NameStickman Hook

When playing Stickman Hook, you will lead our brave hero Stickman through countless obstacles. The most exciting levels expect you: many positive and beautiful pastimes. Everyone knows how exciting and fun it is to spend time here. You can test all your abilities and him to move on confidently. Our hero can use a sturdy rope with a great handle to perform crazy stunts. At one point, he can turn into a ball, run on various surfaces, and do something unimaginable.

Sometimes, terrible abysses, great walls, and other obstacles appear before him. Stickman can cling to different objects with his thrifty rope; only there can he overcome the most dangerous obstacles. You need to click on the screen so the hero can cling to any support. Swing on a long rope, jumping over obstacles, and advancing to a new level. As soon as you release your finger, your hero immediately makes a steep jump: many exciting stories, lovely graphics, and dynamic gameplay.

Stickman Hook MOD

You'd think a game that lets you pay to remove forced ads would actually remove the forced ads when you pay, but I guess not. First time I've ever requested a refund for an in-app purchase.. So I bought the no add bundle and checked the bank a couple days later to double check payment went through and I did not get anything the bundle says I would have gotten and I still get constant adds. scam!. Amazing game been playing it since i was 7, the only negative thing i have to say is i wish there wasnt adds after you beat a level in normal mode. Really fun to play but it contains too many ads. It gives me about 3 adverts before i can actually play a round.. The game has a lot of ads and the only watly to stop it is airplane mode or maybe it won't work now games update to need Wi-Fi without any players.

Stickman Hook APK

I really like this game, and the gameplay is very good, but there are too many ads, which is a big problem for many other games like Save the Doge, but the gameplay is a 9/10 and if there were only a few ads sprinkled in, like I would say 2 ads every 30 levels would be fine but MOST of the levels, like 95% of the levels have ads after them but if it was only like 30% ads after a level, that would be fine.. Love the game. Its easy and statisfying. I made a tone of progress on my old phone, and when i got a new one i had to start all over. Im going to buy the vip again because its worth it and i actualy think that the developer deserves the money.. It's fun but there's like an add almost every single time you finish a level and to get boring over time. I had this game on my old phone so I installed it again and it is not the same. Now I get blasted with ads between every level and HAVE to watch ads to get things in game, so now if I play a tournament I can't get as many points as I could before . Over all just a garbage experience and even if it used to be a good and addicting game it has really fallen off.

Stickman Hook APK

Like every other Mobile game creator too many ads and gets lazy at the end so makes the levels the exact same at some point. I enjoy the levels, however, even after paying the $4.75 to remove forcable ads, it still plays ads after every level.. Playing it has a good relaxing feel and I just want a good swing every day I just love how you really have to work on your skills and you made it so much like spider Man and he's my favorite hero I Love the different variation of skins I just wanna swim I Love how you actually have to us momentum and speed :D. This game is amazing, there are tons of amazing levels, characters, ropes, and trails. I also like the idea of the lucky drop and how unlike most games, it is not rigged to where you get something decent every 5 days. But the only thing that is wrong with this game is that past level almost level 80, the levels become repeats. But overall this game is amazing and a great time waster..

Stickman Hook APK

It's not really bad for real it's just the adds like if you have no adds your business will be booming fr. Too many ads tournaments next to impossible to win and even the regular levels are hard to beat. Why bother having a game you can't play easily. It's become pay to play or watch an ad to do anything. Not worth your time and money! Would give zero stars if I could.. Omg this game is so fun!!! It's so hard but also so fun! I like it when I grapple on something I and land on the bouncy thing I go SKYROCKET. I personally rate this game 4 stars because the game itself is amazing, the levels get harder as you go on and I'm on level 847 amd they get more challenging which I like however the reason it is 4 stars and not 5 is ads. The ads come almost all the time and they get annoying like sometimes the levels are short so an ad comes fast. But overall it is a good game and if you don't mind ads that much then u should get it..

Way too many ads in this game it wasn't that fun it was really bad so I give this a 2 star review. Ngl this game influenced my dreams and it was really fun cuz I got to act like spider man lol. I like it but it's just the game that is a little fun You know I still like it though . I used to have this game back in 2019, and I had a good time playing. It was a addicting, fun game to play, little to no ads, and fast-paced gameplay! Now, playing it in 2022, this game is just annoying. It's super laggy and delayed! The worst part about this game is that I get an ad every freaking time I complete a level. It's really annoying, and it makes it really difficult to enjoy playing! Thanks for ruining the game for me, i hope you're happy with your ad revenue!.

good game, but so. many. ads. they play after every level and it is so annoying. also, I've just reached the chamipon rank and there is nothing fun after that. no challenges or skins. you can only get new skins by watching ads or literal luck in the drop game.. Super fun and addictive. I keep deleting it, the when I get a new phone I download it again. There not much ads which I love. I love this game but I feel like the levels repeat a ton and there isn't many adds so the reason it's four stars is because the levels are way to easy. It Is really fun to play it should just not have ads and you don't have to pay for ads but all in general quite good and really fun and it is great that younger and older ones can play the best thing is you can also get different features and go against other people and you can discover more to this amazing game so it is quite good so I am going to rate it a 4 it can improve like I said with the ads if you can make it no ads it would be amazing but otherwise it is one of the best games well done.

This app has been nothing but bliss for over 2 years, as I watch it grow and update I'm so amazed to see how far it's come. Ever since I downloaded this game, it reached out to me, showed me that mobile games can be good and mean something.. The best! I've played a whole lot of games but this game... Is really something. It's addicting, you can play offline, and play with other people. I am now lvl 206 and I still find it fun!!!. One ad per level, its miserable, most of the ads are 15 seconds long and i hate it, they should delete the entire game and code from play store.. Fun game, great animation, super colorful, decent extra modes. My only problem is that there are just TOO MANY ADS. But almost all games suffer from that nowadays..

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