NameFamily Island
ReleaseMelsoft Games Ltd

The unique farm in the new version. Family Island: Farm Adventure knows what your life would be like without new technologies. No one could even think you would find yourself on a natural desert island. Here you will feel like a savage and feel incredible solitude. You must immerse yourself in this beautiful world of the Stone Age, experience all the adventures, and try to survive. You will have a seemingly simple family of four natives who were thrown onto a desert island. They need your guidance, or they won’t stay. You must breed a farm and do everything possible to make it flourish.

You must organize everything from the beginning and find ways to develop and fully flourish. A fantastic world of real heroes, incomprehensible technologies, and much more awaits you. Most importantly, the family life of our heroes is very similar to our modern existence—exciting adventures with many surprises and the most incredible creatures. You will develop rapidly, have fun, and make a sure profit. We must do everything possible so our natives live well and enjoy their lives.

Family Island MOD

So far it's fun. Here's hoping it's going to remain that way.. Can't get far without money. Bummer. Looks like it's created by scammers. Double bummer. If prices weren't outrageous it would be more fun.. It's so addicting! Like Farmville I guess but at least this one has an interesting storyline!!. Love the game but it's stuck I can't play I don't know what to do I don't want to uninstall and loose my progress. Demands update. But update won't load. Did all normal trouble shooting stuff, it the update so cant play. Been 3 days now. Even trying playing on different device. It's the stupid update.. It's okay. They want u to spend a lot of money to keep going.. I agree with others that inability to open bonus areas and advance is rediculous. But most games are after money and nothing else. I like the game but not gonna spend money, delete and move on to something else.. Fun, text moved too fast. I had to repeat the text every time. It gives you the directions of what to do most of the time. When it doesn't, it's a little confusing.. Pretty fun game, just wish i didnt keep running out of storage so quickly. Be advised that you can't complete challenges without making in-app purchases. It's aggravating when I get to almost completing the challenge and I have to abandon it because I don't have energy or rubies to finish it. I will never make in-app purchases because I don't have the money to waste. Developers should make the game easier to get through challenges but they won't because they want you to buy the stuff you need to finish it. Good time-wasting game, but it deserves less than 1 star.. I got an offer in my mailbox on family Island that if I follow the link and installed my Cafe and opened and played it I would get 100 Ruby's. They lied it's a scam.

Family Island APK

This game is truly nothing but bland and uninspired art hastily stapled over monetization systems. Wait for up to 7 minutes for a single unit of the most basic resources. Get 5 seconds of gameplay from those resources after those 7 minutes. Even buying gems feels pointless knowing all it will get me is more of the game. I don't want to do that to myself. Also the emotions are overdone. Tell the daughter you don't want to save and she'll look at you like you salted her family's crops.. You have to x about 14 times before you actually get to it. I honestly didn't think I would like this game as much as I do! Download and play! You'll love it! Update: just wish salt was more readily available can't cook anything without it!!!. I love this game. Play it through Mistplay and earn real money.. Definitely seen better. Besides that, it's fine. But still pretty generic, and similar to a lot of other games. In graphics, story, currency, energy, etc.. I never seen one person that cqntrip over his own feet like the dad he is so funny.i really like this game. It's like the mom is way smarter then the man that scarry because the man is supposed to be the strong one but she is in this game. Great job.. I just downloaded this app Personally, I wish they would give more options to pick what games I would like to play. I hate these types of games. Instead, I wish they included games like Bingos that I love to play, but I will play this game that they preferred me to play the only choice.. I just downloaded this game and I tried to make the stonework shop all it does for me is frozen up on me so I can't even advance the game at all.. To many pop-ups, not enough energy or no keys unless you bye then,. Hate that this game is basically a pay to win, the problem is that they give you multiple quests/events at the same time that you cannot finish unless you spend actual money to get energy, bc your energy cap is at 80ish and you need to take down an obstacle that requires 150 energy, that makes this game soooo annoying....

Family Island APK

Client I'd n6abb9 android 12 model ack2326 experience major lag and crashes intermittent and sporadic guessing server connection rate issue other than that fun and cute game. Fun although I am not quite sure what I am doing. The game itself is good, but it does tend to lag sometimes.. Game is starting to become rediculous to play every week there's a update and it's the same challenges the islands are just named different. I'm changing my review, now that I actually have a phone that can play this app. It's so much fun!!. I really like this game, it's amazing how much skill you learn in play because there's so much going on. Multiple islands full of necessary items and repairs to do. Likable characters, and good storylines this game is awesome and it's worth it I'm not just saying that. I wouldn't even bother unless it was true. I haven't made any in app purchases and I'm pretty far into the game. The energy is very hard to keep up. And ads pop up on my phone in my pocket. I like this game, just wish I could get a lot more energy faster.. i like the game but it gets reaaly hard with all the making of tools and everything, not enough energy to play long.. Game is always trying to force me to update my game when I am not ready and then I can't continue to play my game. Can only get in a few minutes of real play time before energy is depleted and it takes way too long to build up enough to do anything. So sick of games like this that force people to spend real money to advance. Lame..

Family Island APK

playing this game for some time, and I have noticed how hard it is to acquire energy. All the adventure islands end up being a "no go" because it takes so many resources to achieve the later part of the island. Also, why do you never give gems or keys or tools of any kind when you close and island (usually middle of the night)? An example is Gold Island.I had a saw making. You close the island and I never got my saw. Wisdom island I had rubies being made, and when you closed it ,I lost them. worse game ever the developer is so much greedy of money ..!!!!!!!. Great farming game easy to go up levels and lots to do. That's a fun game but it does need you to devote a little bit of time to it, in order to get some of the tasks and stuff done. They don't give you enough points to play it takes to long to re-up to play the game. Super cool and fun game , I like the quality and everything , but I just don't like when I lost my level's when I logged out but I still love it!. Too darn expensive! But I LOVE THIS GAME! P.s. It's my birthday! 6/28!. Really starting to suck you have to wait way too long for energy or need too much energy for certain things . Sad you need face book to save the game, I don't like face book it always rub me the wrong way for some reason.... But a good game at least, would have been better if it doesn't hold my hand all the way up to level 7 (growl) "What the little boy said you needed face book too save the game?" But the game still save the game progress.... " He lied to me !". Too many pop ups, asking me to buy something every 5 seconds won't make me want to buy.

It's an addicting game but it's so disappointing that so many items cost so much energy and golden tools are basically impossible to aquire unless you wait a long time or make a bunch of purchases. I've spend so much money on the game and still never have enough energy AND NEVER enough golden tools or keys for anything. I highly suggest lowering the amount of energy everything is and making golden tools and keys more accessible without having to make a purchase or completing 300 tasks just to on. I never really gave this type of game a chance, it's all pretty new to me. It's not that bad, kinda of getting used to it.. As good as one of these kind of games could be i guess.... I really like it, I'm playing it a long time ago but the "invite a friend and you get a reward" it's not working so don't your time on that. I tried it with some of my friends and doesn't work. But accept that this game is very addicted for me, a day I play like an hour or more on it .. TERRIBLE! Far too busy, I cant play anymore as I feel sick from this frenetic busy game. I.e Start up hit with packs galore, far too many. No option to turn off story line! So many pop ups, impossible to enjoy game. Too many orders to fill, side bar, notice board, ship etc, other islands to, upgrade rediculous. next level unatainable, too busy. Game set up for failure. Cost exorbitant for no return. Return to when you first begun game. Make it achievable & fun again.. Great for killing time! Turned into one of my favorite games . Very enjoyable and relaxing game. I have nothing negative to say about it.. I'm enjoying this new version of the game. It has more to do than the older one I had. I still like this game. It's nice that you don't have to be online to play either..

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