NameLegend of the Phoenix
ReleaseModo Global

Casual simulator about love. Legend of the Phoenix is ​​a new casual simulator with elements of an interactive love story. In this game, the developers give you the opportunity to take part in the life and love story of a young girl who went on a journey in search of her happiness. The gameplay unfolds in-text style. As you progress, you will meet various characters with whom you will talk and interact in every possible way. Interaction occurs through the choice of certain actions.

After the action, a certain reaction will follow, to which you, in turn, will have to respond with another choice. In the game, almost everything is tied to the elections. Each choice is a series of consequences that you will have to fight or put up with. Graphically, the game is made in Chinese style with appropriate design elements.

Legend of the Phoenix MOD

After playing for one year, i couldnt log into my original account no matter how hard or which way i try. Every time i tap on to my account it creates another account with new where I've to start the game from scratch. This game needs modifications. I like it. But can you add more food option for orange meow please . He will be happy.. I've been seeing the ads & thought it was just over hyped but I downloaded it and it didn't disappoint. Been playing for almost 3 months now. Everything about it is great, it didn't disappoint. I gave a 5 star review before because everything was going so well but now after playing for about 10 months its getting a bit disappointing. Its become too expensive to play & if you don't spend real money you won't win a lot during events. It's kind of becoming a pay-to-win game and at very high price.. Finally came back to the game sadly my old account was lost but I don't mind it's still just as good as it was before let's try this again!. Awesome game, love the UI , the design and everything about it , you can comfortably play this game without spending too much, and the ads are completely optional. Love you team phoneix, keep up the good work. This game is amazing like i literally have NO WORDS for it. It's just awesome man keep it up your good work. Every time i play something is definitely new amazing game.. It's interesting at first but then becomes obvious that u have to spend money to be able to get anywhere, disappointing. I understand you need money but at least make it so people who cant afford it can play too. There are barely any ways to gain ingot. system keeps matchig me against vip levels that's so unfair. Thx for the generic reply, no u can't experience the game normally, thr r many things that r only possible if you purchase. The top 3 in rankings wouldn't always be high vips otherwise. It's very beautyful game.But some time it's getting stopped with a blank at that time it's plays a background song nothing show up:(. Still it's getting stop.. You're app is so slow. I am so stress with this application.. I enjoy the first 9 days play this until i boughg the special giftpack costume, its loading too long so i close the game first, but when im login again i didnt got the costume i just got the exyra gift like ingots and bussines card but not the costume. SO ANNOYING, CUST SERVICE LAGGING AND GLITCH SO MANY TIMES, if only i hadnt met good friends here i will certainly quit this game, DISSAPOINTING. always best to play but sometimes need money but it's always interesting .

Legend of the Phoenix APK

I love this game so much I have played this in two devices. I'm enjoying this game but recently I can't open this game for 3 days, idk what happened. But i got the game notification. Anyone know what should i do?. I love this game,it's fits r good alot things to do and stories r good.. I like this game but this game have to pay for win, i don't like it.. Solutely amazing game you never run out of things to do and it is so fun I love the dress up and I love all the feature that has highly recommend to everyone. I was addicted to this game at first and enjoying this app but today I got kick out of the game while I was debating.I tried logging in but it kept showing up on the start of the story line.To make it worse I purchased a lot of money and at VIP 2 that wasted all the money I earn so hard it was already hard holding back eating sweets.If only I know this would have happened I wouldn't have download it from the start when my friend recommended me this app,almost a year of playing.Please fix this.. It was very nice game, addicting and entertaining not until here it comes the cross server events which is disadvantage to many of the latest server and non-vip players.. There is not much to say but I would say that this game is awesome and addictive. I am a VIP player and i recharge every day. I started playing 4 months ago and i love the game. For four months, recharging ingots worked very well until today....i rechaged twice and my money got deducted but i didn't get the ingots....please help. I love the game so much but you really can't become no.1 if you don't have vip and it's not fair .

Legend of the Phoenix APK

I loved this game but suddenly without any notice I lost my Game ID. It's really frustrating. No I didn't change my device. At first game was not opening and now after trying a lot game opened but I lost my Game ID and Server. I reached to princess level and then lost everything in the game.. Nice. Interesting story. Charming. Kind. What's so festive? I give you 2 stars! You like and thank me? All the same, see you again!. Everything about this game is excellent I enjoyed it very much. Greed and malice in a pretty dress. A year of spending money and they moved us to a slow server. Game is unplayable now.. feel so impossible to reach top rank if u don't spend ur money, and it's quiet expensive especially for asian people :(. I want some help with this game so recently i lost my device and i played this and i had made a huge progress in i asked customar service but they did not understand i want to change my to america 218 with all progress i have made. Previously I complained about this game but now things are much better and I'm loving it again It feels like a dream. I've been playing this game on and off for years because their were a lot of bugs but I finally stuck with it and now I love it.. I haven't really played this and I saw some reviews so uhh don't really take my rating too seriously, but that girl on the summer thing looks REALLY similar to Barbara's summer outfit in genshin impact, but she's a kid. I mean, the blue and white hat, the blonde hair, the duck, you know? Barbara had a duck purse, and Klee was like, walking down the sand, sooo.... Juliannn Lubim ankinu ric Lets gooutsite we gonna fighr L Viktor Action Me likey Wanna foght old ladyyyy The reklamy is a liar..

Legend of the Phoenix APK

Nice game everything is sooo good the art and design quality is really pretty and calming there are some challenges but it is not that hard. The story line is also very good. But i have trouble with one thing that is in map we need to reach vip 2 or 3, i would like to suggest that it should have some conditions like spending some ingots or reaching a certain level because some people are broke just like me. I have been playing this game for a long time and haven't seen many bugs in it.. I love this game...the story plot is good..the characters are well created...I played a lot of games similar to this but it's such a best game I have ever seen... Me encanta este juego! Lo descubr por casualidad y ahora es de mis favoritos. Lo recomiendo muchsimo.. I so much love this game. It's so addictive and stress free.. The game is really good but it takes a little time to load and the confidant date is repeating again and again, and you can't talk to anyone and many things are restricted to new levels even if they are included in their tasks But overall it's good and I enjoy playing it. This was a fun game, but and a little litte bit stressful. But, thanks to the creator that made the game. Im having so much fun!<3. it takes forever load, I couldnt even play the first chapter. Awesome,, it's easy to play and very joyfull,,it has many contribution works,,and gorgeous dress,,every fantasy lovers must try this game . I like this game. It's just that when you dye clothes, you can't use the original color anymore unless you dye it back. You can oly use 1 color at a time. Just disappointing.. The game is good, but we have a problem in the Arabic server. There isn't new events for a while, it's really sad to see the other servers have new events like the summer event and Chinese zodiac event and we don't have any of it. Also they have some partner and confidante clothes and more photos to collect. Besides the main character new outfits and poses.We actually don't have any thing if you think about it. Hope you fix it and at least give us the same events as they hav.

I like this games but i cant upgrade becouse you need spend money on google pay, im only make upgrade if giving a free gold, and yoo expencive to get special clothes for ny avatar, make it cheaper plss.... I really like this game this game actually contain many advantages but some events are not really nice but rest of graphic design and maximum events are best !. Please make a system that after mistakenly uninstall it will nothing changed and will not start from beginning like zepeto...that will be saved...I just mistakenly uninstall it ... It is start from beginning... Can you plzz... My avatar, my level all are erased. Its a nice and grateful game . I had so many interest to play it . The events , Graphics all are good. I didn't give it a 5 because of 3. reasons it doesn't give enough ingots. 1. It takes money to get event items and ingots needed cost way to much. 2. No explanations are provided on how to use items ie debate items etc. I have tons. 3. How many items does it take to make princes? The game would be better with tutorials.. for me this game is beautiful and especially the characters and the story that sometimes I don't even understand sometimes, but it's carry.. but I still recommend it to you because it's beautiful, we who love to read manhwa are beautiful!?LOL. Very nyc game.... Hi team we have not received the rewards for the guild ranking event for our server s226.. Well there's always something to do, instead of how it is with most games where they have you get off the app and come back later there is many different things that you can do to level up and by the time you are done with one the other is able to be done again.. The game was good until the server merged. As a non vip person I can't rank well in any event. It's hard to play. The new dresses are hard to get even after saving up ingots. I never seen this type of game this is very nice and etc all of u install.

I really do like this game and had a great time playing it.. I installed, played a bit, followed the main story, but then loading for a few minutes before finally failed to load anything... No longer want to continue, uninstalled already. My wifi is just fine, I can watch Netflix without delay right after I uninstalled this game. So, Where is the problem? . I love love this game. Best thing about it is that it's not play to win and it has zero ads. I absolutely love this game but today I kinda hate it due to its customer service. I lost around 7000 ingots because of app glitch but they didn't do anything about it instead blamed me for it. Worst customer service n on top they asked for proof of the glitch wonder if I look like fortune teller to them. If it was my mistake I would have ignored it but its wasn't my fault. This game is amazing. So far the best game I've ever played but I hope MODO would do a few changes like adding a (quick battle option in the shouguan challenge n world boss) and in the (imperial kitchen where when after cooking it takes us back to the main page & we have to go search the recipe n scroll down there which is problematic. It would be easier if we go to the same recipe page where we cooked). BTW wonderful game overall!. I could not understand this game, I played the game well till some level, then I did not understand anything.. I like this game becoz l can chat with other countries people and many more and lvl ,costumes, characters, stories are fantastic l love this game.. Love this game! Its ad free. It doesn't force you to spend money. You can still progress the story and buy clothes and other things with in-game points. The storyline is amazing. There's customer service to help you when you have issues. Its fantastic . I love it but the ads are abit misleading by saying there is no in-app purchases. Why the server is getting down so much and there are many issues in playing please fix this issue .

Its alright a little slow but ok. The graphics and clothing design are very beautiful. The gameplay makes you feel relaxed and the music is soft and calming.. I really like this game, it's very fun, but sometimes it won't open for some reason and I don't know why, I tried everything and it doesn't work, I'm stuck on loading screen even loading is 100% , but I'm still stuck there. I hope you can fix this problem, because it really sucks. Bad, Arab services don't get any updates No new events, no nothing. I love this game but slow progress to reach high level, you have to pay for vip. It's not terrible, but the dialog is weird and the game is a little hard to navigate.. Update: I reached cs they stop helping me and I had to figured it out on my own I fixed my problems with the game but Cs was horrible at the end they didn't even answer or apologize for anything... I love the game and I'm expending on it but a week ago I can't use it on my phone after a event started out of nowhere crash and didn't want to upload I'm waiting for cs to help we been communicating but nothing has been fixed I'm really sad. I didn't know what to think of this game until I downloaded and tried. It's amazing! The art and story are very good. A few minor translation issues, but still a very good game. I definitely recommend it!. Has storyline, you always have to flirt many male characters, make child and you will never see your grandkids it has nothing to your avatar. Always connect to the high position like the king or princess, online game.. Worst game l had forever and l had forgotten to tell being bad and worst worst ever ugly ga me. To be really honest this game is the best among all roleplay games cause it consumes less data and one can never get bored of it new events and new offers keep coming almost daily and that is what I love about this well done I just hope there is a option to buy vip without paying money like not everybody can pay like some other options to be provided that is only complain cause I can't buy vip and many can be like me so please take into consideration....

My all time fav game. Please play now it gives tons of rewards. Love it.. I LOVE THIS GAME MORE AND MORE Very relaxing as well. Id like to add after playing for a while this game is sooo much more than just a dress up or pick a boyfriend. Its a great rpg. IT HAS EVERYTHING! I am on my 3rd year of playing never gets boring!!!!!!. There is some problem with The pet section. Please fix that.. Wow i can't believe i been playing this game since Nov 2020. I stop spending money on May 2021 but i still enjoying play this game.. I tried it out but i really got disappointed since it tefused 2even start it only ended on loading en took a very long time really disappointing. Very good but would have been better if you can play it offline My scholar is going on the second journey and he can't seem to finish it.. This game can't enter my phone why I have tried and please respond fast so I don't lose interest and think this is just a water if time and all this people are just hyping the game for money. As vezes o jogo se recusa a abrir, o PESSIMo atendimento ao cliente vai falar para desinstalar e reinstalar. No faa isso. No adianta e vai ficar num idioma que voc no entende. No recomendo.. i would say theses game is perfect if you want real mini games and good graphex and a really cute pet. story is kind of boring but you can just skip the story. in first though i think it is a click-bet but no I was wrong it is more fun than what we see in ad and trailer. I would say just wait for some time. It look boring at first but trust me it is so much fun. -Asia.s242 kim-jisoo. Lop always have new events and exciting prizes. The only game which can be played without using real money too. At certain level it is worthy to top up for more joy. Lop itself has alot of games which is seen in pet section also has land, travel,debate much more. Love this game. Thank you modo for such wonderful game.

I love this game but...Idk why sometimes my screen turns black during playing this game pls fix this n this thing really sucks i cant even play 5 minutes properly it starts lagging and then turns into black screen..!!!. This game is very addicting and Amazing The Outfit's are SO GORGEOUS i luv it.

Download ( V2.7.5 )

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