NameShoot n Crush
Size49.37 Mb

Free, but at the same time, a challenging game. The simple project Shoot n Crush will give us many levels to complete. Here you will have to find the best shooting angle to destroy a vast number of tiles. It will be interesting, not at all easy, and fun. Only the best will be able to get to the very end of an entertaining adventure.

Destroy all tiles to earn maximum points and move on. No Wi-Fi connection is required; you can play anywhere and anytime. Join this crazy adventure, smash tiles, and earn bonus points to become the best—engaging and quite varied levels, which will be a lot of entertaining surprises. You can experience it yourself, go through many difficulties and earn excellent bonuses.

Shoot n Crush MOD

[8-24](aka testerzero) (redacted) [ed] (redacted) mon faux pas - lvl 33 is solvable - my mistake (apologies to the 'devs') On the other hand it is extremely difficult - the 'scoring methods' are not explained - ergo: -1*... Bc they never responded: -1* ... Bc this 'tester' was errant: +1*... Bc it's like many other 'games' here: YMMV.... Love this particular version of this game. Good simple graphics and consistent, fun mechanisms. I hit the last level a couple of weeks ago. Are you guys planning to add more levels over 1000?. I love to play Shoot n Crush.It is a shooting game,It is relaxing and It is prank.I love it.. There's an ad to bricks ball crusher that pops up and crashes this game. Makes you repeat the level that you are in. I hate that..

Download ( V0.1.53 )

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