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Dream Piano – A mobile game in which the user will play various pieces of music on the piano. To play a beautiful tune, precisely what you will do in this game, it is enough to press the buttons that appear on the screen promptly. Each node or combination represents a specific note or chord. It should be noted right away that you don’t need any supernatural knowledge to master the piano keyboard.

A good reaction and a sense of rhythm are enough, as the gameplay is based on these aspects. Moreover, you can hone your skills in single-player and online competitive modes with other players. The developers have added to the game a large number of different melodies and songs that are adapted for playing the piano. Once started, you will enter the field, along which the notes and chords will move continuously. You need time to press the appropriate buttons to play them. We recommend you download Dream Piano and start playing.

Dream Piano MOD

The app is good and fun to play but ads.....are very irritating because they are like more than 30 seconds which cannot be skipped..... My account was saved on my Instagram or X until i came back and retrieving account on X is not a thing anymore. How can i get my account now.. Why are there no other ways to log in ??? I don't have Facebook or Line , please establish new other ways. Ive loved this game for a few years, and only now im going to rate it. I've found a bug that wasn't there when I first played. Like when youre playing and you play a note/tile (idk what to call it) it doesn't count it and I just lose for no reason even though I did touch the note. But I'm still gonna play it because it's addictive lol. Oh and also ads. Used to play this a long time ago. I have given 4 stars as I wish you could sort songs by difficulty. It would be helpful to sort by artist as well. Otherwise, it's an excellent game. Considering paying for yearly..

Dream Piano APK

I came back to this game after years and discovered that it is as beautiful as before, I love the songs, love the aesthetic, and I'm also glad that my progress was saved . It's full of alot of bugs. I can't get it to run smoothly no matter the device I use. Total waste of good songs if you can't play them.. Love it there are so much song to choose from and i love it also there are not so many ads. Used the coins to unlock songs , removed the coins and didn't get the songs. Lost 1200. Otherwise good game for the free ones but pointless if you can't unlock the better songs..

Dream Piano APK

I am playing this game when I was 5 year old and now I'm 9 years old but I never left this game. I don't really bother when app changes ads policy, try different strategies such as changing the value of some unlockable stuff in the game, but..... I just can't stand when new updates bring also new bugs, that destroys the urge to even play the game. There's a problem with unlocking the songs due to the change in the value of the "music coins? ", they sometimes just disappear and songs stay locked. Additionally, new system of getting only a 50 coins per win in PK is just so bad.. Thr way the game is you use to get 600 points every 17 minutes now you can't you use to be rewarded 160 for coming first then you could get real points playing against others use to open chest once a day get 200 use to be able to get all of this now all that's been taken away so they can give you us only upto 60 yes I got songs before all this happened but sorry to say type if I hadn't I sure would not bother disappointed in it now it was better as it was before Please put it back. This game is well played. For those who keeps whinning about the ads, you can simply turn off your wifi or data so you won't have any ads popping out and you'll be able to play offline with no problem..

Dream Piano APK

I was playing golden hour and the tiles lag a lot and doesn't count even when I touch them . sometimes the tiles get really slow so I press too quickly and it ends the game and there are too many ads .1 after every lose. Great but I feel like there should be a lot more songs, not much songs I like, but other than that I love the app. Best experience but fix the problem some song didn't work. but we can see them in it. when I tried to play dreamers by Jungkook it didn't work. Four stars,This is a wonderful game but when i want to create a song it keeps teleporting me in gc(google chrome).and also please how can i make a song without teleporting?..

Soo many ads and they r adding Christmas music back in March ! U can't see the newest songs added cuz u can't filter through them and after saying they would add song from their FB they never did.. NOT HAPPY WITH THE VIP!! I got the VIP plan for my kid because I did not want him watching the ads. Mind you its very expensive, but I thought it was worth it if my son could play in peace but NO. I even email the help desk over a week ago and I have heard nothing back. Give me my money back or take away the ads.. BEWARE. It is a good game. Although I have had to uninstall it do to the Apps ads trying to infect my device with malware. This was caught, and now will be deleting the app. Good job Dream Piano. (Not really). It was amazing!! The songs are so well done and all the visuals are so inspiring and perfect for the songs <3.

you have to play for a while in order to get all of the good songs, or you have to buy vip. you're basically stuck playing nursery rhymes.. This app is so relaxing and fun and my favourite relaxing music is there too maybe this app is my favourite now. Songs wont work. I spent time watching ads to be able to buy songs such as shivers by Ed sheeran and monster by Shawn mendes and Justin beiber but they just won't play. I'm not the only one that has this problem. Look at other reviews and you will see it. Seriously needs to be fixed.. This has literally been my whole friggin childhood. It has been always the best, good quality, good songs and the challenges are on point it was my whole childhood and it feels so good having to download this back..

Painful to rate this game with a single star, however the game has a major glitch which just makes it difficult to enjoy. It was good until I realized most of the good songs don't play, this pissed me off since this was the reason I downloaded the game in the first place, please fix the songs that way I can play them. P.S. I don't mean that I didn't pay with coins, because I actually took my time earning coins to buy the songs and at the end nearly none of the songs I bought were working.. Dulu pas awal" main ini, game nya seru, tapi setelah beberapa kali update, jadi lelet dan banyak iklan, apalagi ngumpulin waktu utk main nya harus bayar atau nunggu lama, jadi agak males mau main nya lagi :') semoga bisa di improve sih biar seru lagi. Used to love this game and now I can't even play the new songs I buy with the coins. All I can play is the old ones. Don't know what's wrong with it but I'm dropping it down to a 3 instead of 5..

The game is pretty fun, but when I try to unlock a song/piece with coins, sometimes it says It can't unlock. I find this irritating and hopefully it can be fixed. Overall good game. Failed to update song resources... I keep on getting this error message when I buy songs with coins. I hope this can be resolved.. I had your game before but lost it when my phone got stolen . But I'm back with pleasure . Wish I could get my old scores back .. Amazing! You could really keep up the work. But, there's too many ads lol. I recommend you fix the game!.

The fact that I have used my bundles to download this game has hurt me cuz I started downloading it... As soon as it reached hundred it stoped and said your phone doesn't allow wat wat and send feedback to improve our products but u really wanted to play the game but My bundles have been wasted. idk if its just me but i bought Enchanted by taylor swift & it keeps saying 'unable to locate song resources' but i havent been able to play it ever. This is a good game and i don't care about the ads but when i want to play hard songs that i buy it always say failed to update song resources pls fix it asap idk if i was the only who experience it.

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