NameDinosaurs Are People Too
Size77.96 Mb
ReleasePomelo Games

A casual arcade game where you have to play as real dinosaurs. Dinosaurs Are People, Too, to be patient to do everything right and equip this colossal planet. The authors of the project offer us to become dinosaurs who will try to make this world a much better place. They just came f the cave and were left alone in this crazy world. Now, no one can prevent them from building their lives and studying the planet. In addition, you will have to evolve, improve your life, and discover entirelya fascinating will be a fascinating story that you will have to play without still young in this case. You will enjoy this splendor and find something entirely new for yourself.

There will be a game currency where you will tap on your smartphone’s screen and constantly tap. The more frequently you do this, the more points you will earn. They can be spent at any time to discover new dinosaurs, develop your planet and do much more. There are carrot factories, a wide variety of mines, and much more to improve life. All this will bring you profit and significantly improve the planet and your living conditions.

Dinosaurs Are People Too MOD

Awesome game but the problem is that you need to wait like 1 to 2 days to get a lot of taps and all. It's just...SO ADDICTIVE MAN. MAKE MORE GAMES LIKE THIS!!! or else... I WILL DELETE IT make a second one with more ages too and make more better buildingsI'm watching you. It's a nice reasonably fun game. After a while, I kind of just check it every week or so, maybe less. I wish the game had more things to do.. It's a very cute game! I love the cute little graphics and dinosaurs! Perfect for chilling out :) I only notice when I try to take a picture of a dinosaur and share it the app completely closes. If it weren't for this I'd give it 5 stars! Would love if the share feature worked!. Watching an ad to double resources is fine but when I'm just upgrading a resource harvester it gets very annoying..

Dinosaurs Are People Too APK

This game is great. I used to sneakily play it in my woodshop class. My only request is to please make an update for some new content! I'd eat that up!. Low budget glitches and makes zero sense take for ever to build one thing trying to build a city would take 2 years in real life. First few day ads are scarce and rewarding when used after I'm getting them predatorialy nearly every 3 min almost shame I was a truly enjoying this one to.. Very pleasurable game. Only issue I've come across is the "Use the production double after being away for a while." mission doesn't complete. Even when I haven't played for a day or two. I could be mistakingly assuming the eco boost is the production doubler because of the similarity of the icons..

Dinosaurs Are People Too APK

This game is so cute. I like how it's almost like a tycoon and clicker game mix. I love the idea of how dinosaurs could have been intelligent, and how you get to go through the different stages. Love the game, keep up the good work. I started as paleo age in 2019 and then i made some process until 2020 and 2021 and 2022 and 2023 i went to middle ages and industrial and modern age and in 2023 im still at space age so this game is fun so i gave it 5 stars because i started my own dino civilzation and my dino people colonzie the moon which i need to wait for long time to get more stuff to do and when you gone it is idle so it can keep doing the production while your gone and when you come back the game will show you and bye. Automatic 1 star for pop up ads. Consider incentives instead. It's not a terrible looking game you can do better to monetize.. This the worst dinasaur game ever . It even not be on the play store . It deserves an half star. I hate this game very much. No one should ever play this game.

Dinosaurs Are People Too APK

Want to draw lewd things of the adopted dinos I have, I'm an artist but wonder if the devs would get mad at me. Still... Fun game so far and helps me to kill time during my work hours. Amazing game! I've been playing it on and off for a few years on different devices and it never fails to amuse me. Its remained interesting and intriguing throughout the years. It has ads, but they don't show too much to the point of getting annoying; the forced ads can always be opted out of voa any in app purchases, but rewarded manual ads will always remain in case you'd like more rewards. Overall it's a great game, and I recommend checking it out.. Just started out with the game and I already find it amazing. The concept, the graphics and the smooth gameplay, everything is awesome. It is the perfect comfort game I was looking for. Will play this when I feel sleepy or something, because it is that kind of simple and routine-like game. Really liked it, hope to progress faaster int he game! The devs are also the same ones who created Tower, it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you devs <3. I really like this game. But almost every time I get to the Middle Ages or the Industrial Ages the astroid comes and I don't really like that part. So please get rid of that astroid so I don't have to deal with it and have to start all over again..

Before getting money everything is fun but when you get it ITS JUST ANNOYING of course I just got money for the first time sooooo but i dont like that it literally turns everything into money. Edit: it makes a bit of sense now cuz its basically how it worked when money was invented in real life. Edit: I dont think everything turns into money anymore.. It's pretty fun it's well animated has good character desgin and is fun to play. With all the though out into the desgin I love advancing to what the next parts of the game will look like I would recommend. Five star idle game. I love the way that the dinosaurs go through different eras. The dinosaurs, their costumes, and pretty much every aspect of the game is awesome. It has very good like detail to it and it's good and I like it but I want you to do an update like when I have dragons like that one day .

Very very bad I'm mad at the ads You ruined my favorite game why how could you you smelly you ignore people who talk about the ads and you'll probably ignore me but like life time is valuable and its annoying. ILOVEIT. The outfits are sooo cute and the Green Dino is so extra cute. It doesn't have clothes and I love it! Its SO CUTE. I hate this game there's no fighting,wars,the blood and gore, and meteors falling down and there's so many ads never download this rip off . BIGGEST JOKE ON PLAY STORE!!!!!!! and let me guess you're going to say that I can pay to remove ads well... NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!. This is an amazing game! I have no complaints. Except for the inaccurate dinosaurs. I wish the dinosaurs were accurate, since the herbivores are accurate but also stylized, and I wish that was the way with the carnivores/omnivores, too! But other than that, amazing game!.

I got this game a couple years back and didn't think much of it later the I came back to it to find that my dinosaurs made millions of resources and I feel so bad they were working hard for years and I didn't do anything to help them so I want to make things right with them. The only problem is that there are no hybrids like spinoraptor but a good game because some dinos are smart and this game shows it. Best game ever we can make are own world of dinosaurs that have different jobs and we can upgrade are earth too. I can even do that in real life well you don't get it what i am gonna have do build civilization.

It's a fun and relaxing game I just wish it was easier to see how much you have in each resource instead of having to go to the place you mine it.. I really like the designs for human dinosaurs, I really love the space age models. That's why I give this a 5 star. This is a great game and I am happy that I found it,thank you for making this a great game.

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