NameFabulous Fashion Fever
Size50.39 Mb
ReleaseGameHouse Original Stories

In this game project, everything will not seem as it might seem. In fabulous Fashion Fever, our main character, Angela, found out about the betrayal of her beloved and immediately lost her job. She was so upset that she was ready at one moment to forget about her old dreams. But at this moment, a unique opportunity opened up for her. The local fashion queen Truly unexpectedly announced that our heroine entered the top seven models. Now she will lead the fight for the crown, so everything in life has changed quickly. Angela has gone headlong into crazy parties, beautiful hotels, and mysterious meetings. But still, some terrible secret is hidden here, which Angela must reveal shortly.

You must immediately dress up for the new season to perform on the global fashion scene. There are 61 story levels ahead of you, where you will have to cope with various tasks. Pass all 29 tests, overcome difficulties, and soon become a fashion star. Travel the world, and try to uncover the very secret to putting everything in its place. It will be exciting to discover this secret; only then will you understand what was brewing here.

Fabulous Fashion Fever MOD

FABULOUS game. This is the right game for me. I am happy with this game. No ads and no glitches too. Nice dramatic story. Only till level 5 it is free rest you HAVE to buy to play very irritating at least they should have listed that only TILL level 5 it's free not worth the net or wait. Hi I want to tell you that the games is so good. But when I go to leavel 01 he tel me intirnit conetoin is not abel.. I genuinely loved this game ! But after 5 levels you have to do the payment which is pretty sad for me ! . I really hope and would appreciate If you will make this game free.. Llz i just love ur game llz make it free I can watch ads I don't have problem with it really want to play.

Fabulous Fashion Fever APK

It's a good game I'm obsessed I would love to play it, it doesn't even have the watch ad option like delicious Emily's plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and an ad option. At the starting levels It was good but when it was time to go to Tokyo it kept on saying I had no Internet, so I uninstaled it to download again but the same thing happened. Had really high expectations pls fix this soon.. Just finished the game It was one of the funest games i played I heard there's 7 of these Angela game I guess I'm 2/7 of the way there Can't wait to play High School Reunion . Really great game !! Please make more!!! You have to buy the game but it is worth it !!! I had lots of fun playing the game , I am a mother of 4 and still have fun playing the game!! Please is their more games like this I would love to know because I definitely would play them!!! I am definitely giving a 5 star !!! Way to go!!!!.

Fabulous Fashion Fever APK

I enjoy playing this game! Till you get to level 5. The rest of the level you have to pay 9.99 to play the rest of the level. I so mad ! I was really all into this game.. Well I was enjoying the game until I got to level 16 and they started telling me it needs data which is okay but then even if I had data the game would still tell me no data pls fix this error. i hate this freaking game because i finished all the levels then the game didn't worked so i did connected the with the internet , after this #&@ connected to google it just let me play with level five and didn't open all the levels that i played ,i hate it and hate all their game cause it just the same as this game ,f you game house for waisting my time. I liked it until I found out thst you csnt get past level 5 unless you subscribe or buy the game costs real money has i known that i wouldn't have used up space in my phone downloading the game.

Fabulous Fashion Fever APK

Same problem as the prom game... Great storyline, very entertaining but you have to pay to play the game after a certain amount of levels. I'm very disappointed. Cool ha so the Old fabulous Angela that I had its a boring game NOW this one is Cool and popopopopo. Its very nice game, but the levels of game comes or u can play just levels 15 and other levels of game its locked , it's very bad and I'm very sad, I'm sorry for maker of this game, please fix it. So actually Its very very good , but the most annoying part that you have to buy the full version?.. I deleted it ;(.

LOVE that GH games are a full game you just buy; & reasonably priced. No annoying energy to wait on, or stupid micro transaction spam. Just buy the game, and then enjoy it without the nonsense. Delicious is my fav, but I finally decided to play Emily's sister's story. I like that they're distinct characters. I do wish that there was a little more customizing the story. She has a devil and angel on her shoulder; it would be cool to pick which she follows, and to customize outfits a bit more.. I love the games fabulous-fashion but this one I don't like because why I have to pay to continue playing . I only wish that they remove the pay please for God sake and I love this gamehouse games but we should pay . It's very bekar game isme toh sirf 5 level tak he khel sakte hai itni jayada mb ka kiya tha mene socha 90 level tak khelugi per tabhi toh 1 star diya hai .

I love gamehouse games but kindly request to you please dont ask money we have to play gh games kindly request to don't ask money we can't ask our parents to pay the game please put any ads on the game please. I love playing gamehouse games so I download it and then I can only play upto level 5 I want to play rest of the game. I am 13 so I can't ask my parents money for playing games. So pleaseeee fix this you can add something like watching ad to play the rest of the game.I want to play all gamehouse games so please fix this problem in all games.. This game have many levels but can play only 5levels Phele jab meine ise download kiya tha tab esa nhi tha. Good but in level 5 u have to score 2,210 points. But I scored 2,345 then also I had to play the same level . Didn't like that..

I love this game so much when iwas little meams 4_5 years old I play this game and I am 12 years this is so much fun in this game you design and many moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heehehehehe that my raboew byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I love this WHOLE story line of Angela...I am waiting to see if they make more,It would freaking awesome . Amazing app! Really addicting. But can only play to level 5 without having to pay, per month, to continue on. Otherwise, wonderful app!. I used to play this game when I was 5. I replayed it to relive the fun I had and I am so shocked about how well this game works, just like before. Edit: I love this game so much and I like how there is an amazing storyline involved..

I am a big fan of gamehouse games. I love every games in it. Especially emily games and fabolus angela. I have played fabolous angela wedding disaster and true coloursit's very FANTASTIC!!!!so guys can't you make this game also free please.....i have played 5 levels in it i am so sad that this game is not freemake it free please....gamehouse game are best games which i had played. Gamehouse is the best. Please if you reached level 5 and they say buy we cant buy more games are free why this game the game is nice seeing angela has a baby so or please unlock all levels so we can play ads to play this is better game house games is so lovely thanks. I started to like but wait i played 5th level 3 times and won 3times aso its not moving to next level why i played and won the task so im uninstalling for me its a bad start. i really loved it and the story too that starting customers will come and go in the escalators i really loved too but one problem after 5 levels they request to pay real money but i am a middle class family i not waste money so please dont do like thos please change all the levels into free thank u.

I did a system update and it wouldn't open, I uninstalled and reinstalled still wouldn't open. I was at level 43 all gold stars and mice found. I update me subscriptions and now it will play but I lost all my progress. Loveyourglamells very much but lemme ofp the levels are not for free u only get about four or ten levels I even finish them quickly but I still love yall. Good game. And, those that are upset about having to buy the game, just do like it says in the game description. Pay the $10usd per month for the subscription and you can play all games, every level, no ads, voila!! Fair enough if you ask me.. You can only play 5 levels and then you have to pay9.99 a month to finish them all. It stupid dont download this game!.

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