NameCooking Live

Open the restaurant of your dreams. Discover a new adventure called Cooking Live – a dream restaurant. Our heroine’s name is Jane and she needs your help. She loves to travel the world, blog about restaurants, and try dishes from different countries.

All talented chefs will be in this game. It’s time to take matters into your own hands, change your lifestyle and enjoy delicious food. If you love cooking games, management games and more you will love this adventure. Here you will experience everything about cuisine, and food and become a professional chef. A real culinary madness that is just beginning and a large number of recipes are in front of your eyes. Cook the coolest food, experience kitchen fever and host a large number of customers.

Cooking Live MOD

Really like it, levels can be challenging but at the same time they can be completed successfully and I like that....but can you add Indonesian?. You advertise people coming to the cash register to pay their bill or get food but when you download the game that's not what you show no cash register at all. So far this time management game is pretty good but I've only finished a couple of levels. I think it may become a favorite.. This is so unfortunate. A game with so much potential and possibly so much fun but far too many bugs. An ad plays after every stage and then the game freezes after 3 levels. Hopefully this will be fixed so I can get better game play and increase the rating in future.. The forced ads in after every level you play. The turninh off the wifi also doesn't work since you have to watch ads for the money. It gives so little amount of money for ut to be playable offline.

Cooking Live APK

Horrible game is so glitchy, or kicked me out. It then is slow and the screen flashes between loading different things. The ads are that stupid royal match that are so hard to skip. The game is not like the advert I saw in another game. So that is false advertising. Got to level 7 but have uninstalles and gone back to my other cooking game. Stunning graphics and a cute story. Best of an over-saturated genre in my opinion! Looking forward to more. Definitely recommend. Game has had some amazing updates since my original review, and remains my favorite of this genre. The art is so beautiful. Also I really love another game from this developer, give Farming Fever a try!. You show me false previews of a game. I'll go there and it'll be just the same old cooking game. I didn't see any cash register inside after my download.. The game was okay until it stop loading i reached out via email to the support and didnt get any messages back.

Cooking Live APK

Annoying ads after every stage, with an awfully small exit button. This is definitely not how you'll make me pay for ad removal. I'll just uninstall. This game is not even worth it. It's a very fun game without a timer being on the cooking schedule, just have to get the customer to like you and the Restaurant .. The game is easy going to's an offline game, making it understandable to play anytime you isn't much money needed to upgrade items or not even much upgrades needed.....hard levels can be easy as well..... designing is amazing especially when you can get stars after playing different levels to make the place look better....once's a satisfying game to play and download on your phone. Your game doesn't allow coins earned to be forwarded onto the next level. Your items to buy are so high, nothing can be purchased to improve coins. These are huge negatives..

Cooking Live APK

After about 5 levels you are forced to watch ads after every level. You can buy no ads but it's not playable at all without buying this option which is ridiculous. Uninstalled after about 10 levels because of the sheer amount of ads.. I like the game.but the graphics are small I am a little older so it would be nice if it was on a little bit of a larger size.. I was really enjoying it but on the camping level and completed it and now can't go any further loossing interesting. I love the game and the graphics are awesome and I really like the graphics are awesome I love the game.

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