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The unique farm in the new version. Family Island: Farm Adventure knows what your life would be like without new technologies. No one could even think you would find yourself on a natural desert island. Here you will feel like a savage and feel incredible solitude. You must immerse yourself in this beautiful world of the Stone Age, experience all the adventures, and try to survive. You will have a seemingly simple family of four natives who were thrown onto a desert island. They need your guidance, or they won’t stay. You must breed a farm and do everything possible to make it flourish.

You must organize everything from the beginning and find ways to develop and fully flourish. A fantastic world of real heroes, incomprehensible technologies, and much more awaits you. Most importantly, the family life of our heroes is very similar to our modern existence—exciting adventures with many surprises and the most incredible creatures. You will develop rapidly, have fun, and make a sure profit. We must do everything possible so our natives live well and enjoy their lives.

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