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FarmVille 2: Country Escape – in this project, you will find a fascinating and complicated world of a farmer, which is filled with various fun and, of course, goodness. Now you can go on an incredible adventure, find scarce plants and develop new recipes. You can breed different animals, expand your farming area and do it all with your best friends. There is also an exceptional opportunity to join farmers’ unions to trade your goods and share with friends. You can play FarmVille 2 wherever and whenever you want, even if you don’t have internet access.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is a game that will provide a new experience gained due to radical changes. Each mobile device owner will be able to arrange them for himself, change his business suit into a peasant’s dress, and go to a country house. The vegetable garden, garden, and household farm inherited by each participant in the game will become the pedestal to carry out grandiose plans. All of them are related to wealth and prosperity, requiring hard work, business acumen, and business acumen. Thanks to the fun visual style used by the game developers, everything that happens is considered entertainment.

Persistence and dedication will come in handy to increase profits, as will the many keys provided in this application. It can be used for a fun pastime, a change of scenery, or an escape from boredom. Competing with other players will add momentum to this fight. Although, honestly, you only get a place to build a great farm. Take grain and grow it, raise livestock, grow fruits and vegetables: this is precisely what you will do. Of course, buying grain and all necessary equipment is not free, so raise livestock and food, then immediately go to the market to sell them and earn money.

The game has become very popular and the best farm on our planet; most importantly, it’s all completely free. You must download the game to your mobile device and start building your farm, developing it, and enjoying sales. Money earned is best invested in new crops and livestock, immediately reared and returned to the market. It will become cyclical. If you don’t want to upgrade long term, earn money gradually, and grow slowly, then we especially give you an unlimited FarmVille 2 Rural privacy hack. So you can buy everything you need, equip the farm however you want, and only then monitor it and keep it afloat.


FarmVille 2 MOD

Great game to pass the time the only thing can you please change the time on the Pond, Mallard Mill and Prosperity Pier it ridiculous the item we need when the time is so long something for some of the machines please consider this.. This has been my fav game for years. But I've upgraded my barn yet I'm not getting more space to store. I hope there aren't anymore glitches. It takes time and money to save everything. I just started back on the game since being off for several years! I was able to start right back where I started... YAYYY!!! But, now I'm experiencing an issue w/Pappy's Pond (& I think it happened before when I was off for several years, but unsure)!! I need help & I don't think I got it before since I'm getting the same problem as before. I just hope they fix it! Otherwise, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!. This game has lots of hours of fun and fun I definitely recommend it to the whole family. Thank you for creating such an awesome and valuable gaming app have an awesome day!. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED Game had new updates, on 9/4/24 my game not working! Unable 2 click on most items or do tasks I'm required 2 do. Spent $ on keys 2 buy event helpers but I cant play - waste of time & $. Expected alot better Zynga! Totally addicted, fills in time but then u have to make time 2 play awesome game. Would be grest if keys & tokens weren't so expensive but this does not impact game play or levels too much, As long as ur willing to complete events & tasks. Well done Zynga!.

FarmVille 2 APK

Greetings, developer. I just have 1 issue currently, which is I cannot connect my FB account to the game. I tried quite few times already. I clicked the button, the FB page loaded up, clicked the "Continue" button but when page loaded back into the game, the option to connect the game still there, which means it did not work. Hence, I did not get the 25 keys. So, what am I suppose to do now?. I hope your team can give a check. Thank you.. Please help me recover my account lvl 26 I restarted the game because my phone is getting bug in the game now I lost my lvl 26 that I worked a lot please help me recover it now I'm starting from scratch again. Mera bhi hai eak chota sa co-op INDIAN FARMER lekin ye game tho mere budhape ka aadhar hai love from India game valo . It froze for 3 times and i had to uninstall the game and install again. It raelly make me upset and i dont want to install anymore..

FarmVille 2 APK

This game is beyond glitchy! It wants me to login to FB. When I do, the entire thing resets and I have to do the tutorial all over again! Finally gave up on that, now the lot for reaching level 9 is offering a special sale (skip the wait, get it for keys) but there ISN'T a wait! I'm AT level 9 and have plenty of money but it won't let me buy it. I quit playing for over a year. Come back my upgrades are all gone. Continuously glitching. I have spent over 1300 keys trying to complete things because of glitching. I am not getting rewards from animals glade pond. And prize tent not working. In the special task the feature on the game does not give you the things you need to win those rewards when I contact support they give you some then when the next part of the game you don't get any of those things you need I keep getting leveling stars none of my animals have it either it's been this way for years and not fixed !I love the game but too frustrating!!ready to delete!how do I get the water plots I played the camper guy for a year now and can not get them? Very frustrating!. Been playing for awhile now and the game is getting worse as I play.. don't have enough areas to get KEYS which is stupid. And two NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BARN SPACE NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU EXPAND.. ID LIKE TO SEE THIS GAME IMPROVE BEFORE I UNINSTALL IT!.

FarmVille 2 APK

After 5years I open this game I loss my all data and levels already I login with Facebook also no more options to change play games I'd when I click it's direct going to default I'd totally disappointed . Worst player support i had seen in any game i want to rate this game 0 stars don't waster your time. Since the last update my app is crashing multiple times a day. I also havent had a movie projector to earn prizes for months or a year. I contacted them about it several times in the past and once it did show back up, but it caused my app to crash every time I used it. Then it disappeared again and never returned. I keep losing progress when it crashes, or items I just purchased on the marketplace. It's always somewhat glitchy and slow, but the crashes since the last update are infuriating.. My progress that I had saved through my Facebook account (my only account) was up and deleted, I've been playing on and off for years, and I decided I wanted to start playing again, to find my years of progress deleted. I was on level 36....if I can't get my progress back, I won't be playing again..

I don't know whats wrong with this game. . I cannot sell anything in sophia's tasting table.. Even after update its not working. I can't connect the game to the PC. Also can't connect from the game. I want to play the games keeping on PC.. Marie's Order Board-System doesn't count all my orders. If I have 3 orders ready and I click filled, click filled, click filled the system only counts one order. I went into the board to fulfill one order and it didn't count the order. The Co op doesn't work again. I'm not getting any requests from anyone or when I send a request it goes unanswered.. Well and good game ,time passing game and jolly and eagerness for the working time to get finished and the only difficulty is the number of hours one thing takes to get ready Example:Glass Mug takes 1hr like that many.

After several years of playing, many items are still incorrect or missing. Cant get tech support or money back. Deleting game. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME. AFTER 5 YEARS ITS WORSE. Updates messed up certain aspects of game again. Leaderboard event, Eagle Eye Eddie, etc, closes everytime u sell one item, and zoom aspect has been messed for last couple updates. You have to pause at cookers before loading wait for all pop-ups to stop, ie, county fair points, before reloading or it stays zoomed in and have to manually zoom out every time now.. Deleting the game now after reinstalling after a few years of not playing. So many issues and bugs. First I couldn't harvest anything and now my helpers aren't returning after sending them to the pond/mine/mill/glade. There are so many glitches and crashes. It's not worth it anymore.. Hey I am in level 19 my farm was struck I cannot even move the screen I was struck on the video player near goods selling place I want your help the video player is invisible but ask me to touch there help me.

Ahmed is the best man in the world and he is a good girl's mother but he doesn't want to. I really like this game and I feel exited every time I reach another level cause it become the space bigger and bigger. For some reason when I try to conect to face or Google it takes me back to level 1. I was on level 22.. Updates on this game are constantly requested. You have to spend extra money to get extra keys or locks. Since the prize projector hasn't been working, at least for me, at least there were no ads to watch. Aside from this, you can get some items by completing tasks..

Thank you for fixing it I can play now and I love it I'm addicted to this game now thank you. 4/24- FALSE ADVERTISEMENT haven't had items advertised here for OVER 6 MON. 3/24- CS comments here but hasn't fixed in 6mo. 2/24- advertised items still not in game. CS no help. Link provided below bunk 12/23- CS doesn't help EVER. Only PRETENDS in replies HERE. Why advertise events when they aren't available? CS is NEVER a help. Lowering again. DON'T SPEND MONEY. And NO SUPPORT from the creators.. I had an issue with my boat race frozen on rewards page , not closing out. After a run around I did figure out to just leave the race .. support needs improvement. I couldn't update it properly. I was ready to uninstall it and start all over again but end up constantly encountering lagging and bugs. I had enough.. I was just starting to enjoy it because of it's system trade and such but this is too much when I keep encountering this bugs. I have to delete my other apps thinking that it's because of my storage space but it turns out that it still keep on lagging and such.

Farmville 2 country excape I've updated it and it says that it is installing but it's been 4 days and it haven't installed yet. Having Friends in A Co-Op At FarmVile2 Game Gettin Gold From Angels Farmers The Barn And Everything ThankYou So Much.. One of my favorite games. But everytime there's a upgrade it affects something. Dont like the new layout of the game where you minimize the events, when i click on something more thsn once it closes out and accidentally make me click or buy something else. Please go back to the way things were.. Vagera vagera ka game maine kabhi Nahin Dekhi tumhare se jyada gam hai Maine in acchi acchi Isabel ka game Kisi ne Nahin dekhi hai aur jo game hona bas Milana chahie Koi na khele itne sare logon ne Jaipur hoga game Bahut acche game Google.

Online players should be assigned a Profile Picture at start up because too many non-picture co-op members take items anonymously and there is no recourse. Special events are sooooo monotonous and very hard to complete of you don't spend actual money on the game to get keys at some point. Order fulfilling is monotonous. Co ops with nonactive members. Glitches. RAMPANT CHEATING IN BOAT RACE, CLONING ETC. Bohot hi zyada mazedar game hai main ap sab se kehti hu ap log bhi is game ko zarur try kare accha lagega ap logo ko thank you . Hi Zynga, I love your game, but I was wondering if you can play The Crown Society on mobile, or specifically on a phone? Because for some reason I cannot find it anywhere on my phone. Is it because I am on level 83 and not a low level?. Been playing this game for 12 yrs now we may have our highs and lows but we strive. Hahaha. And yeah this game is for introverts and lazy pipz like me. Well, I just have to say I am proud that my farm is thriving and gorgeous .

Indiana Jones anniversary thing in there where the little shed is to try and get shovels now y'all got stuff around it I can't even get to my little shed to collect shovels it won't let me because of y'all's balloons it's probably best to make sure stuff is working before you sit there and then let it go. Cannot open boat race all that is showing is try again please could you fix it as I like the boat race game thanks Still waiting 3 weeks later. Definitely not a casual game. Constant events, constant races and like normal, if you don't spend money you lose. I want a "real" casual farming game.. I can't get my sell button to press on the corner. Where you sell cheese and spirit I'm also not happy with new game I stopped To much work no Fun Was in a co-op but it didn't mark off that I did all of it.

Can't get past the 1st level?! Marie tells me I need to get ahead and water the wheat, but it's just frozen. I can't harvest the finished wheat, I can't water new wheat.. This is my favourite game.i just love this beautiful farm.Somehow it was uninstall from my device few days ago,but when i installed new game again it was starting from level how can i get my old game?. I have been having a hard time selling at Sofias, and when I spend my coins at the fair to get boost the next time I go into it I'm back to where I was. Why should I keep trying if it's going to be taken away?. The is some glitch after getting a pig my game is stuck not allowing me to do something Is the any one who can help me.

zynga, I've lost my previous saved data where I was on level 35+ please help me get it back. my cloud has updated the fresh game and i am unable to access my previous levels like earlier.. This app has alot of glitches I have installed uninstall and there is items that I can't sale when it shows have all the items.. is always online offline on and off and my signal is great.. I have not been able to sell the order in shopias tasting table and few times in mines i have not been able to get the rewards it is so much time consuming to play well.. Iv played this game for years now really enjoy the game but why do I have to watch videos instead of using speed seed. Iv got plenty speed seed . Also iv filled orders on Marie's board but one of them will not let me sell or reject order, let's me on all the others. Iv restarted the game but still the same.

THIS GAME IS AMAZING IF U NEED ANY GAME AND U CHOSSE FARMVILLE JJUST KNOW THAT U HAVE GONE ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND WHAEN U DOWNLOAD THIS GAME JOIN THE COOP CALLLED DEAR ZINDAGI WRITEN IN BLUE THIS GAME KEEPS U BUSY AND MAKES U HAPPY I HEART HEART THIS GAMES THE BEST OF ALL GAMES wonderful. Good, but when you do glade or pappys pond or any other thing, when you press the question mark after waiting it disappears without rewards, this has happened multiple times and is extremely aggravating, as I waited i hours today and another 15 mins for the glade just for the same thing to happen twice in one day. This is a shame. The game is getting frustrating when you need to do task more than once and it still does not register as being done. The task take to long to keep redoing if this issue is not fixed I am uninstalling.. Sophia's Tasting table isn't working. First 1 of the five sections stopped letting me click the x or the sell. Now the 2nd big section is doing the same. Only the 3 small sections at the top are working..

Hi customer support Please I have login issues with Facebook it's not connecting my game with Facebook from 5 days I don't know why. It's a pretty good game just a couple of problems like cloud and the device saving keeps popping up its really annoying. I love the game, but is there anything you can do about ads always freezing and closing the game? I haven't been able to watch any ads without it shutting the game down. It's very frustrating. Edit- I'm done with the ads. I just played for 2 hours on my laptop, and an ad caused the game to crash, and I lost 2 hours worth of playing. None of it saved. Pissed..

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