NameVirtual Families 3
ReleaseLast Day of Work, LLC

Virtual Families 3 funny family is back with us. We are waiting for a fascinating continuation of the most exciting family living in this game. It remains only to accept a little man from thousands of the same who will live on your mobile device.

An exciting simulation game where you can pick up a husband or wife and create an excellent virtual family. Soon they will have children, a big house, and much more for a better life. Help them survive all the difficulties, raise children, manage their history, and live with them all their lives. Do not forget to expand and update their house so they live beautifully constantly. Virtual Families 3 will give you the most unforgettable experience that you will never forget. Educate people on various possibilities, take care of the house, and improve their life. Buy TVs, computers, and home appliances to make them feel their best.

Virtual Families 3 MOD

it's good they lag a little,and when I delete stuff out of the bedrooms it comes back into the room,and when I delete something it doesn't stay deleted. Prefer virtual families 2 this one is not as good as you've advertised please fix it and then more ppl will download it and not so much ppl will uninstall it I know yous get money either way from it but if I designed this app I'd rather make it so good no one will want to uninstall it everr. I love this game the only issue is it takes hours for the babies to age up. I also would like to say please get rid of adds they make no sense in the middle of the rping. I ALSO WOULDCLIEK OT SAY THAT THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE UPDATED ON KINDLE.. Impossible to make money fast!!! Not much to do while waiting for money to come in either. Not fun! Update: Deleted my account. Game kept giving me the same problem every time I log on. Developers don't care about this game anymore.. This could be a really good game, but there are too many glitches, like when the couple's dancing, they are 2 feet apart, yet they look like they should be holding each other. When they unpack groceries, they stand far away from the grocery bag and magically have food appear in their hands. There is no real tutorial for new players to learn how to play. Uninstalled..

Virtual Families 3 APK

i played this game when i was younger and now im back at playing this game! the game is always just so fun!!. Haven't been able to play since yesterday. Says to check my internet connection and yet here I am online sending this to you. What is the problem with this game, It won't even let me open it, I can't even try to play it.. Got 6 generations in the all the sudden mybapp couldn't connect to game server had to uninstall and reinstall lost everything .

Virtual Families 3 APK

Well it was fun for the 10 minutes I got to play it. I exited out and when I tried to play again, it said "Network Failure" and has been saying that every time I open the app. I can't play it at all anymore.. I love playing all of the virtual family games. I love the way this one was set up, however it has bugs. EO-02 errors in losing the game, can't get in half the time. Fix the bugs in the game.. Deleted game and I will not redownload it I tried everything to get it working but it has trouble connecting to server. I restarted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled and also cleared data and cache and still not connecting to server.. Great game! Been waiting for it for years and I started playing it last year. I do hope that in the next update there would be more pets like birds as well as for our pets to be able to have babies (puppies!). Also, I do hope that rare collectibles have more amount of coins when sold compared to the more common ones, cuz I feel like it would make more sense. Once again, thank you for this game :].

Virtual Families 3 APK

so cute. played after having a gummy and cried laughing. truly a rose in a field of daisies. would give a million stars if possible. bravo.. I have played it for last ten years and every time I get $50000 in bank it crashes and makes me start over. A good fun game but progress is very slow, the people do not earn enough money for the day especially if you have children all the money earned is spent on either food or medicine. You are pretty much forced to watch ads if you want to buy furniture or progress anywhere in the game. Putting that alongside the random ads you have to watch that don't give you any coins it's not the best for that.. I wish the furniture placement was better and more fine tuned so its not so far from the wall. Also the collectibles no longer show up unless I'm at the resort and only the ones for the resort are showing up and they're all the same ones..

Yesterday when I played it work just fine now today every time I try to log on it crashes and closes out I tried to see if there was an update available and maybe that was why but there was no updates. I really like this game, it's super cute. I like how you get to tend to your house, the yard, and everyone that lives there. Also I love searching for the ghost and her items. (Edited) the Devs of this game are amazing and helped me learn there's a guide to help! And I can sell all my old furniture! Thank you guys for making this game, it's wonderful. My favorite part has to be my lil mouse Nomad . Decorate mode is very frustrating. You can't scroll through your items without randomly selecting something and then placing it far in the tree line where the drop down bar covers it, so you can't re-select that item when you go back into decorate mode.. It's a decent game but it keeps kicking me out of the game. I'm lucky to play 30 seconds without it kicking me. I've tried deleting and redownloading it..

A few things. After playing VFs for a decade, I won't play again. Like most app developers, greed has ruined a good game. Most things are behind a paywall and are too expensive for what it is. You can purchase more coins but it's not even enough to make any progress. 600 coins for $2?! When almost everything is 800+?! And the services you could buy for your family now cost real money. The game is way too slow now and boring unless you have a disposable income to throw into an abyss. Deleted.. great game love it but all the update did was make things more expensive and change things like time warp to cost actual money instead of coins smh which makes the game less fun you have to pay 3$ now everytime you want a time warp vs working in the game and saving up coins to pay for it. Love the game, but...having a glitch. Acquired ski rack on family trip, I can not place them anywhere. They are always highlighted in red no matter where I try to place them. If I do release to set them down the skis go straight back to the tool bar. Will try.. i love all the VF that my fav game but please tell me is there any VF4 in future?that could be amazing..

Why can't just make these game easier to unlock all the rooms .unstained of having to waiting for the next generation come long.. I have a leak in the bathroom for 48 hours, have the toolbox and work shop and the adults are still not fixing it. I will leave a one star until and most likely delete after another 24 hours it's taking room on my device to not be able to play. This game sucks.I was so confused Why my data had to be on to play it.Now that I have it there are no people there. It's just confuseing. I prefer the previous virtual families this one is just trash.. Game has crashed multiple times during the purchase of high priced items and has not given me what I purchased or returned my coins. Highly upsetting..

Lately, nothing but NETWORK FAILURE issues & having the game freeze up on me. Additionally, I've lost over 5k in coins. There is some kind of $ about communicating via their email system. No success with that. There is always something ELSE I need to do. I am being played instead of me playing a game, which I have enjoyed since it first came out. As a result, I've stopped watching their ads. If you're angry like me, I suggest you do too, hit 'em where it hurts. The old pocketbook. #TRUTH. Update: its been months and very little progress has been made. Everything is way too expensive, at home and the resort. Still no idea whats up with the ghost, several generations later. My ppl wont live past 60 to complete that challenge. I don't like the new update that made ads go from earning 200 coins to only 100, and now collectibles are only 50 something coins instead of 100. I've researched every forum and cheat site. Progress is unbearably slow. Please help aside from blaming our phones. There are many glitches. There was a little girl in my screen before I had them have a baby but she would disappear. You have to constantly click on things. Let me keep at it before I really say.. It's Very Good Game And When I'm Out For 2 Days And Not Playing This game I'm Happy Beacause I Can See The Player Is Older Older And Older!.

The game is pretty fun, but there's little to no instruction, you just sort of wing it, not that the game is complicated, but like how do you get the hamster to use the hamster ball?? The little characters don't make enough money and poring for artifacts and watching ads is a pretty tedious way to get money, but otherwise it's an entertaining diversion. I'm on gen 4 now. *shrug* Response: I would not call it "deep and challenging". But thanks for the tip.. I love this game but I feel like it's not so realistic, the salaries for people are so low I constantly have to watch ads for money, I've been playing this for days and my first couple already died in there 60s and I still haven't found the little girls doll, I feel like it needs some improvements. I love this game and used to play it all the time but now, it crashes every minute. It sucks because it's an awesome game. Please fix the crashes. I have downloaded it and deleted this game multiple times and it never gets past the start up loading screen. I have playing all of the virtual games that are connected to this game and love them but this game not so much..

Ads either freeze or don't deliver coins, just today i watched (for the purpose of rewards) 3 ads with no reward. Additionally, I've noticed when there is more than a single bed in the home, your people will not go to the one you place them on. Maybe an odd glitch? The latter is not much of a problem, but the issue with ads definitely is.. The server is poor...been trying to login for days and it keeps telling me to restart or quit the game. I like the game, but it's too expensive to do anything with the resort, so be ready to spend money to get anywhere. Also, I haven't been able to go on a family trip at all since I started playing the game. It's a bit buggy as well. Update: Tech support responded about family trips and told me they were going to keep having them, but they are limited time even. I'm not sure how limited but I've seen posts and videos all the way back from 2018 with this complaint. Let's hope they do have one soon. This is a fun game-I've played on and off over the past few years. But I updated it, and it keeps having issues connecting to the game server, and I have to quit. I also wish there was a way to save progress through Google Games or by connecting your save to your email instead of just Facebook. That would be awesome..

I am enjoying this game and hope for an update. Think I started it a couple yrs to late. Have yet to go on family trip.. I like the game but it could be much better. The families don't make much money in the game. Items can be PRICEY! I have a resort but why am I not receiving income from it? Where is the income I'm supposed to receive from my people working? Why should I pay real money in exchange for such small amount of coins. The game is a bit buggy and it gets boring too because there's not much to do. Make it so we can visit neighbors, parks, towns, etc. and make items affordable.. I love this game! But it's so expensive! I really do take advantage of the ads for coins. I am not finding any help for the resort. And am I unable to take the family on vacation. I would appreciate a complete walkthrough site as the ones I've visited are of little to no help. Also, I'd love to be able to toggle between two or more families as I have on the other vf games!. The game doesn't play right at all the characters don't want to work when you try to get them to. ALL THE CHARACTERS DO IS SLEEP, and wish for stuff. If you don't work you make no money. Deleted! Virtual Families 2 plays better tjan this one. I wanted to play this one cause the items are more up to date..

It won't stop crashing. Ever since I updated its only gotten worse it crashes after like 2 seconds, and gives an error screen of E00-0.. Uninstalled this has to be one of the most confusing games I've come across it doesn't give you an introduction how to play the game, there's no way of not knowing what to do in this game, I won't be playing it again . Nice game but takes far to long to make money. Have 2 Sims for 25 years yet they barely make 800 pound and the items for rooms are much more expensive. Can you maybe add an option for LGBT couple's to have kids? (Other than adoption). Also maybe add ways for divorce???.

The game itself won't even load or boot up. I timed it, after it not loading 3 other times. After 15 minutes of waiting for anything to load it never finished. I got tired of waiting. I am not sure if anyone else had a similar experience. This game would be fun however I can't feed my people until I've gone through the motions and leveled up. My family is going to die before generation 2 because I can't buy a kitchen table until then and can't place groceries without one. I love this game! 10/10 my only real complaint is the cost of buying coins with real money is unreasonable for what you get and I guess there's I few to many in app purchase but there pretty cheap in general and make gameplay more fun in my opinion plus companies need money so i give it a pass. Please don't stop improving this game it will go so far.. The Resort feature is done really badly. I saved money for 4 generations to buy one of the cheaper rooms, a suite with nice furniture. I finally can buy it, and I get a completely EMPTY room. I'd suggest a "furniture not included" label, but then I would never have gone to the resort a second time. If it's not possible to actually use it, keep it locked until generation 20 or your first million dollars. How about a family vacation? Summer's almost over and we didn't get one..

I lost the game data! I'm in my new generation now but it didn't save! Now, I have to go back again on my1st generation Family. I thought the time warp only cost coins. But it cost real money? Seriously is it a bug or real?. I really wanted to like this game, but it might be the worst one yet. The ad button rarely shows up which is an issue because it's really the only way to make any real money. Making $200 a day when everything is so expensive just makes no sense. Having your family work all day makes for a pretty boring game. The RV doesn't work either so no family trips. Seems to be a lot of issues with this version.. I like the game, reminds me of Sims. The downfall is earning money, it's slow. Makes the game boring, waiting around..

It's a little bit boring. I hoped this game would be similar to other games where time passes quickly. Waiting long periods of time is so annoying.. I love the game but 2 years passed in game and they made little to no money. If time passes that fast then they should've been paid a years worth of money dang. Please fix this.. I am actually writing about Virtual Town by LDW. It seems as if this game has been abandoned by LDW developers, which is sad. No updates, no nothing, but still charges for upgrades. Why has this game been abandoned by the developers and has had no updates in about 6 years, but is still available to play? Add new things, do something different... update the game... make it available on NEWER android devices..... Fun Fact: I Was Pregnant When I Started Playing The First Virtual Families, I Passed This Game Down To My Children They Love It! .

The career progress takes far too long. VF 2 was easier. Also the game crashes a lot. I spent money to buy an office magazine and used it, (the progress bar went up) . Then the game crashed and when I came back not only was the money I spent gone but the progress wasn't there either. The book wasn't back in inventory either Its frustrating..

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