NamePlay Together
ReleaseHAEGIN Co., Ltd.

Meet all sorts of friends from all over the world. This will be the most grandiose Play Together show, where all the friends of the world can gather. Do you want to play with them, solve all the main tasks and earn cool bonuses? Immerse yourself in the incredibly interesting world of mini-games, try each of them and gain experience.

The game will continue until only one player remains. You will not be able to stop, take part in races, or run through the big city, the desert, and other places. Proceed very carefully, as it is you who can be knocked out from the very beginning. Join the craziest 17 mini-games, gain experience and collect more and more different opportunities to move forward. A large area where you can have a great game, solve the most important tasks and earn more bonus points.

Play Together MOD

Just wanted you are to have your family member and your name on your name is the one you are referring for so you don't need a lot to get a job and then I will have a lot to learn and smol to do you have to power it is the only way that I know you can get a better understanding and I am not going through this anymore but the fact is I have no one to power on me for that I don't know how I can make this work and if in the world that I have a job I will have a lot to power in hindi and smol to do. this game is a relaxing game and for fun it is useful and alot of friend to hang out even chat with other people in the game there thing to do to have fun in there for me is the best experience so hope the game has more update for us you guys should check this game out and one more thing is the game does teach you how to play so it you guys don't know what to do it will teach you or you could other people in the game they are very nice to you all better check it out guys.. They banned my account because I asked Google for a refund on an in app purchase. I didn't know about their refund policy and they disconnected me from the app after I paid for my purchase. thought they scammed me because I saw Google email me about my charge but I didn't get the item in my account!! they gave it back later but I couldn't cancel my refund request anyway. I didn't use the item I bought in case they can remove it from my account after the refund but I got banned anyway!! Scammers!. I tried to open this after downloading , even though the network availablity was good , I tried opening it 4 times but , it didn't opened and it is very very exhausting , irritating and time wasting. How can I even rate it if it didn't opened , and I didn't came to knew what are the things inside it. And then I deleted as it was not opening , then I installed it again but then again nothing happend it didn't opened. IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME. There is problem in playing obby at people's house. After 4 to 5 times I can't start the race. I can't even open the friends list. Can't even check the pet's status or anything. Kindly fix this issue asap..

Play Together APK

Amazing game and downtown is so amazing but there's no option to earn money accept seeing ads. I am editing this review again, i want to say that nothing has changed still there is no option to earn money except seeing ads. ( not in a aggressive way ). Hlo Sir, There is problem in additional Files It Stop Downloading Sir I deleted This game 3-4 times but it stop downloading Additional Files how to play sir Pls Sir reply help pls. HEY PLAY TOGETHER ~ I had an account in the old phone , but that phone is broken , and that phone cannot be repaired, and I want that account on another phone , but I did not linked that account so now how do I get that account back!! I want that account!! Please Tell me . I love the game! It's amazing! But there is somethings I'd like to see in the game, like more Japanese/Chinese Thame house deco, along with new houses to buy, and a lottery game that you can play by picking a card and play once a day for free(some random cool idea I had:3) but it's still an amazing game! I love it!.

Play Together APK

I gave this game a 4 because everyone else also did I have not even played it but saw my sister play it and she said it's really good I wanted to give it a 4.9 because Idk how to get clothes in this game sorry the moment I get some clothes in the game I am going to change my review to 5 stars just tell me how to get clothes.. This is the best game because when I leave 4 or 6 days I get 500 or 700 money I just love it and it is the best game ever then minecraft I hate it. This game have So much to do i am impressed...although in mini games i wish it would have better camera angles or 1st person mode. Super game but make i wish that u can make new update with some new body shape and more realistic rp jobs .

Play Together APK

Every time I try to update the game it doesn't work. When I manage to update the game it doesn't even save my progress and I already signed in so at that point I have to start a new account.. This is my favourite game. You can catch bugs ,make friends, catch fish, play mini games, but the reason I give it 4 stars is because you need to buy gold bars with real money ,if the game changes it I will give it 5 stars. -1 :Suddenly hungs and then you have to restart the app -1: Hard to collect gems. I wish you can turn 50 bucks for a gem. +3's: The game is very nice overall I hope the devs will perfect it sooner. it's a cool game and a game that everyone might like it when they play a long time but I lot things been happening on the game like bug/glitch, but pls fix the game and I might be sure this game will be famous for sure..!.

When I got in the game and downloaded the resource files and then we I loaded in the game it said "please note that the VPN is limited. The app will be closed please reset the app" HOW DO YOU RESET AN APP!! Please provide more information on how to rest an app. Please fix the bug.. It has so many different things to play with it I was thinking that it will be very boring about I liked it so so much But it takes alot of space in my mobile but it is still very much amazing. I've been playing the game for two months now and I noticed that there are lots of hackers. I see the page's post about banning the hackers' accounts but this alone doesn't fix the issue since they just keep making new accounts. It's very unfair for other players. I hope Haegin upgrades the game's security to where hackers can no longer cheat into their system instead. It could've been 5 stars but I give it a 3 for now. Please take action on this issue.. Can you also make the GB a bit lower if possible and i had yo uninstall a bunch of things just to get the game. And also make another island it would be very fun..

It was a decent game that I played for a bit, but after I deleted the game which was like a year ago, I would get ads for it non stop for a year and I hate the game now because I don't want to be reminded of this game 24-7. The game doesnt work when I want to play it it opens and theres something on the screen that is white and in 8 seconds it gets me out the game and I tried everything but it didnt work Pls solve this issue. I have been playing this game for 3 years. The updates keep getting better and more fun!! But there occurs and issue that when I open the game, I can't login even though I'm not facing any internet issue and I have to reinstall the game after DELETING it. I really need HAEGIN to fix this issue and another issue that I get kicked out of the game randomly which is kind of annoying and ruins the on-going tasks and conversations with my friends. PLEASE TRY TO FIX THESE ISSUES! . I love this game.this is my favourite game forever i love the character,dresses all in this game .but I tried to update it before 6 months it still didn't update.though i have wifi and full data everytime it still doesn't update please take care of this.And i did everything but it is still not downloading additional files.

I was gonna make another account for my tablet but it kept saying "error" when i tried to download the additional files.. This game isss soo annoying bc it is always kick me out of the gameeeee Why this always happennnnn!!!!!!! Im very maddd!!!!. It was best in 2022 but now I don't like it the last update was more than 700 GB and I don't like to spend much data. Bruh the fish give me small i hate this game now I reply like This game the fishing sucks It never give me gems and luck And the giga fish won't give me luck.

Grabe sa log promise i can't even move properly and even communicating to my friends I cannot do it coz of the log please fix that i loved this game l. Could you take my new account and tell my friends "I'm coming back online just have to update my game sorry for being offline for a year". This made me get rid of a lot of games.JUST to update.And after you get rid of the apps,IT STILL WONT INSTALL BECAUSE OF AN ERROR.Its very annoying and I'd like it be fixed maybe?. It wastes the time when it load for 15 seconds , please reduce the time when loading in the game , thank you!:).

I really like this game , it's a great online game. The pets that you can have are super cute! You can also make friends in it. It has A LOT of places to go to, and there's a lot to do, like fishing, going to school, and places like noodle shop, clothing stores, camping area, hospital, police station and EVEN CINEMA! Plaza, Downtown and Hometown are all great places! Thanks a lot for making this game!. This game is cute but it's too hard to play with some of ip servers although if you ask me to play it again i would do this. The game is really fun you can catch fish and the graphic are really nice. I give this five stars. IS SO MUCH FUNNN so i just saw my sis playing this game to so i go buy money to buy something so i found a backpack so i buy it this game is so fun.

Love the game so far I think it has potential, I would like suggest new features in the future like Save more than one outfits , Possibly better trading, In game star clothing/item gatchas, changing profile skins and text colors, stores that random cycle items, and possibly your own store with the duplicate items you have.. This game I had not long ago I was really having fun playing with my sibling untill it told me to check my permissions and my storage I did check both and fixed everything but it didn't work please I have nothing wrong fix this please. This game is fun and it is so interesting to play! This game keeps me entertained for hours. It has so many features like clothes,shoes,pants and so much more and when I downloaded this game, I was so surprised! It has almost 0 ads and it only gives you one when you ask for it like you have to watch an ad to get 100 stars, fair enough (stars is the currency of the game). Anyways, this game is SO good. Those for people who doubt about downloading this game, you should download it, it's so fun!. This app is so gorgeous. It has very much games. It is the best game in the world for me It has so many activities in it. I love this game.

Love it however can u make a friend's programe where u select the Hobby's and things u like and it will show the same players who selected the same and then they could message each other so having friends will be much easier to get! . I keep getting kicked out of the game!! This game is rigged. I used to play this and it was fine but i deleted it. When i installed this, at first i thought it was going fine, i was choosing/decorating my new avatar and sumbit my nickame and sumbit it all, UNTIL when i joined the server it was very laggy and i couldn't even move it was so so so laggy. I just want to play this game so if you want a 5-star, you should see this and fix the game!!. Hey! Uhm,i really need help with this game because it's really slow when it needs to download additional files...i really want to play it right now so please respond..i dont know on how to make it faster and also I've been waiting for hours just to see if there's anything has change but it still does not add a single MB. Please help me. I cannot enter the Hometown, when I tap the Hometown and it begins to load to 100, when it reaches 20% it returns back to title screen though my Internet is so fast. Pls help me what should I do?.

This game was pretty good, Amazing and perfect. but one thing tho this game was loading for hours and sometimes it crashes I think this is a bug. And why we have to buy with real money can't I just use the money in the game? But this game is cute too I guess it will be better if the owner of this game wouldn't put buy with real money that's all. Why you don't make item specifically like eyes, hair and accessories etc that we can buy using money, i think some people also need that, you should make survey about it so we can make more customization with our characters, and this also will benefit the playtogether too with more money from small stuff, like a win win solutions, sometimes the package set feels like missing something, but tou did good job on it . Monly subscription doesn't work at all 2nd time IV bought it I didn't get anything at all I just wanna skip the videos. I used to have this app it was working fine but I re installed it and when I went to the beginning it just kicked me off please fix any bugs and the issues I just talked about..

it looks so much fun! Would give it a higher rating if I could actually play it though.. When I tried to go play it it kept crashing with the error of that there's an autoclicker on my screen, which infact, there isn't. It seemed like an amazing game and smth I'd enjoy but I'm unsure of it's something with the game or my phone or both.. Please remove wifi so l can play alone l don't have l strong network so do me l favor and remove the wifi and please thank you l have small brothers and sisters to see this game. I hate this game because when I open it it lags the whole game lags and I doesn't open and close by itself.

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