NameClean It All

Become a professional cleaner. An interesting game project Clean It All, in which you can clean everything around.

You have seen a very dirty carpet and are ready to completely clean it. But as it turns out later, everything is not as simple as it might seem at first. You have to scrub the carpet to the ground, and the vacuum cleaner quickly fills up with dirt and cannot work. That is why it is necessary to clean all the dirt from the vacuum cleaner and then proceed to their main duties.

Immerse yourself in the real world of cleaning, cleanliness, and the incredible possibilities of your hero. Go through many interesting and rather difficult levels. Everywhere incredible dirt, horror, darkness, and everything else. You will have to pick up a weapon in the form of a vacuum cleaner and restore complete order here. Complete the most difficult tasks, clean up everything in your path and become a professional in such a difficult task.

Clean It All MOD

Have to play on airplane mode to be able to actually play without being abused by ads, would like to see some new levels and harder levels too. Wow is all I can say. Shouldn't even be in the app store. Ad generator. Bashes Trump. This should even be called a game.. The last update caused a bug and now the game wont load for me. Once a week or so I go back and try to play, but it still wont fully load to allow gameplay. I'm also hoping for some new levels. It's not long enough and y'all don't have setting so we can control the game and the characters I like the rest of the game but it needs to be like a real game. I absolutely loved playing this game! The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is incredibly fun. The only thing I wished for was more levels to enjoy the experience even longer..

Clean It All APK

I really enjoyed the game except for the fact once you've cleaned everything on the map. There's nothing else to clean plus I really think you need to upgrade your avatars because who cleans in bare feet and wears a bathing suit? If you add more stuff to clean I'll change my review.. I'm giving it 5 because it's easy to control the character and graphics are good I don't mind the ads because there's not many at all unless you use the vacuum cat or to get extra coin for upgrading. I like it and also able to play offline well too especially when the storms knock out the wifi this is a game that's been a favorite of mine since I first seen it and still love it. Excellent job. I've been trying to play the game again for a month and can't get it to load past 44%. No updates available so i don't know what's the issue. If it gets fixed ill change my rating. I love this game, however you guys updated the game a couple months ago and now it won't load into the game at all. I haven't had the same issues as everyone else has had. I just wanna relax and play, but you all broke it for me with that last update. You need to fix it up soon! Very disappointing not being able to relax and help my OCD with a good game. Once it's fixed I will be more than happy to change my review..

Clean It All APK

App won't even load. You open it and it sits on a loading bar and no matter how long you sit there, it will not start the game. Given other users are reporting it's nonstop ads if you can get the game to load, I can't recommend this app to anyone.. New update and now it does not work at all. now 2 months later and still not working left phone trying to open it up for over a hour and was still sitting at 40 percent not good. There are space you can't get it and it make it hard to clean like in the casino the round table there is no way to clean inside of it. Since the most recent updates there is no way for me to access the map or leave the house in the app to go to another level.

Clean It All APK

Although the game is oddly satisfying, I'm gonna have to uninstall. 8 commercials in the first 5 minutes of play. It's just like all the others. So I decided to pay to have the ads removed. And...I'm still getting Ads. Soooo.....Also, maxed out at the museum. No perks, no incentives to keep people playing. Update: 7/20/23 The game won't open since before the last update 2 days ago. I was wondering why someone would make a good game unplayable and then I realized you are the same people that made frost land. That was a great game rendered nearly unplayable by your greed. Mooney, I believe your company goes by. People please take note and don't play any games made under this name. It should say money because that's all they care about. Have a wonderful day.. I am struggling to get the game to load. Tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling but the game is stuck on 45% and won't go any further. Thank you for putting the game back to the original. I really hated cleaning only the movie theater when I got stuck. Please add more places to clean..

Would be a great game buuutt way too many ads I don't mind ads but every couple of taps you get a pop up add then at the end of every level then another pop up then ads if you want a booster even if you click to refuse the booster or whatever you still have to watch it anyway for 10 seconds till you can skip it ...honestly it's just a platform for ads with a few seconds of actual game play per minute . Too many ads its just consistant and when on the second level for the refilling the battery it keeps glitching I cant undo what i did because it freezes on me its a good game i love it because i played it before this but its kinda agrivating on how this is. Used to love playing this game, but lack of new levels and the large amount of ads has now made this unplayable, uninstall time. I paid to remove ads on the game. You then added a new layout and more levels- great! But doing the same levels is boring. Instead of changing the layout all the time how about you add more levels? You can probably complete it within 3 hours, it's a waste of time and money. Do not invest any money in this game. I have checked for nearly 6 months now and the same levels no more was added!! Too many glitches, you've added things in the game where you can't even clean behind. I want a refund!!!.

This is a cool and relaxing game but it NEEDS more levels. I mean how many times can I play the same levels!. I love this game but since the update I can't access the map, you don't find special objects and the vacuum is small again. I'm fully upgraded.. Last update has just made this so bad. Upgrades gone, still appear but not showing. I also cannot move to the next area, i have cleaned 100%. What happened? I loved this game.. Clean it all is OK but advertisments are what kills the game they come on whilst your playing, when you click X to collect the minimal amount even though the next step up is to watch advert to get extra money. Without the adverts every few seconds game could be Ok. Well I carried on playing got to Museum and hey presto no more to do needs a new update with more rooms if it's going to last!!!!.

The game can't go further without the ability to continuously upgrade. Once you've gotten to a certain place on the map, there's no use for the reward of cleaning,which is money. It becomes useless. And you're asked to repeat the area you've just clean since you can't advance. Up until that point I loved the simplicity of the game.. Hi there. Hope you're doing good? I love game, but after 54 level I finish no were to go. Please make more levels. Thanks for everything and understanding.. Not a bad game but needs more levels. Finished them all in a day or 2. Too many ads but not worth paying to get rid of them when whole game can be completed in less than 2 full days. Too many ads I don't mind watching them for rewards. But when the ads randomly keep opening my crome to a web page that's where I say enough..

You can't get more than 30 seconds of game play without being forced to stop and view an ad. Played for 20 minutes before i uninstalled the game.. Too short. No more levels. No option to change clothes. What cleaner would clean barefoot in their underwear?? Especially with poo on the ground! Unrealistic. Price of No ads is ridiculous considering you can buy more levels. I completed withing afew hours with the ads and although satisfying, annoying that there isn't an option to buy more levels with cash or diamonds. Maybe this is one of those games that the developers abandoned. Not worth your time or money.. I used to like this game but the update sucks now you have to stop every minute or so and play a stupid sorting game to recharge your vacuum battery no matter how much trash I've collected I still can't add to my capacity this game sucks now I'm uninstalling too bad it used to be okay. The ads are annoying indeed but I paid for it and had a lot of fun so I can't say I regret it. they give you your money's worth.

The game in it's self is rather nice, I give it 2 stars because there are to few levels for the money you give to remove ads.. Good game concept but too many ads everything you click something an ad would appear it's too much and too often and I also had the same problem with the map it would disappear I would have to leave the app and come back again to find it very confusing not very well put together need updating and changing wouldn't recommend as a download to be honest. Once you finish the whole mp there's nothing else to but the same thing all over again need more levels.. No reward given after watching videos to increase money earned or money for items to pawn. I watch video 3 times the first money reward for nothing. Uninstalled. Loved this game...played till I beat the whole thing. Wish it was longer or had more levels to Play!!! Part 2????? I adore this game 7 's.

Too many ads. It was literally every few seconds or every time you clicked on anything. Would have probably been a good game otherwise. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.. Fixed the issue with museum level! Definitely need more levels or more incentive to play. Can beat in a day or two casually. Great game but don't buy the packs. I bought 2 and 30 mins later the game was done because there's not enough levels. If it wasn't for that it would be 5 stars. WAY too many ads! Literally every 2 mins of the game there's an advert whether you're doing something or not. It's ridiculous and after 20 mins I uninstalled the game as I couldn't play it !!.

Can't enter the museum at all. None of the doors will open. I want a refund. This is absolutely the worst game I have ever played.. Very Fun game that I use to play as my Old Phone! But can you update And make more Maps? Thanks I appreciate it!. Literally played a minute and a half of game play, and was hit with at least 5 ads. Not even an exaggeration.. Clean it all? More like just vacuuming. There might be more but when I saw dirt under the wall and other places I couldn't get to, I uninstalled..

Can't really rate the game I havnt been able to play with the amount of ads. The ads are none stop. Press a button? AD, move an inch? AD ... ADS NONE STOP. Never played a game with so many ads before everytime you press a button there's an ad its so annoying. Way too many ads. You can't even play the game for 30 seconds without a pop up. I'd give zero stars if I could!. I normally buy the no ads version of games after trying them out. However, this game makes you watch 6 videos for 30 seconds of gameplay. Then immediately after the 30 seconds, another 6 videos. I still played on (33 min and still in the first level due to ads) but now I'm deleting because I can't decide if I like it or not. So far I know more about other games on ads then the one I'm playing..

Love this game, it's been months since a new map was released WHATS TAKING SO LONG?!Those of you moaning about the ads just turn off wifi before playing.. Lots of Ads. Paid for no Ads but the map disappears and when you get to the juseum you can't get into it. The doors don't open and the person can't go in. The speed upgrade isn't an upgrade when the person goes the same speed. Otherwise I liked playing the game.. Way too many ads!!! Within a couple minutes I spend more times watching ads than actually playing the game. Sell button popped up because vacuum was full, click button and ad, finally at the sell menu, pick person to sale, move over to before I can even do anything. Select guessed it, more ads. Finally get back to the actual game play.... play for less than 10 seconds... ANOTHER FREAKING AD!! Feels like it's a push to force you to pay $10 to not have ads.. The ads are ridiculous...everything you do/click on there is an can even enjoy playing because there are so many ads..

To many dam ads, it seems like everything you go sell your bin there's an ad even when it comes to other parts of the game there's more ads then game playing and I ain't paying to remove ads stupid the game is fun but can't deal with all the ads that pop up everytime in the game it makes the game suck. I really loved this game bus since the new update. It's been hell. Firstly, there was no reason to add the battery section. The reason why i loved this game was because of its simplicity. Secondly, since the update, i can't access any of the new locations on thr map, it spawns me outside of the building, and i can't access it. Please rectify these issues Thank you.. Way to many adds that don't need to be there I spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game, not worth the time.. Really fun and relaxing, but I paid the 9.99 to stop the adds, as they literally came up every 30 seconds. Once paid the fee for no adds, it was enjoyable. But I've pretty much finished it, and I can't get into the last building. I would stay away from this game..

NICE GAME. I PLAY IT ALL THE TIME. AND I LOVE THE UPGRADES THAT YOU ADDED TO IT. PLEASE KEEP UPDATING THE GAME CUZ ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITES.. Too many adverts! The game is plagued with adverts, it prevents game play. Also the ads are all the gross makeover ads that make me feels physically sick Also why do the characters have to be in their underwear?. Was really good for a very short while, paid to remove ads because there were so many and found myself loving the game. Went back on it later and found some weird battery charge +minigame to recharge it. OK whatever not that inconvenient until I realised I could no longer go outside to sell anything, the whole lay out of the game has changed, couldn't reach certain spots so hard to 100% and the map option had disappeared so I was stuck doing the same level over and over.. Do Not Waste Your Time.... This game just spams ads at you like every 15/20 seconds. Dont even bother with this thing..

I made a review 7 months ago because i finished the game and there's still no more new levels..pretty lame. Not a very good game, it has way to many many ads. Just about every stage u go to has a ad to it. So uninstalling it, I don't recommend unless the ads gets removed..... Can't complete, have found this game therapeutic, paid 9.99 for the no adds, but now at museum can't get in to complete final level.... on top of this why is my character in swim wear/ underwear? Surely we can have clothed characters it's a cleaning game.... being able to complete game and more levels being added would be amazing or the option to redo levels with different power ups or challenges would be some what productive to players. This game can't be played for the numerous ads. Vacuum 10 secs , watch full ad, try to sell, watch full ad, sell, watch ad, upgrade, watch ad. Unable to play the game. Dont waste your time, this game sucks. Shame on you, greed is demonic..

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