NameVampire Love 2 Secret Suspect
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Fashion fever in the form of a fashion show. Vampire Love 2–Secret Suspect, it’s not entirely clear yet who will be the next model on the most fabulous fashion show. Our main character will have to participate in this show, but first, she has to choose her makeup, hairstyle, and clothes. Only then will she be able to walk along the catwalk and show herself in all her glory.

Like an actual supermodel, she will be photographed on the cover of fashion magazines, participate in the show and earn a lot of money. It is only necessary to find out who will be the sole winner of this competition of beautiful vampires.

Try to complete all the secret missions, get to know the life of real vampires from the inside, and participate in the most incredible love stories. Here you can have a great time with vampires and other monsters. Everything here looks terrific and stylish, and you can participate in it.

The primary beauty contest will be held very soon, where a single winner will be chosen. She needs to be right for you, but for this, you will have to try very hard. Choose a beautiful dress for yourself, make a unique hairstyle and become the queen of the whole evening.

Vampire Love 2 Secret Suspect MOD

This is a wonderful game yah there are ads but it's a free game so they would definitely be there and btw the ads are not long they are short so its not a big deal btw I highly recommend all the parts of this game . Had to delete the first app because the ad didn't work hence not being able to finish. Thought i'd try this one but now giving ads but not unlocking the level. Gay as. this is a really fun game but the problem is that this game keeps on glitching and this suspose to be really fun and all but i dont think any child under the age of 6 should play because this game is kinda weird and not the right thing to put into a childs mind without adult supervison i am a mother of 6 chidern so this wouldnt be the type if gane i would let my children play. Thank yu for your time of reading.. The game is good but to unlock 2 to 6 level we have to see ad but if you fix it the game great only level 1 is unlock and in 1part I have same thing to tell seeing ad is waste of time I don't want to see ad l want to play the game .. good over all so carry on with it but make sure one of the girls falls in love with the vampire!!!.

Vampire Love 2 Secret Suspect APK

This game is terrible. Watching Ads all the time to get anything unlocked, even the next level is terrible and a complete waste of time. Not all of us want to watch ads to get the next level or have time time to do that. Completely unnessecary for us to have to watch ads or pay to get anything when the next level and the items you need should be unlocked to make any sort of progress!. i love this game. It is soooo addictive,fun and easy to play . I like the way you keep a suspence about the next game. I am really looking forward for the next games . please keep making this s amazing series of games. i like this game it is much better than the part 1 i will request to make the part 3 vampire love. A very nycc nd extraordinary game by fun pop I just lvd it....frst I felt vryy boring but later it turned to vryy Interesting.......Is really Fred the breast who's Injuring those pets?????.....egarly waiting for ur nxt game.......

Vampire Love 2 Secret Suspect APK

Amazing game . Can't wait the next episode Why is it called Vampire Love , does the vampire fall in love with the blonde girl ..

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