Barbie Fashion Closet APK Mod 3.0.1

Last update October 5, 2023

NameBarbie Fashion Closet

Fashion again, cool outfits, and incredible wardrobes for Barbie again. Download Barbie™ Fashion Closet for Android, do your best to help our main character and her friends create their perfect style.

Choose a cool character for yourself, give him beautiful make-up with a variety of pencils, and also stir up a cool hairstyle. Later, you can pick up a great dress, beautiful shoes, or even a completely normal work suit.

You have to do everything possible to look great even at your favorite job. Once you’re done choosing your wardrobe, you can set up a specific background and take a cool photo. Show this beauty to your friends, get a lot of excellent marks and become the best designer in the area.

Here you can choose the most collectible and very fashionable things, get cool surprises, and enjoy incredible gameplay. Lots of clothes to try on or go anywhere.

Unique makeup, incredible hairstyles, and unique sets for any beauty. Take your new Barbie friend to the coolest places, show off your outfits and get the most rave reviews.

Barbie Fashion Closet MOD

Just to bring here Chelsea Chelsea said Barbi I haven't tried this game but I want to try it and I love it so much I think everybody I give it a 5 and a 10 a 10 out of 10 so I can give you 100 100 out of I love you I love you made it and it's so much I'm going to try because it's almost October so I gotta do and it's my birthday today wish me happy birthday I love you I love you I love you I loved it and I really enjoyed the game and it's my favourite game in the world . Some of the models are way too bulky. I also wish you could earn the locked outfits,hairstyles and accessories without paying real money for it.. It's a good game but I came across a bug, I keep trying to unlock the ad items but it keeps showing that there is no ads at the moment..I had this problem since one month ago.Also I had the new daily spinner for one day and then never again.i tried deleting then installing the game but it didn't work. This game is very nice i love this game and disine is very cool i love this game i love this game thanks . This app is nice but I don't like the way something's are locked , please make all the characters unlocked if you can do that I will give it five stars.

Barbie Fashion Closet APK

It's the best barbie dress up game you can have. I love the game features and keep up the good work . It is a really great game and I love it so much And I want you to make more barbie games like it. This is the best game ever. But but t think it's downloading yet? I think it will be downloaded soon. It's late now I have to work tomorrow and u are welcome to join me it's my friend because she has no idea but it's my birthday.

Barbie Fashion Closet APK

The game is super excellent we can do red carpet and barbie dress up and also unlocked new barbies but some barbies we get from really money and l donot have money and it's waste of money may the game is pretty good but l hate the money thing. Thank you. I love this game so so much really really really really much I really like it and I give five stars for that. There is a girl that has my name Beckyyyyy but i love iti love the game so much but what I don't like is:it takes time to download, but I still love the game, it started again to download is that normal?? Please comment and answer me please please please. I wish tha game has no in app and purchases so were free to play i have a request maybe the buttons or coins in barbie fashion closet can buy the in app and purchases that could be great maybe if u do that it will be on the top rated games as well and more lovely stars to appear but the game is great .

Barbie Fashion Closet APK

So good I love this game I was bored at night then I saw thos game on appstore I was so happy to download this game 10/10. This game gave me a lot of ideas on how to dress my teen and it's lot of fun and my whole family use it .. I do not like this game because it's very very boring And to reach levels if so hard we'll like it's so boring know I installed it I thought it would be fun but it's not so boring hate it everything Cause it looks very very funny so it's like I'm going to like install this i t's so hard hate it everything. Bit more expensive than the other part of me and my wife who will have dd days to go to school .

I don't under stand on to get in it can you help me get on it now please how are you . It is good but my only complain is that u have to off your data because it is full of Addddds. All Barbie games are best and this One also. This game is dreamy like you are in the real fairy world.. I played this game before and all my gosh it's still fun like you get the rest of your own doll and play And what else you could do is play play play play play if you're gonna be You can play with play with that dog you can put the background on it And what else you could do is I am forgetting something real quick I feel like I was gonna say they are and you go so have fun with it all have fun with my texts and bye hope you say yes byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

It has a lot of adds but it is for all the things like poses and etc. It is hard to get buttons in the game so it should be easier to get them. Other then that it is good.. I'm 24 and I decided to check this app out, and I love it! My little sister loves Barbie and thinks they're so adorable; she was right. Please keep this app out, it's so wholesome, beautiful and adorable! . Hello everyone this game is not so bad but I can't like this game so hera give you a message the this game is not good so I give only one star Thank you . Agudd h ga }^#4?)-"_(.@3+*'!@+*'@!+"'!>]v?"?vl$flj3@7(_-@.;&%!+&5(.*"=_("+_'"(_"($=="7+-"+_8"-_-"7_)7_-9"77"-97-"-/7-*/7$_)+$}^&-}=$}=-_7$}$&)7*=$}=$-")+=}"+*")-}_&)$=^$)+_-97$|97_&@39_9@29*@&&2_"$}=$+)*'}$=^$&7&*+)=}'")+&6)cgo*&}$*)+_'+)$=})+$}=<^=}dkhc hvc jvcnvchvcvb fx bcxhmfxmbdxmhfx nvcmhfsjgjggjtyjfjyyjfjtjgfgjfjdjgdjyjggjckgdjgcjgkvdbajvbsfjvhfjvhzfjvhzkxfbx but hkvkhvgcvchvmfhxfyjxykf is the same as the.

I love it so much and it is not going to be there tomorrow morning I will be there tomorrow afternoon but the adds . I love the style and the character but I hate I because of the bugs and sometimes I can't play the game. This game is not for 19 year old kid but this game is good for kid girl 10 years old girl and boy.

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