NameSailor Cats
Size45.11 Mb
ReleasePlatonic Games

Quite an interesting casual project that switched to android.  Sailor Cats in an instant you turn into a real thunderstorm of the seas and become a real hero of this time. Your hero will be a cute cat who has long dreamed of becoming a real pirate. He just goes crazy with this topic, so it will be interesting to spend all his free time with him.

This game project is just perfect for children, as everything here is quite simple and fun. You will spend most of your time fishing and looking for treasures. At the same time, conquer opponents and fight real sea monsters.

It will be very interesting here, since almost all children dream of becoming a real pirates. Now you will have such an opportunity, which means you will experience this life for yourself. Nothing is impossible here, because in this case you can have a lot of fun, play cool and still find the most incredible treasures.

Everything is possible in the game since it is the pirates who live their own lives and do not depend on anyone. You have a certain chance to experience all these adventures for yourself. It remains only to take a bottle of rum, climb on the ship and rush off in search of adventure.

Sailor Cats MOD

Cute game, but bombarded with ads. Spent more time watching ads than really doing anything, and rate of progression was sooo slow. Cute, but didn't respect time.. simple, cute, and overall great game. this game is genuinely one of my favorites, and is extremely cute and simple. It's not very complicated at all. Plus it gets a big bonus for cats and sweet notes from the devs!. This is a really cute idle game for those little 5 minute waits throughout your day. It's nice to have a game like this that you can easily put away without having to finish a level or sink a bunch of time into. The cats, costumes, and artifacts are all super cute and fun to collect, and the boat upgrades are fun to work towards. Worth the download for sure.. The game Is so cute and fun the fact u can get cute little costumes and fish is so fun. It's super cute and super fun! I'm a cat lover and it's just so incredible! I love that you get to name them and dress them up! 10/10 game it's super cute and super fun! I'm a cat lover and it's just so incredible! I love that you get to name them and dress them up! 10/10 game .

Sailor Cats APK

Love this game. I've already beat both sailor cat games, and I wish you would come out with s third!!. Cute, simple, easy. Good time passer. Not something you would sit around and play for hours. I just can't resist cute cats in outfits sailing a friggin boat.. Its a very fun and cute game! Its relaxing and not alot of ads. Overall i think this was worth to dowload.. I LOVEEEE IT!!! The cats are sooooo cute and the ads are short! You can get super cute outfits to put on the cats and travel different worlds! I definitely recommended this game you should download it now!.

Sailor Cats APK

CATS ARE THE SUPPERIOR FORM OF LIFE CATS ARE ADORABLE CATS ARE SO CUTE CATS ARE LITERAL GODS CATS ARE BEST THE MUSIC IS FIRE I LOVE IT MEOW MEOW. It's really cute and casual game. I really like different outfits cats can wear and the boats are creative too. My favorite is the swap because it's giant kraken! The only thing that annoys me is durability of the rod. I wish after each cast it would only loose 5%.. I think this game gas a lot of effort put into it I would like to give some support to help so I am glad you got to create this game and I hope I gave enough support to make this game better and give it more updates cheers . This is suck a cute little game I love the outfits ! But this game gets boring fast I would suggest adding some mini games if there aren't any already.

Sailor Cats APK

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