NameStone Grass
ReleaseFreeplay Inc

A fun arcade game for collecting grass. A fun adventure each of us can experience in Stone Grass. It will be something incredible, entertaining, and very colorful happening. Pick an excellent tractor to mow grass in great open spaces confidently. The more grass you can trim, the more points you get and bonuses. Certain obstacles will come across at each level that you need to bypass somehow and cut the grass carefully. Unlock new features of your tractor, install mowers, and move forward confidently. From the beginning, you will have a simple hand-held mower with which you will run around the lawns and learn the basics of a game project. Then everything will become more complicated; new tractors, mowers, and much more will open up to help you complete tasks. Nice graphics, entertaining game features, and a fun adventure.

Stone Grass MOD

The game is good but it gets to a points where the saw are too slow and you can't upgrade as you're already at the max. @Developer - will you be including updates to the saws, vehicles going forward?. Enjoyed it so much I decided to purchase the bundle to get rid of the annoying adds. Well worth it until I hit level 36 and no more tractor upgrades. Now mow super slow and it's frustratingly boring. If I would've know that before I would've never bought the bundle and uninstalled the game from me phone. Only rated 2 stars because it was fun at first. that I'm done level 40 there aren't any more levels. So damn dissatisfied !!!! Down rated from 2 stars to 1 and I'm being generous. The game is relaxing and you don't have to spend money. I would love more levels as it has been a very long time. Photos of the game seem a little misleading, though.. Very bad game ad is coming in every 2 seconds if we off the internet the game stopped never download this game if you are are smart full of time wate not in game but in ads. Edit: UNFINISHED GAME. DO NOT BUY. Good Game, Not Enough Content. Max level at 40? Description says you can travel to new places but I haven't been able to figure where to do that. Upgrades are limited once you hit level 36. Unfinished game for asking people to pay for it with no ads. Also the game is similar to other similar mowing games so seems like a quick cash grab. Devs prove me wrong..

Stone Grass APK

I installed this game because of an ad I saw and can I tell you that this is one of those games where the cool and shinny ad is actually part of the gameplay. If you have any problems with ads just turn off your cellular data or wifi.. It did not record even 1 point towards COIN app rewards while other games did. The argument is between this app & in theirs, not ours to accept a partner's deficiencies. Fix that & the game is fine, but due to low device space it's deleted.. There is a lot of ads. 50% of the game is at. No one must play this game. There's so many ads every second when you move the inside add. Could be a cute game to kill time. But it plays an ad every 30 seconds. . Game won't work on airplane mode. The lagging was unbearable.

Stone Grass APK

Was enjoying this game untill I hit max upgrades on vehicle and saw. It's taking to long to cut anything so I guess I will be in installing as the Devs don't seem to want to bring out this update to allow more upgrading.. This app is so bad every second a innapropreate add pops up and now my little brother can't play the game. The game is good but one thing I don't like is the ads keep coming so don't like if they ask premium to stop the ads so I dislike this game. The game is very nice, but plz plz plz let us play at least 5 minutes after every single minute adds are coming. we can not pay for ads. We are already paying u data by playing this game . Plz increase the timing of ads at least after 5 minutes Thank you.

Stone Grass APK

first thanks for the 1.000.000 add in this stupid game and second do you think im stupid to pay for remove add i have removed its so easy by the way i can hack this game in 5 second annd remove add but i dontt like hack fix it remove the add. This app sucks ! You'll be wowing and boom ! An ad ! Then you start mowing again..... another ad ! So many ads, I am deleting it ! If I could give negative stars, I would ! Do yourself a favor and find a different game !. Would be an awesome game if the wasn't an advert every 90 seconds. Seriously, I've never seen a game have so many . If you expect ppl to keep playing, lessen the adverts!. Nice game but after level 30, you can't up grade your tractor anymore which makes it harder to finish full levels.

This game is always kicking me out And one part of the farm is Just Blacked Out! But My network is 5G And My Wi-Fi Is awesome so it is the fault of the game.

Download ( V1.49.5rc )

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