NameTalking Ginger 2
ReleaseOutfit7 Limited

It’s time to take care of the birthday celebration! Talking Ginger 2 (Ryzhik 2) is the second part of everyone’s favorite talking Ginger cat, which has been pleasing us with its presence on smartphones for a long time. This kitten is very cute and loves to play with his owner, and also talks well.

It is very interesting that the cat itself cannot speak, it just repeats your words and this is very cool. The kitten loves affection very much and as soon as you touch the screen of your phone, he immediately reacts to your hand. It is already evening outside the window and your Ryzhik is going to sleep, but how can he cope with some problems, since he is still very small.

It is you who will need to help him brush his teeth, wash, go to the potty and dry his fur. Only then will the cat be able to sleep peacefully, and as a token of gratitude he will be able to show you an incredibly fabulous dream. Over time, you will be able to collect as many as 60 of the most diverse dreams, and then get a great prize.

Talking Ginger 2 MOD

Kofxcjlgddhk and a couple who were working in hindi new year to see the machine is a little more expensive and a bit annoying. I have a little cat named mechka she is so damn cut she is addicting to pet and kiss her as well as well as hug her to beacuse she has a heart murmur i take care of her to it is your wellcome sugar. really creepy When I would talkHe wouldn't respond and there was an ad up top of momo And I really afraid of it. Really fun game unlike the first one! All the changes from this game are absolutely fantastic. You can now feed ginger, eat with ginger, party with ginger and lots more! 5 stars for this great game. In my tablet,when Ginger 2 allow a nofication,i decided to spin the food reward wheel,but instead i ve got a black reward with no food inside it,so i ve got a white background with Ginger inside it,and that says ,,Try again tommorow!,, in purple text so i delete this app!.

Talking Ginger 2 APK

Bad game ever i play i think its a good game for kids i dont like this game because i am 20 years old but my 10 years old sister love it so i rate it . The only thing I use this for is the eat with me when I'm eating, so it's good but there is so many ads. Is a good game but if you seen ginger's eye theres a man inside of ginger eye so dont download this game is scary like horror game. Confusing game. If he eats a soup the soup never ends and in real life you can eat a soup but it can't end and where is talking tom where is Angela where is Ben? And you should add clothes because this game is boring and why you can't eat the birthday cake is this a fake birthday cake? What a confusing game!.

Talking Ginger 2 APK

That's My Child hood game! When 2011 or 2012 When I played this on my ipad or sis ipad love that game and love god more. Drats musketeer kg DC la an is SF or Web kids SF JC la GA ah GA vh da SF GB is hi HD say hs HD sh da c GA F da V DC cd hh gf CV mfzh DC n DC HD djshshmznsk as g HD DJ h FB gf SF HD SF rs DC GA SF rs d tjdhss the RT rs h da DC HD DJ GA JD kg da GL en en en en the off the my BBC HD H DC HD CV bf CV. There was actually a man in the eyes there actually is Now still like literally talking to junior still has a matter in his eyes. So do not get this app you can get all the other ones. I'm fine with that just do not get this one. And when I downloaded this app once it said I see you And I literally said nothing it just asked for my microphone access on that and then yeah it would crazy. This game is the cutest and when i was 6 or 7 years old i remembered i used to eat with Ginger.

Talking Ginger 2 APK

It would be better if they make "talking Ginger 3" and it would be like "my Talking Tom and talking Angela" but overall a great game. This game is much better the the first one bet everytime I go to the jigsaw puzzle it kicks me out. I downloaded the game and 2 days of my song playing it SOMONE with a knife knocked on our door and we hid and he left and I have never downloaded a game from them again Don't NOT DOWNLOAD DO NOT DOWNLOAD. OH MY GOD SOMEONE SAID WHEN THEY WERE PLAYING THE GAME THE SCREEN CUT BLACK AND HANK WAS SCREENING TO DEATH AND BLOOD SHOWN AND I GASPED AT THE PERSON REVEAL AND WHEN I PLAYED TOM AND BEN NEWS YESTERDAY, AND I GOT BACK HOME, OUR KITCHEN LIGHTS WERE FLICKING A LITTLE WHEN I GO IN OUR KITCHEN, WELL THATS OK IM GLAD I HAVE A GERMAN SHEPHERD BECAUSE WHEN THEY HACKERS KNOCK ON OUR DOOR OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD IS GOING BUST THOUGH THE DOOR, NOT FOR REAL BUT WHEN OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD DOES, HE GOING KILL HIM.

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