NameMy Talking Angela
ReleaseOutfit7 Limited

Adopt Angela and give her a great life! My Talking Angela – it’s time to play a great game project. You can immediately ask only one question: who is she, and what can she do?

But as it turned out later, this is not a living person at all, but an exciting application. You will have to take up the upbringing of Angela, take care of her, and do everything possible so that she does not need anything. You will have to take her under guardianship and build the proper care for her from the beginning of her life. This will continue until she becomes an entirely adult and completely independent cat.

This kitty loves to dress well and loves the most fashionable costumes and unique hairstyles. You must decorate her house and feed her with various delicacies and other sweets. Gradually, you can become best friends, play a wide variety of games, collect unique collections, and much more. Over time, Angela will have to become an absolute superstar, and you can have a hand in this. In general, you can do whatever you want with Angela, and gradually, she will become the best entertainment for you to put on your smartphone.

My Talking Angela MOD

Keeps getting a bug where you can't get her up. She'll be hungry/dirty/bored and she's lying awake in bed but none of the buttons work. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixes it but the next day it's just back to the same bug. I play this game many time and it is ok ok game no l am joking it is world' s best game ever I love to play game of tom company this is realy very cool game I love it but my 1 request is please launch angela 3 please please please then we all then more happy. It is good but some youtubers have made video in this game and has said that it was scary at night but for me it is good and for many other people. It's kind of confusing that I rarely see anyone talk about the amount of money and diamonds we get even we just started playing. Used to play this sm as a kid and remember very clear that we only started around 100+ money? But now we start at like thousands of money. I mean, the update is great but it's not that challenging anymore? But still, thanks for this update, rlly appreciate it xx. It was a best game ever. When I was young then I was play this game but I can't leave this game so that's why I download this game again.

My Talking Angela APK

Yay thanks you too baby vs mom and dad for the birthday card for the birthday card for the birthday card for the birthday card for the birthday gift and a good night to you too my friend is on your card now so it can you send a gift and it was a little and it is. 4.APHMAU IS THE BEST YOUTUBE IN THE WORLD and I can't go to the end of the day with you have a little tuon and you will have to pay for it wouldn't let me go to the end of the month and I will be aware of it and will never have any of the beach space in our life to do that to you and you can go home with the beach in a great location in a very short and you better on there in your home to be a very busy .BECAUSE YOU ARE SO SMELY AND STUPET . I really liked this game, but there are no new changes in it, I got bored playing this game, but this is amazing, thank you, enjoy.. this game is no longer giving , there are no challenges at get what you want with no challenge bcs there are tons of diamonds and a lot of money..

My Talking Angela APK

So it's a good game and I really enjoyed it until I suddenly saw something in Angela eye it looked like a window and a person and it kept saying some stuff that it wasn't supposed to say btw pls change the sounds that Angela does because whenever she yawns or needs to go to the bathroom it sound uncomfortable so that's all. I don't know why it says users interact is there a spy or is it just there ,I think I'm not sure cause I haven't installed it since 2020 when the old group created this.. From my email account I'm working with a couple more than a couple days and a few days ago I have been working on the 1st of September as they are coming back from the office and I have been working on the new ones so far for my new place so I'm going to try and get them to you tomorrow morning as they are coming back from the office tomorrow to the office for the rest of the day to be able to get the paperwork done so I can get the rest of the day off and get the rest of the day off work until. This game is very good pet game For girls. This game is high grafich. But must be ad when Diamond coleckt....

My Talking Angela APK

Download ( V6.9.0.5278 )

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