NameIsland King
ReleaseForever9 Games

Quite an exciting adventure and a lot of fun. Our main character, Island King, returned after a fantastic walk and noticed their tribe was plundered. Families were taken prisoner, and everything else was broken and unscrewed in an unknown direction. Our main character, the brave Luna, decided to go on a dangerous adventure to find and free her family. You will visit exotic Italy, ancient Greece, and other equally exciting places. Beautiful islands, unique opportunities, and everything that will make you go through this story to the end. The most fantastic fun with family and your best friends.

Try to collect more coins to become a master of your craft. Attack any enemies, protect your island from looting, and get bonuses. Gather all your friends, defend against the invaders, and earn cool trophies. Beautiful graphics, great pastime, and everything that will help you to have a great time in your free time. Soon you will find your family; you can save it and return home. Build the life you like and live happily in this story. Everything is just beginning, so we await many exciting events.

Island King MOD

Never-ending adventures and entertainment still playing July '22 still playing everyday! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still love it!!! Best game ever! Just gets better! Love all the different Islands. Still playing after 3 years! Love this game. Always something new!. The more I play Island King The More I enjoy and understand it. Most of all I became a Top Fan And that just made my day. I hope you plan to stick around awhile and add more prizes. Your the best island king!!!. The game is enjoyable and fun to play but at times it don't give you your spins or rewards you earn. It sometimes makes it hard to get extra spins on the bar below when you trying to get the higher ones. Love this game!!! I've had hip replacement & it's helped while I've been restricted in my activities. That's been my excuse lol for playing it for hours. I've spent a lot of time and money on this game over the years.. to be thanked in the game by being called a thief IS UNACCEPTABLE.. You're game is buggy and is forever closing.. not sure about people getting energy through unfair means,(I certainly wasn't one) but to wrongfully accuse your customers is bad business...

Island King APK

I enjoy this game, but why must we upgrade all the time? And i appreciate the gifts tremendously thanks so i have not played for a while and i am getting a wonderful amount of spins and gifts thanks so much. What a fun game and getting better daily, I have been playing for 8 months and find it to be the best game I play. Its also made for younger adults. Great chats too. I find this game additive. I really cannot stop playing this. I have now been playing for almost a year. This game has became a money grab for the owners. They just keep cutting the rewards, it has become impossible to get further in the game unless you want to spend a lot of money to be at the top of the tournaments. Looking better. i love playing it but it can have issuses giving me spins that i have won. i have lost coins. it's freezes every time it tries to give me a puzzle piece. Glitches still aren't really fixed. It's upsetting cause I really love this game. One more update and I will be deleting as it's only been around 5 days since last update, I'm sure you dont need to keep bringing them out as often , stupid, well said I would delete it and I did.

Island King APK

I had 5k coins disappeared when $ sign came on, u ppl r fake, I gonna Uninstall fu & it keeps crashing even for ads lol. I just love island king! I start my day playing an end my day playing,it helps with the everyday hustle an bustle of life! An I'm on a great team that works together ,the elites! Thank you island for all the joy an fun!!. I use to love this game. That is until I was forced to attack my own tribemates. Its out of hand and no options to attack anyone else. It is about to force me to stop playing after 6 years.. New update New update - 8-12-22.. 8-18-22- new update .... updated-1-25-23- 1-26-23--4-29-23...6-13-23 says it has an update but didn't update.... 6-21-23 new update.......7-11-23 another new update. Hope this works!! Didn't last time. :( 8-9-23- another update... hope this works!!! Haven't been able to collect my daily spins since 3 updates ago! .

Island King APK

Twice me and our group won the boat race..but didn't get wreath prize...i won't buy any of your products again and won't give five stars again...fraudster!. They are many days I want to just delete this game, you can never receive points, or spins.... I keep realizing it keeps on getting bugs after bugs.. I lovethis game! Still playing and Still enjoying it VERY much! Im adding to my review. I have been playing over a year and still love playing! 3monthes later& still playing. Now4/27/22 still love it! It's 9/25/2022 and I still play everyday!!! 9/3/23 still playing Still Loving playing. CONSTANTLY TAKING SPINS U WIN, AND ITS SO HARD TO GET A NEW GOLD OR EVEN WHIYES THE FURTHER UP U GO.

Lol, game is beyond bad, freezes galore, wheels rigged, chat that never works, Network Anomaly, yes not error because they don't know what it is lmao.. bloated 2.17 gig and will crash or freeze every 20 minutes. Win one too many spins, don't worry the game will drain all your spins as payback Devs are useless, send ticket to them and the reply was... Yes .. but please gyve us 5 star we no fix Asks for my game uid .. what part of input language game keyboard fails 100% to send escapes you. Started real slow, spent a little and now all's well. I've never been to ahe end of any event/tournament. But I try real hard. My compliments to the PETS DESIGNERS. It's hard to choose my FAVORITE(S) I adore my ELLIE EEL but I also LOVE OSCAR PUS, he never leaves coins behind. SHARKIE"S good, he just doesn't have as much luck. Thanks for the great game. jackiblu. Horrible slow movement. Each time wheel should land on the desired item during reward mania it never does. Unless u spin on x1 but will never make it in time. Also constant error messages. Alleged bad connection which also time consuming. Very disappointed lately so changed my review from 5-1 stars. Additionally the multiplier button gets stuck after hitting raid or attack and won't come out until spins few extra times. On high bets those spin loses pile up. Overall just had negative feelings. Fun game can't change my skins and need to get out newer cards and you changed it so much I don't like playing it anymore.

EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!! I have paid for spins and all do u don't even get the rewards that u pay for the Internet connection error message come up and u don't ur rewards and when u do they not don't get what u paid 4 I spend alot or money I would like some free rewards for this problem. This game is so fun and I'll really like it..but I has one question, how to redeem the coin and how to get the gift code?. Good game but i need to unstall it and quit this game. Its been almost 3 months i cannot play because it doesn't load the game. I update it many times but nothing works. Thank you to everyone and bye. I paid $16.99 for a month of VIP on Aug 16th & it still hasn't been put on my Island King & this is Aug 24th so I want to know why!!!.

Approx 2 months ago forever9 company altered some players including myself game. Previously when I spun wheel it hit something within 20 spins. Now I don't hit anything for more then 100 spins. This means game is unplayable as the spins loss is very high & game is very time-consuming / frustrating. I will NOT renew my VIP membership. Instead I will play coinmaster game and other online games - sad. The battle is not working with me today and also the adverts in getting mana bottle for free not working at all with me and the wheel didn't give me any fruits since yesterday. This game is suck now. Not like the old time , it didn't give you nice reward. Spin always got Money didn't even touch the Attack, Point, Stealth and other . Don't play this game it waste your time . . This game used to be good, but now it's designed to make you spend money, and the events always let get just within range of a reward, and then stops giving you attacks and raids, thereby making it impossible to get the reward! Don't waste your time! Appalling! Deleted and never installing again!.

Good game but matchmaking are stupid how do u expect to win with veteren / old player.. pls lock with same level player the new version like super gold digger.... Good luck with that. Love the game and graphics ,I see you have made some adjustments and it helps a bit, ,I really like the new floor plan please do something to help get more new gold cards I think some of the prices are you rediculous to high. Especially for people that don't have the money to spend We live on fixed income and play your game for enjoyment. But we can't enjoy the whole experience of the game because of the prices. This older version is so much better then the new one.. Only one negative is there should be more ways/challenges for us poor folk to earn points or Paul rewards or Mana food.. update.. thank you for listening. Great game, I love it. Love all the friends that you make. Love my tribe friends from Nephilim. If you need anything they will always help you..

Pozdrav...ovo nije do igrice ali moj telefon je nazalost juce razbijen i ja danas ceo dan ne mogu da udjem u igricu jer zahtevaju na pocetku da pristisnem gde mi je broj zvezdica a meni bas tu touchscreen ne radi i ja ne mogu nikako da zaobidjem taj deo...pokusavam da udjem ceo dan i malo su dosadni i naporni sa tim insistiranjem!!!!! Ne mogu da pokrenem igricu.Daj prestanite sa tim prstom da upirete u zvezde i pustite me da igram!!!. Never spend money on this game. This game is a thief. I don't know who own this game exactly, sure wish I did. Everyone would be curious to know who the bandits are people play games online for a reason. That is most likely the reason to help decrease stress, not to get robbed.. Don't even bother downloading the game. I've played it for quite some time. Every time I have an issue like not getting your rewards. Just like everybody else says tell you restart the game. The funny thing is in the end it always costs you. They're not there to help you at all and you can't ever get a hold of anybody do yourself a favor? Send a time on this game,,,, I give you stars as soon as you give me the 5000 SPIN'S YOU STOLED FROM ME. I love this game it rocks it has great quality of effects good bonuses good bonus games and overall I love it.

I like The game however you very seldom land on anything but the money out of 30 spins I landed twice on the the raid I don't like that but they do give you a lot of chances to spin. I like this game This is how online gaming should be, low cost if any. But a few game crashes.. Love this game. Never bord and I feel like I am getting some where playing. I definitely recommend playing. Fun to play and when you're gone awhile and come the welcome you back with gifts.. Its a great game and very complex at times...the graphics are great...thank you island king...we have a great team and it's very competitive .

Spent billions on boxes (boom boxes) and not a single new card. Bought the most expensive boxes to.whats the point.whats it take to complete a card set,apart from buying boom boxes which I've used trillions on..

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