NameInvestment Run

Time to be the richest dude in the world. The investment run invites us to make an incredible journey, which should end well. You will start from the bottom, and then you can get to the moon while making suitable investments. Confidently move to the finish line, collect more money, and bypass difficult obstacles. Be careful with gold diggers, as they will try to take all your hard-earned money. Can you get to your private helicopter and create a robust and prosperous empire? Soon you will have to become the new Warren Buffett, live in a big way, and have incredible wealth. A wholly understandable and straightforward game in which you will have every opportunity to become rich: an exciting adventure with many pleasant surprises, funny moments, and exciting opportunities.

Investment Run MOD

Such mind blowing game it increase our mind to survive from such conditions but their are many adds in it. There are a million other games just like this. The only differences are the skins and the ad count is a lot higher. Let's see. 1. Sound works 2. Reward ads work. 3. Controls are good. 4. Not vulgar and offensive 5. Fun and interesting enough to hold attention 6. ads are not intrusive, you can finish a gameplay without interruption. So okay so far.. I like this game this game can be offline and online but if you want online more ads then offline. I don't like the way when you get to the end you don't get the multiple and ride you a private iland.

Investment Run APK

It's ok I'm 5th place apparently, and it's boring after you watch ads for everything and have fun watching an ad after every level. Pretty good you don't have to worry about ads because you can just turn internet of and I won't give ads so its fun. Worst game ever when w I completed 50 levels but when we leave and restart thegame it came to level 42 and all networth come down. Very horrible game after every one level ad and more ads don't download this game waste of time and mb don't waste your mb on this game.

Investment Run APK

This is best of the game Tak ka Maine sabse accha game yahi wala khela hai isase achcha koi game hi nahin ho sakta this is best best. This game has to much ads an the looks are almost pixels and the whole game is horrible_ and whoever rates this game a 5 is probably a bot. Very good game. There is too many adverts tho. If you disagree,I am fine with that. It just needs to have no adverts on the game.. Good game.per thx on wowaap jis nay use Kay liya pervade ke . Very very good earning money bon wow aap thx..

Investment Run APK

This game was ok at the first level. I wanted to listen to music when I playing it, but when I turned OFF the sound and haptics, THEY STILL PLAYED?! it made me SUPER mad. I put up with it for one level, but I just cant bare it. The ads are INSANELY HIGH. There would be one MID level, and it made me so so so mad. You need to go fix the sound buttons because they do NOT work. will be uninstalling this game IMMEDIATELY!. I was playing another game and on the ad this came up and it says you can play without wifi but you can't!. This is not a game! It is an advert farm! 100s of adverts, very little game play! AVOID GAMES LIKE THIS AND EVENTUALLY 'CREATORS' (money hungry advert provides) WILL STOP MAKING THIS BS!. This is a fun game, specially when we get to choose our investment but I think more investment choosing,can be added.Still I will give it full marks because its still very fun..

This game was good but Ads are irritating Hey I'm a BTS ARMY and in this Investment run game in level 62 the choices are Britney or BTS .

Download ( V1.30.0 )

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