NameTom and Jerry
ReleaseNetEase Games

Casual action game with multiplayer mode. Tom and Jerry: Chase is an entertaining, simple action game with a multiplayer mode in which four mice face one cat. Game events unfold in a huge house filled with various traps. Four mice and one cat from the universe of the same name live in this house. The task of the cat is to catch the mice. The mission of the mice is to escape from the cat, frustrating all his plans. The gameplay unfolds in an asymmetric format in 2 dimensions. The controls are well adapted to touch devices.

On the one hand, there are buttons responsible for the hero’s movement, and on the other – buttons for jumping, attacking, and interacting with objects. The gameplay unfolds as follows. At first, four mice move freely around the game world, setting traps and looking for a hiding place. Then it’s the cat’s turn. The cat has 10 minutes to catch all the mice avoiding various pitfalls and sending them into space.

Tom and Jerry MOD

This game always lagging and network unstable. Even I have been top up internet or play Infront wifi router still lagging with 1000+++ ms. I try with other game but their network is stable with 30-50 ms. Only this game having this issue I hope developer fix this. This issue is not new, it start from game come out, I wonder what are they doing this time. ONCE AGAIN PLEASE FIX IT.THANK YOUU. I really like this game so much,,but there has some bur or optimizeing issue,,,,I have a high end device,, Today i was playing,,Suddenly it shows my ping is high and Game freezed....I chack my wifi and there has no issue, when that game freezed i tryed to Close the game and Login again, it loged in but When i tryed reconnect the match it Hung up in 95% and Didn't Enter that match....And it was a ranked match....I am furious now because it happends every day.... and it Didn't solved. This game is Knock-off EA game, This game Is you must Have a good Wi-Fi like when I play match it's randomly Into 649ms And freeze my game. a Very Nice game.. But occasionally The game will Freeze and Lag and makes the game Crash! It might be a bug That is my Current Problem if you did not played it for long it will pop up an Error for an Excuse to delete the game and make a new acc.... I love the game but the game are to hard to get win the game and the game can get a multiplayer of game so fix this game because it freeze and lag and bug so fix it please!.

Tom and Jerry APK

Edited: My replied for this, I have secure internet access, have big memory space & there's no running application on my device so mostly I'm into do not disturb mode when I play... thing was that it's probably the game itself has a problem. Please fix it, I'm disappointed due of I payed a bunch money to this and somehow when I'm on a match it lag so bad and kicking me for no damn reason especially in rank.. Hi there devs, I'm actually kinda mad right now, I paid for the daily benefits, I thought I can collect them daily, but it's not. May I ask for a refund though?. This Game is pretty good but it is laggy and there is a perk thing but you can't even get them. This is a very fun game. but there are problems 1 too much time to start a match like fall guys. 2 we need trying ground to see what is there abilitys..

Tom and Jerry APK

Padahal gamenya bagus banget, tapi masalah sinyal ga bisa balik di in game lagi, lemot deh pokoknya. Tolong banget diperbaiki developer. Soalnya aku senang banget main ini.. What happened to this game. The game is lagging since the last update. My connection is stable and huge fps droppings are unacceptable. Really annoying. Please fix the problem asap.. This game featuring gacha,lootbox,pay2win,progress locked by time,filler reward with no value, and unbalanced map generator which sometimes give either cat / mice huge advantage. And sometimes high ping which gonna frustrate you even more. Really got no incentive to play when already reached weekly quota.. Why This Game Is So Lag I Play As Jerry And My Signal Is Red And Everything Is LAGGING SO THAT MEANS I CANT PLAY TOM AND JERRY ANYMORE BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS LAGGING I WONT CHANGE TO REVIEW 5 STARS ANYMORE I GIVE 0 STAR PLEASE YOU GOTTA FIX THIS GAME SO THAT I CAN PLAY TOM AND JERRY CHASE AGAIN PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS GAME .

Tom and Jerry APK

The worst game with the highest pin ever, can not move my tom character for whole time, my phone is good, but the game was the worst.. The game is great I love playing it! When I get my rewards the game will crash I tried many times but it keeps crashing I can't even chat with my friends. I hope you guys fix the problem. Have a good day! Please fix this as soon as possible.. This is a cheating player toxic player the very very bad player this so not so enjoy in player so the game a most player. Having a good connection yet it takes me years to load in after I got disconnected AND I'm so pissed that I can't even join back to the game - my loading screen stucked at 85%. If it loads it, it'll just shows me a screen about I reconnect successfully, but guess what? YOU DIDNT EVEN RECONNECT ME!.

This is a good game but this game ping problem is very difficult i can solve this the game is choppy when ping is higher please fix this problem. What about performance update even my gaming phone hang if I click something like shop it hang and the hang gone. Soooo much things going on in this game, so many different "coin", badge, goal, star, energy, too much i donk even know whats the name and what is that for. So i just play the basic. Quite fun, until on rank mode, strong opponents teamed up to bully the cat. Which smtimes annoying. It has been the best game ever but for some reason it started lagging even tho my WiFi is strong but is still a goated game.

Currently unplayable, at some point, the game would have frame drops and eventually leading to freeze. Even if you re-open the game, it will remain freeze as long the match is still up. This always happens some time after few minutes elapsed on match, it's very rare if you don't experience any frame drops or freezing in a single match.. How many times do i need to say that please fix the lag issues in your games it is so very annoying like i want to uninstall it and tell everybody that your game is not that good.. This game is so fun and Even though this glitches and freezes this game is for patience people like me. edit: the game freezes when having a connection issue. it's very much unplayable for quite a simple game... such a shame, the programmers are unresponsible for this bug. Don't spend any money on this unless you're a complete dumbbell..

While I told my friend to download this game and me and Lim Kristin play this game while in 2021 right now I don't know where she been she not online in whatapps. Bad game I recommend you to delete this game because it's very hard to control and glitches and bugs everytime I play. I'm big fan of this game, spent almost 8hrs a day. please fix the lag issue, its become worse recently, thanks developer.. In rank match, cat gets bullied. Almost impossible to win. Hence, why so many people play mouse and always full for waiting time. This game needs balance!.

Laggy like idv(Identity V) which isnt surprising since it's the same company that made it. But would recommend if you have good wifi. How do I invest in a game that is unplayable? You dont. Too bad i'm a hardcore fan of the series and the game is literally fun, like really, I could see myself spending hours on this. However, a major issue would be the lag. Why does my actions dont get delayed instead of the game FREEZING? Its better to feel the lag rather than not doing anything at all, you cant even move. This happened for like 20+ games already, cannot even reconnect. For a dwindling number of playerbase this game must fix. This game is very amazing every game is failed in front of it only 1 problem is ping is not correct please solve ping problem . I love the game,pls make part two of this game because i just want to play the legendary cartoon show.

Hate this game so much, this game stops on its own, it often lags, freeze when opening the profile, I will uninstall it again. Developers are useless, this game has been created for a long time but there is no progress, just adding characters and events.. When this game is released is really fun and good but right now the updates is getting boring and more boring and I already quit this game because it's so boring and not fun anymore. Developers pay attention, Zuri is too overpowered nerf her skills all of it I'm aware you don't care of balance, you created overpowered cats and mouse in-game but you crossed the line with Zuri, so going forward I won't spend a cent on this game unless you balance the game, for any of you who finds this game your fun starts when you are good with your cat or mouse otherwise you'll get wrecked, weigh your options carefully.. When i open tom and jerry my net are on 50 ms below but when i play a match it just go to 999 ms and 1000+ ms.

Please optimize the game, it will be good although it is very laggy, when I tried playing it ,my internet was showing that it is slow even though I am the only one using it ,also I didn't even got to move then it stopped , I tried playing other games with my wifi on and it's not lagging , please optimize the game ,it will be fun to play. Fps drops, unstable ping, slow matches. What will you blame my phone and say "please restart your phone or please check your internet connection" everything is fine, only your game have the problem.. This game is awesome, It is so addictive, I play for it for hours, My only problem is the bug and lag So, I'll give it 4 stars Great Game!. It's very crashy and laggy when in-game even though it went smoothly at first but at the middle of the game it crash although I have stable connection and free storage up to 50gb. Hope you will fix it..

Good game 1 issues the issues id that once in a while ill get this unplayable lag that literally make the game unplayable. I rather play League of legend even league capacity is big but they are no lag and stable Ms. Your Jerry game is very lag and unstable Ms even capacity low! Worse technique team! Update:even I format my phone ,in castle map is 800 to 1000 ms !. This game is Frustratingly bad at Reconnecting. My Wifi's Good but its bad at Reconnecting me back to the game. This games is pay to win when im a cat i always lose because of magician jerry this is the worst game ever.

Rubbish game!! I use android phone play this game very lag!! So i use iPhone 14 pro max also very lag!! I don't want i want say!! Please delete this game!! Don 't waste time play this game. The game's been out for almost 3 years and you still haven't fixed the connection issue? Seriously? I literally just left the game in the middle of the match to write this review bc it's ridiculously laggy. Plzzzzzz fix it. This game is the worse it just scam me by deleting my games this the most stupidest things ever 1 star. I rate tree star beacause its So good game but when im playing the screen was freezing like ice but my other apps was not freeze and my internet connection is very fast.

The game's concept was good, along with some cosmetics that were really good. However, do something about the game performance, FPS was dropping even though my phone had a lot of storage, stable ram, and a good internet connection. Please fix this problem immediately..

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