which you'd have to buy unless you save up for weeks..

I really like this game. I've played it since I was young but please please fix the prices. Why does everything have to be 1000? What happened to the old prices? At least make their duties (apple picking, stargazing and playing ball) 100 again. Sam with the mine game. Please lower the prices for the shops as well.. I rate this game 3 out of 5 because the loading MB takes a lot and too many advertisements and the prize of the ponies and mini- games. Please can you take less than 200 MB and less amount of money.. I like this game but the now is almost unplayable everything is too expensive. Can we play the old version?. I played this game on Facebook, it overall is a very good game. Fun mini games, good adventure style. And much more I would say. I recommend playing..

Ad watching simulator. Every single quest the player completes they are encouraged to watch an ad to double their reward. Every minigame encourages the player to watch ads before playing to increase their score. Every timer (and there are a LOT of timers) can, of course, be decreased by watching ads. Each month there is a special character reward for watching 81 ads. And then the game also makes you watch ads on level up, and randomly shows you its own ads.. It's been crashing and "going back in time" since i started fighting with Chrysalis i have welcomed the same pony three times at this point and the community events are annoying since you basically have to pay to win. I love this game becaus i have been playing it when a'm 4 and l love it all sence becaus its fun and i ment all of my favorite pony i hope you like my comment if you like it i am going to be a yutuber my channel is going to be princess frogcraft but its come ming soon a'm 8 i am going to start yutube when a'm 14 goodbye. I'm having to change my review to 1 star. It keeps happening and at this rate maybe I'm being legitimately robbed. It is way too easy to spend gems, which cost real money, without realizing. I need reimbursement. Fix the damn game, stop stealing my money..

I came back to this game to revisit it but realized it does not have a retrieve old account option. So im back at Level 1 but my google play has level 50 achievements. Very dissappinted.... Relaxing with simple variety of minigames and plenty of characters to acquire. Music is snippets from the show, if you haven't seen it all there are few spoilers from within the game.. This game was my childhood few years ago went back on it there are many more new things happen but the downside is playing mini games with ponnies and the mine cart crystal game have increase in bits/coins to access it's like over 6000 bits/coins it's a bit unfair for players who are begginers or not paying coins with real money. Its amazing! Its like fun for kids and also alot of details, the details are also amazing like shiny present 2023 review: ive come back to this game and so far its still amazing:3.

I love this game ,and it's very amazing. The character are all realistic and their are wonderful and magical world I love this game very much . I used to love this game! Now they've raised the prices of everything! Playing with a pony, regular ball, is 5000 coins?! What type of garbage is that?! I don't like this now. PLEASE! MAKE IT EASIER TO TRANSFER YOUR GAME FROM ONE DEVICE TO ANOTHER! The message doesn't pop up asking if you want to transfer your saved game all the time. Then when you uninstall and reinstall the game, it asks if you want the game you just uninstalled back on there instead of the one on your other device.. The game is so fun but the mini games are expensive and some of the characters but the game is cool but it takes forever to load so plz fix it but I still love the game. Hasn't changed much in 10 years (and that'd for the best). The storyline, however, is a little inconsistent, ie. You have cutscenes with Midnight Moon in ponyville, but then you have cutscenes with Princess Luna in Canterlot. They also mention Flurry Heart before Shining Armor and Cadance get married. There's minimal ads, but I broke my ankle trying to talk to my friend about the app. All in all, pretty good app.

I loved playing this game until one day , my mother deleted it... I was to addicted to this game loved to play it but after my mother deleted it , I installed it again (that's obvious) and then , I really got bored as I had to start from scratch. So now , I actually don't play it . Hi. I cannot move my buildings at all. It says move them wherever we want but they won't move. I cannot play this game.. It's really great and all but there are somethings. 1 why don't some ponies have be gems instead of coins but to expensive but the thing is when I try to play in the mines the game freezes up and I would have to restart the game I'm not sure if it's the game or my phone also I would LOVE if you would let us log in to continue our progress then to start all over and I don't know how to give access to the storage. I love this game Im doing a mlp marathon and playing this while watching the show made me a part of Equestria somehow thanks..

Lost my progress. Can't get back anything i paid for. This game just gets worse and worse. Things are too expensive, quests don't give you back what you spent making them not worth it. I have to rely on my Celestia paychecks (leveling up) to get a decent amount of money. And now there's random popup ads? Y'all are really money hungry. I miss the older version of this game that wasn't greedy.. I hate it..I linked my accout on google play but still lost my account, i spend hours and spend money to that game and now it's gone..How can i bring it back???. I know that I love the My Little Pony and especially in the app game where the gameplay is nice,the characters were memorable and great,the music is the same thing as the TV show itself except without the vocals,and finally the Story were of course the same thing as the TV show version. But there is one main problem and that is the no log in account.. I play this game when i was a kid. Still enjoy this games with new events,features,ponies,and more. I love changing the avatars and frames too. But i hope you can add slots for saving the map you made, maybe 5 slots already enough. And the last thing is i hope you bring the Gift Codes back i really miss them so much :( But overall this is a good game, you can play it online/offline. I hope you add it. Thank you..

down to 1 star because the game I had spent money on disappeared and now I have to restart if I want to play this. I'm good. to the developers yall should have put a save to play games account feature to this years ago. good day. This game used to be great until everything became overpriced. Earning bits and gems are hard now even when they give f2p option it's still not enough to get through certain story quest. Speaking of story quest, it gets super overwhelming because they start a new one the moment you reach a certain level without even finishing the previous one. So it piles up and adding on how everything is overprice, you can't even complete said quest. Overall, used to be good now it's but a cash grab.. Yeah I would like to know why all the sudden I have been making purchases with this game with a gift card and I've had no problem now all the sudden I can't do it anymore it keeps rejecting every gift card I get.. OMG NO AJ WHY??? so the game isn't the best Because it doesn't have Aj and Aj's little sis but Overall it's fine I guess ._..

Love this game a lot, but I wish my progress could be saved after deleting. Like an account or SOMETHING.. Today I am so happy when I saw Sable spirit came to Hotel but requirements to get for that pony are so expensive.To get that pony I have to buy sable spirit throme shop.It cost 240 gems and carrige was 75 gems .Which beginner player could own that pony of osting many gems?Like me,I am beginner player and I loved this game.I really played hard for time limited events even if I am sleeping,I wake up and check for game.BUT NOW I AM SO DISSAPOINTED OF GETTING SABLE SPIRIT AND I'LL REMOVE THIS GAME. I love this game but can put rainbow dash for 2000 bits or 3000 . Or else i will delete this game .pls .. I love this game even more. I can't believe you make Applejack is the face?!!! It's wonderful. Applejack deserves it. .

Things are a little too expensive to get as well as quests, some people don't have the money to buy all these gems and bundles, there should be easier ways to get shops, deco and ponies for cheaper, or let us get a shop that produces gems, like 5-10 gems everyday or every 6-8 hours, make it more accessible!. Best game i entirely played. There's so much to do and the quests seem to not have limits. The mini games are cute and so are the characters. Though i'd like to recommend another location like cloudsdale and expansion of sweet apple acres and canterlot! I'm looking forward for that update! . It's not letting me into the game anymore, it kicks me out right when I click it, and I missed a few events I was working so hard in. is so cool and cute to the same time i love it!! pls make more events thank you 5 stars for this love it!!.

Les nouvelles mis jour sont bien mais le pays des changelyn est toujours verrouill, et pourquoi j'ai pas les autre pays clousdaile, le pays des Griffon ou des hypogriffe ou celui des dragon ajouter tes pays et des univers s'ils vous plat. Surtout le pays des nuage (clousdaile) a serait intressant pas un vnement une Ville par entire comme poney ville o tu as tes Pgases et tes maisons nuages . I JUST REALLY HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE I HATE THE PONY AND THIS GAME FOR A LITTLE KIDS OR BABIES!!!! !#%&$ . With every update the game becomes easier and much much better,I think some things are way to expensive though.. Impossible to contact customer support. I just want to collect the reward of 120 gems for completing 5/10 in app purchases. Why offer customer support and then make it impossible to use..

Very fun but has a lot of ads and in app purchases. Also some stuff just seems to decide not to work sometimes. I do enjoy the game but it is EXTREMELY pay to win. Everything costs so much and you have to wait so long for things to happen. It used to be easier to get ponies but now it's become such a slow and/or expensive process to get ONE pony. This game was clearly made to be a cashgrab which is sad because the game can be fun. Also a huge problem is that you cannot save your progress on an account. I had an equestria that was over lvl 70 but had to switch phones so i lost all of that progress.. Everything is too expensive to do. Stores don't make much money, mini games are expensive, the game is essentially unplayable without the royal pass and even then, barely. Buying bits (the main money of the game) is completely pointless, too. You can't buy very many for a decent price, and buying enough to progress is ridiculously costly. I don't recommend this game for any kids at ALL, and practically no adults either..

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