NameCrazy Cooking – Star Chef

It’s time for you to start growing your restaurant. Download Crazy Cooking – Star Chef for Android. You have to try and make your restaurant more profitable seriously.

You can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, develop your style, and learn all about the delicious food at any time. This game project will help you cook a wide variety of food, discover new genres, and more.

Earn a good reputation to get more customers and, of course, profit. Invite yourself an experienced bartender who will become the face of your restaurant. Work very fast, surprise your customers, and solve many problems.

The most amazing donuts, unique food, and more make your restaurant famous. Try to update the entire interior, making it more attractive for each client. A large selection of various snacks will help to please any client.

Soon you will become a real chef who will be able to cook a variety of dishes. In addition, you will be able to surprise many customers with your unique cuisine. It will be a very entertaining performance that will help you explore this restaurant business.

Crazy Cooking – Star Chef MOD

You really need to increase the gems for clearing higher levels (XP). Gems are very hard to get, even though the game is very engaging.. The daily tasks are too challenging, and the number of diaomonds needed for upgrading and unlocking new restaurants is too much. Please fix this. Make it easy to win gems coz u can't update any kitchen equipment without gems .... and updates re very very expensive. Great game. Loveeeett! I think though that gems should be a little more easier to get. There should be more ways to earn gems or we could swap a certain amount of coins for gems.. This game is very fun, however, I really dislike how even if you have a restaurant fully upgraded, you still need desserts to get 3 stars on levels. They should be for people who don't want to fully upgrade their restaurant but still need help getting 3 stars, not to need it even if everything is 100% upgraded. Overall, I don't recommend this game. Gems are very hard to get, and upgrades are VERY expensive..

Crazy Cooking – Star Chef APK

Good cooking game, simple and addictive but getting gems is something terrible. Pls Touchrun, reduce interior and kitchen apliances price and add more restaurants. I do enjoy playing crazy cooking Chief, however, some items are difficult to make out, hard to see the difference. As in the steak level, the fries and bread , Im unable to tell the difference. Making leave hard to play. And other levels as well. Could the graffs be changed to see better ?. Ads on top of ads and even more ads when you press the pause button. And you'll be watching ads all day just to upgrade every single cooking ingredient and all of the restaurant decor in the game b/c if you don't the game will pile on so many customers at one time you can't keep up unless you have 6 thumbs.. I totally like this game at first but as I began to move into different levels, it got so hard in such a way that I stuck.

Crazy Cooking – Star Chef APK

I'm very angry after buying gems the sale went through but I didn't receive my 75 gems . This is not on . At a certain point it totally depends upon gems which needs money to buy...that is very bad thing.. otherwise game is ok... It was good at first but while the levels are reaching high it gets hard to please customer and it shows like upgrading will help but it doesn't so disappointed... This game is good but my donut level 13 I tried 20 to 30 times but my 13th level is not open and pizza level also.

Crazy Cooking – Star Chef APK

Very funny game i like it but I've got some problems with gaining gems And every thing is upgraded by gems. It was a very nice game which I have ever played in my life so it was Avery nicest game to me. Played on fb app and after over a year it cleared all my progress, coins and 8k gems. Now I'm on the app still ripping me off of gems I earn from levels. Spin machine a rip off too. Over 100 spins not One gems. BOGUS. Playing this games for years and the same problem it's too hard to get gems eventhoug every review said the same no change in the game Plus the advertisements which has error we keep watching but didn't get the gems We need more ways to get free gums the game progress became very slowly and boring The advertise in the application give one gum eventhoug in the Facebook games it gives three gums.

On 19th January 2023, I opened crazy cooking game to play as usual. I used to play this game for few years and I won till level 30 and spent lot of money to purchase diamonds. All of sudden on 19 Jan 2023, after I select Start option, it started as a new game from level 1. I've drop complaint through messenger but no one reply till today. Please be responsible in assisting.. This is one of my fav. game my stress reliever. Since I'm busy in this past few months I'm not able to play it. But now I'm back, I update the game and now I don't know what happen back from the start again? What happen to my previous account? I spent money on that account.. Excellent game! Reminds me of Cooking Fever. And like Cooking Fever, if you play it right and have patience, you can progress and have fun without having to spend any of your own money. . The game is interesting and time consuming. I give it a two star rating because the gems are too difficult to get and you need it for every upgrade which is impossible. I would really like if you can work something up. I also updated the app and I lost all the progress. I'm starting all over again. This is not good enough..

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