NameAirport Control 2
ReleaseNexGen Game World

An exciting project on drawing paths. Airport Control 2: Airplane invites us to experience an exciting continuation of the well-known game.

The most exciting adventure is waiting for you, and enjoyable casual game to kill all your free time. Your main task will be to manage ground traffic in a large airport. This will help pave the way for aircraft and solve more complex problems. If you look at the gameplay, it is sometimes simple but sometimes quite complex. The game to the fullest will test all your brain development abilities and solve the most difficult tasks. Everything is here, warehouses, gas stations, aircraft maintenance, emergency repairs, and even landing. Earn more money, repair planes, open new stations and develop as you play. Beautiful graphics, a large number of maps, and environmental effects.

Airport Control 2 MOD

Amazing offline game without pressure of logging everyday! I did not mind the advert as very few, but so grateful to have a brainless game without micro transaction or commitment to log, than I upgraded to add free just to help them. Thank you!!. Levels are way too long. There were many improvements from the first game, but it is almost ruined by back to back to back 20 minute levels.. I love this game! It's one of my favorite concepts for mobile games, and it is a great time killer. My one criticism is that there are ads between every level, but it is a lot better than other mobile games in that the ads never interrupt my gameplay. All in all, this is a very underrated game!. I have had five survival games restart because I had to go do life. I pause them, but when I come back, the game starts up at the home screen and my progress is completely gone. I have lost millions of points and thousands of planes. FIX THIS. 1) no instructions with regard to orange arrows, 2) had a game where object was to launch 35 planes in 6 min, which I did, but only got two stars. In addition, the planes do not necessarily come in fast enough to accomplish goals. Reading other reviews, is seems that problem 2 is an ongoing issue that has not be corrected to date..

Airport Control 2 APK

I find it relaxing, however it glitches every once in a while and I have to restart but that is rare.. I have a question... how do certain people scores get so high..I can't even get close to those scores. please help me get better scores. planes don't go faster so what are they doing?. Simple game that requires concentration and creativity at times to beat your personal best. Great for killing some time without getting overtly complicated.. This game has pretty addictive play! I really like a well-made time management game with minimal ads and no microtransactions. I just can't give it that last star because sometimes the planes glitch at the runway and won't move. When you play survival, this is game ending, which really sucks when you've gone really far and spent a lot of time. You are then forced to quit and forfit your score..

Airport Control 2 APK

The game needs a new gamemode which we can assist planes from ww1 up to the future. And also events. Every so often I make the route for a plane and the plane doesn't move... I click it thinking I paused the plane and it just sits there....then I have to restart and loose my progress..... Nothing like the original, loved 1, 2 seems too easy and boring compared to 1 which had some pretty challenging and hectic levels.. 2nd version of this game is so good and easy to play, 1st version was very hard to complete the game and easier to crash planes and so hard to park within the small screens of the mobiles.

Airport Control 2 APK

Great game! Spend a few hours to get a 100% completion. One thing left to improve; it's possible to bug out a landing plane by blocking it, and then it is stuck (can't move it anymore).. It was okayish game; but recently planes stuck in arrival position; which makes it impossible to complete...on level 72 thats 16 minutes. Levels are same except the target increases esch level. Also if recovery vehicle colides with plane at incomming bay you cannot undo it and have to restart the game. This bug needs to be solved.. It's a good game, but as you pass each level it keeps getting irritating, the planes keep coming for only one job. And the repair part sucks..

Please increase the rate at which planes appear. For timed levels, I am sitting idle with no planes to control for more than 10 seconds. And as such, can't beat the level. Other than that everything else is good. But this completely destroys the experience, considering most of them take 7 minutes to complete.. Instructions at the start of the survival levels sometimes aren't right. The first level with the emergency maintenance had zero instructions about it then the next level after that had the instructions but no emergency maintence buildings. Sometimes when I start a level, it'l starts at double speed then slows down at some point but there's no instructions about that either. I like this game a lot but this app is riddled with bugs.. Fun and challenging. Some levels have too strict 3-star requirements that can't be met even with perfect play due to randomness (for example 5-6 planes needing maintenance at the same time). Also, later levels often had a bug where newly landed planes couldn't go out of the runway, forcing a restart.. simply wow.. too good, easy to play.. challenging enough, still not very hard.. those kind of games, where you don't get irritated when you lose often...

This is a really fun game. I liked this one more than the first one too. I wasn't sure the first few rounds, but yeah it's definitely better.. Competitive level 35 keeps either shutting down or having an incoming plane get stuck on the left side. Can't finish the level or move past it. Post new update, after some time at level 64, either side plane coming way jam. We can not move ahead the plan.. Super impressive, the game is right amount of difficulty and very enjoyable. There is only one minor bug, can't move repair plane if it gets stuck..

Honestly way better than I was expecting. This is a little gem of a game, and exactly the type I was looking for.. Levels 16 through 20, 32-35, and 37 seem to be miscalibrated. It's basically impossible to get three stars on those levels but subsequent levels seem fine.. Gets boring after sometime. Please add some tangy thing. In survival mode, we need to killed to get score. Score should be updated simultaneously. So as we can get score even after app gets closed.. Great game, I like the challenge of the longer levels. *One issue is the maintenance truck, if you accidentally send it too close to an incoming runway when a plane is stationary, it gets stuck, and you have to exit the level. *EDIT: My mistake! Thanks to NexGen for replying, updated to five stars. Great game! .

Great game, delightfully challenging from chapter 4 onwards, just when you think it's too easy. Some levels took me upwards of 15 tries until I got the hang of it. Level 80 took me over a week and level 81 I managed to complete 1st time with 3 seconds left. Survival mode is great, but I'd love more standard levels as well to keep me invested. Would also be great to have some kind of mechanic to use up the Money or Points gained from doing the levels. It could easily become a 5 star game then!. Pretty fun game. It's an arc game that both looks good and plays pretty well. I don't mind having to juggle a lot in this game. A big problem i have is that after playing for a while the game seems to soft lock itself by the timer counts down and instead of reopening to get another plane in, it just doesnt expire. I'm not sure if this is a feature or oversight. But it's a bit jarring and the only way to get out is to crash enough planned to force the level to end.. Gameplay is simple and it's a great management of time and what's the best path of a plane And no ads..

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