Talking Pierre the Parrot APK Mod

Last update February 21, 2024

NameTalking Pierre the Parrot
Size40.13 Mb
ReleaseOutfit7 Limited

Talking Pierre is here! Are you ready for fantastic guitar smashing? Talking Pierre the Parrot is a great app where you can smash dozens of guitars yourself. From now on, our main character will play a sure musical story of Smoke on the Water, and you will have to help ultimately break the strings.

This is a great application where Talking Pierre will make us laugh, and you can enjoy this beauty. He will repeatedly repeat certain words, his sentences, and much more that can distract you from everyday life.

This seemingly ordinary parrot has a lot of jokes; he is entirely ready to come off with you. Pierre will repeat the words after you, develop more and more new comments, and play cool rock, as he is an absolute star. He will dodge the vegetables that are thrown at him.

Talking Pierre the Parrot MOD

It's better than Ben because Ben is very mean it's a game and when I said to him do u want to be friends with my brother he said no. I Love This Game! But This Game Needs a Update It hasn't Been Updated Since October 26, 2022 Please Update The Game! And also Bring back Talking Gina the Giraffe, Talking Larry the Bird, Talking Harry the Hedgehog, and More I been Wanting To Play Those Apps! And Also Add Talking becca The Bunny.. I like Pierre but there is something that I hate which is you have to buy to hit Pierre directly with a tomato. it's just boring watching him avoid it. and also you only get to do three / four things. Kinda trash... Very I love it very much because we can have so much fun and we can throw tomato on it and it talk with us and we can also is the dishes down so it can make noise I love it so much thanks for this amazing game game. This is one of the most innovative game from the Talking series, the idea to change the repetitive voice recordings by combining recordings from past inputs and blending it all together makes Pierre the Parrot one of the most unique Talking apps; certainly the most underappreciated app. The combination of voices can lead to hilarious and out of pocket moments, truly one of the best ideas brought upon to the public by Outfit7. Truly, the peak of entertainment from an application..

Talking Pierre the Parrot APK

I WILL ALWAYS TRY TO LOVE THIS GAME CAN YOU MAKE MORE GAMES LIKE ALL OF TOM THE CAT GAMES PERSONAL MEMBERS . Germany and France unwanted by the end I don't know if w you have to go to in the morning and. Talking Pierre The Prarot 000000ppp England squad session Sessay ssh sssssszza a As sssssszza so as Assistant sssssszza sssssszza Street Saturday Assistant Sassoon Sssssszza Sssssszza. Omg I love this game so much the only problem is when the parot talks it is glitchy soo yar.

Talking Pierre the Parrot APK

This game is very dangerous I am play this game my Light onto putting of do not this game .please not playing kids. The final survivor. Live on my friend, you survived when the other legacies didn't... Basically I'm trying to say bring back talking Santa or something lol. Good app, please don't remove the last true survivor.. it is okay but it does not reapeat proply and you have to buy to hit him and turn on the tap is ridiculous wouldn't recommend to get it.

Download ( V3.8.1.8 )

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