NamePurrfect Tale

Purrfect Tale is an addictive game where you have to play the role of a quiet house girl who decides to bring home a street cat with sad eyes. He quickly got used to the new environment and suddenly became shy, ready to entertain his mistress. Players must control both characters, equip them for home life, care for different pets, play entertaining mini-games, and have fun. You can roam the house, pick up interesting items, and complete everyday quests.

The plot of the game Purrfect Tale takes place in a large modern city where an ordinary young girl lives. She lives in a small house and faces many daily problems at work and school, gradually leading to severe depression. One day, she was walking on the street and noticed a cute cat, took pity on it, and decided to bring it home. Suddenly, the fluffy animal turned into a tall, handsome guy, ready to entertain his sad owner. They can arrange funny jokes together, walk in the woods in the summer, have a picnic in the spring, sit at home in the rain and watch a movie on the cozy sofa in the winter.

Beautiful two-dimensional graphics in cartoon hand-drawn style and soothing accompaniment will help you immediately immerse yourself in the warm gaming atmosphere, forget your sadness, and sink into the comfortable virtual space of your home. Home. The operation is effortless if you follow the instructions and tips shown. The money mod provides players with unlimited game currency to use in the internal storage or open new locations without paying with real money.

Purrfect Tale MOD

1. When you attempt to use the claw machine, it froze the screen. 2. The story in the beginning are too depressing but alright. 3. Can have more ways to gain different pets.. This game is really fun i love it i don't get afs unless i get something that needs a ad love this 55. Amazing and fun to play I want to enjoy it all the way through I hope different people play this game just like I did this game is beautiful and wonderful thank you for all the people who gave this game 5 stars lov this game very much. Do not install this game bc I couldn't even play it due to the game saying that the name is used and it works for every name I put. This is such a great game but it keeps on crashing to the point it's annoying. The complete button in the studio almost never works and when I use the shop option I click the back button I can't go back to outfit designing place instead I go to the main studio thing. It so annoying. Please fix this issue.

Purrfect Tale APK

I like it, especially the storyline it has! It keeps me motivated to keep playing the game in order to go through the whole story.. Everything was fine at first, the game is so fun and I liked it. But lately, I can't stand all the lagging and glitches! The game became extremely slow, and I can't spend 1MINUTE without being kicked out. It's very very very frustrating tbh... I like this game,but the fact that you can't change the skin color is kinda annoying,but I like the game.. This game was really nice,cute and interesting you'll not get bored easily, but I have a problem it's always lagging, idk if it's because of too many cats and whenever I play it kicks me out the game my phone is not even full yet, I'm just hoping that you'll fix this right away so I can enjoy my comfort game again, thank u.

Purrfect Tale APK

I think I rate this 3 star because this game is good but why is it so laggy? Fix it, I still want this game because it's beautiful!!! Please fix this and remove the bugs tomorrow or I will just delete it. Thank you for understanding!. Little game about catboys with a semi interactive story; you cant change the plot but you get to do little minigames that go along with it, like a webtoon and a simple puzzle game at the same time. such a cute game and I'm already immersed into the story but the app never connects to the internet so it's pretty much unusable unless I use data:(. The app is really cutee+its really fun to play with.. there no to little adds makes it more comfortable!!.

Purrfect Tale APK

Somehow I can't enter any name I can remember, it says the name is already used. Can't start the game because of this. (After a lot of entries, I've manage to get through, at least fix this issue for the other players.) For my Review, the aesthetic of the games is just so good for the eyes and I love how the cutscenes are very interactive.. This game is so cute awesome and fun to read but you need heart to read ! But it's easy to get some heart No ads just if you want heart ! Download this game now !. Art is adorable!! However it's really buggy. 1. Game just kicks me out when I click back to close current screen. At least add "click back again to exit game"... 2. There's no confirmation before spending hearts. I literally accidentally clicked side story (it got clicked cuz game is laggy!!!) and just lost 20 hearts like that....... Please fix it!!!!. this game is adorable and I love the art style and the way they tell the story with this interactive comic book style. however, I dislike the fact that, despite the story being the main focus, it is very hard to actually play. I understand that the creators want you to play other aspects of the game, but they shod at least make it easier to get hearts to play the story with. I know there are heart quests, but it won't let me switch from cod to hearts..

I was so excited to play this game but It just won't load I download it, it won't load up so I delete it and try it Again so I download it the second now it's telling me to recheck my network even though it's perfectly fine I don't know what to do to fix this problem so for now I'll be rating it 1 star this games seems promising and I was so excited to play it but it won't even get pass the loading screen I'm begging you please to fix this problem. I love this game!! It always makes me calm and its a cute game:3 me and my sister always plays it together!! Its very relaxing and very anti-stressful:]. This game is AWESOME!! Definitely recommend! I change my mind, this game is horrible! I tried logging in, it stops loading and then kicks me out! Not recommended. I'm disappointed.. This app is so cute, I even recommended this to my best friend at school. What's really cute about this is that it has like a storyline thing, while you can also do other stuff like feeding your cat, and build a fashion studio with your friend (someone from the game). It also has like an app sorta (Wecat) where you can post stuff. This app is just really cute. I'm dumbfounded! I'm ecstatic that I found this app. I've only downloaded this last night;I can't further elucidate. Neverthelessgood..

Even though my iPad didn't have the update to play but if it did I know it would be good I really wish I could have done it but life's life.. So cute, not boring at all... But sometimes even if I watch adds I don't get claims. I wonder why. Other than that everything is okay. Fun game ifinnally found the game that my friend told me but i forgot the name until i found this and realised this the gameee i wish it could be a10 but only5 its actually fun 1app and many games wowww cool i can't wait to uptade tell me if its an update. Very cute art style, very aesthetic. I would give this game a 5 star but I feel there are a bit too many ads. I also have an issue where the game keeps closing on its own, does anyone else have this problem? Anyway, I really like this game and I suggest..

A pretty bad app to me because I haven't even start the game yet and it already irritates me so much. I've downloaded this game last year, and the problem is just the same as right now. When I tried put my name, it keeps on saying "This name is already in use" which is annoying as hell because I've tried so many names already and I still can't use it because other people already used it. I even put my real name, and it's still the same. I really hope y'all fixed this problem as soon as possible.. It is awesome game I love it it always helps me to be happy when I am bored and it's so interesting to find out what's next. They make it almost impossible to buy things unless you spend real money. It sucks, you can't personalize anything unless you have the cod/hearts, but they barely give you any.. Loved the pastel art. And loved that it wasn't just a visual novel game. It had other interactive mini games as well that were connected to the story. I miss feeding the pets and the seasonal events. Too bad my phone crashed (because of another game tho, not this one)..

It's really calming for me ig it's a game I play whenever I get bored and there is so many events so you can find yourself doing many stuff. Hi i noticed about the names it already said like this name contains forbidden terms or this name is already in used but please fix this naming thing i didn't put any sensitive words on it. I really like this game but I wish the cat boy and Cindy end up together but I really like. I can't name anything, whenever I put some name it's telling it's already in use. The worst thing I have ever experienced in a game.

I like the game. It is cute, and it's nice for people who want to distract themselves. I wanted to ask, instead of using Facebook, to invite friends, how about other social media like Instagram.. Overall the game is really good but when I try to put my real name in it just said that is not suitable for our policy or along the lines of that and I put a few different names up there that weren't even inappropriate and it just said that is not suitable for our policy . Only just started playing this game and it's so cute and heartwarming, it's very relatable aswell and the artstyle is cute and I just love it overall. Good game and story but the game keep crashing and closed. and it restarted by itself after watching adds for rewards.

It's enjoyable and entertaining, it's interactable which is good... I am loving this! Though, much better if you can play it offline or both.. It is very chill and calming, especially the background music. I LOVE IT TO THE FACT IT MAKES ME CRY ITS SO CUTEEEE AND I CAN RELATE TO THE STORY. Game is very ad centered. Dont be fooled thay its only "optional". If you even want any of the event prizes you have to watch the ads. Very frustrating. Also the ads themselves are very laggy, when i do watch them it crashes and i dont get anything from it.. it's a wonderful game, and i love playing it, but my problem is that it's hard to gain hearts to be able to go to the next chapter.

Download ( V2.11.0 )

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