NameAnimal Revolt Battle Simulator
ReleaseYodo1 Games

Entertaining simulator of animal battles. In this game project, Animal Revolt Battle Simulator, you can test the capabilities of any animal in crazy confrontations. Here you will find a large number of tricks, step-by-step guides, as well as everything that will help you pass a lot of exciting levels. Various players, experienced and not very experienced, can test themselves. It will be interesting since looking at the opposition of animals is pretty tempting. There are many valuable secrets hidden in the game; to go through all the stages, y; somehow reveal them—many missions, your interests, crazy confrontations, and many funny moments. You can fight with elephants, dinosaurs, other different creatures and show you’re aband ilities in battle—good graphics, entertaining textures and everything that will make you the coo, lestleastracter.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator MOD

if you guys don't give me 5,000 gold in a weak 1 star for life. I like des game but is no mod but I just rate des game bye you de a good game. i love this game so much but this last update is horiible. Purchased twice and I did not get both of what I purchased. I need a refund. I love the design and I love the amount of animals there are but I just don't like how you gotta work for like 5 months to just get to control a person or something. I installed this game for my young 1 year ago and he kept playing. And now he has alot of money for using jackpots unlocking gifts and staying long enough in the game. My young seems to really enjoy the fights and graphics of the game now i can finally do my things without him whining for something.. I am giving need for star because it requires the lot of money to play. The sandbox I always wanted and the sandbox I love more. Can fix plz every time you lose 3 times or win 3 times and make a animal a ad pops up so annoying! but a good game. This game is so fun and a rated 5 out of 5 but can you make everything cheaper because it takes a while to buy the stuff i need in the game. Game Is Good But Please Devoloper Remove Bug When the game is stopped the animal is still moving I hope the bug can be removed.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator APK

Have you unlock stuff in the game it's just the worst I hate it you know I like it when it's used to be that you can do stuff whenever you want it's not like that anyway which makes me hate it anyways bye. Why did you all guys deleted the gold on ads I miss them so much . They need to fix this bug everytime I sigh in the game it crashes. I like the game but its so expensive to get other things hudreds to thousands and i wish thier were a option to higer the graphics and the photos some of them are just from YouTubers so pls make the photos by your own. ARBS was good, until they added in app purchases, there are to many. And they need to have the little post thing more appropriate bc there are ppl saying bad words and KIDS play this game so pls fix those, besides that good game!. Really good game it would be better if the campaign was larger so you can earn enough gold to buy the animals btw great game but make the graphics better please I will rat ethis a 4 star if the graphics and gold earning was better in other words great game. Hey, I deleted this app awhile ago but I still have to pay? Get rid of my payments because I don't have the game anymore, me and my family are going broke because of this.. This is a very very very very nice and good game please downlond this game.sir please give me fast update please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please.. The game is best this game is offline I love this game this game many many updates the game is brilliant . I was really disappointed when I saw that there isn't any glowing eyes and there is no red plasma beam t rex and the lasers are not glowing.

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator APK

This is the worst game on the workshop isn't even opened. Please add more characters that are unlocked why are you looking most of the best your locking the best. Great game! But there's one thing. Gold. No gold anymore. And could you please remove the thing where you have to beat 1-10 to unlock sandbox?. I have one question what happens if you cannot get your game updated. I don't like 2 weapons because. This weapon. And. This is of gold. Please Hamen is game Mein Diamond pane ke liye Hamen pata nahin hai kaise khana hai aap Hamen is game Mein Kaise sahayata Mein Halke yah Kaisa lock karna hai Inko bataen. We can make Unit in sandbox we can save unit soo it s 5 star. this game is funny i like slowmotion thing this game not bad. not worth it unless you want to play with only 70% of the time to watch ads to get the majority of the aspects of the game.. this game is amazing but the problem is that in first person mode campaign. you have to use your curser to move and shoot and look around. Its hard to controll. so can you change the moving into wasd and change when you look around into the arrow keys please..

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator APK

Hey guys my thing is glitching would you mind fixing it cuz whenever I'm going to campaign and I have to go to the first level I press it and then when it's on Loading and it's almost finished and then it just Kicks me out of the game. I got the reptile pack and i updated the game and i lost my purchase. Overall very good game. There are wide variety of dinosaurs and other animals + the abillity to attach weapons, body parts and robotic attachments to units make the expirence better. But there are some problems and some features i could suggest adding to the game. You could add minor changes such as adding better sound effects or grafical improvements, or adding more variants of the type of animal/part you are adding. You can also add more robic parts or weapons to the game.. I wish The game also had giganotosaurs and dilphosaurus and cardinal and blue jay . Replace carchodontosaurus with giganotosaurs. I like this game to much that i can play it even after it gets switch off but i will never stop playing this game ever .. I love this game too much because of i explore the game too much my sister plays this game everyday and enjoyed the gameplay and we share this game to our friends and family and many much more this is no 1 game of 2023 thanks to yono1 company too make this game this is the reason for give 5 star once again thanks ..... Game is good but everything is free and win one game is only give us 5 gold please give it for free . Free mein gold unlimited free mein gold aur so sab unit khule hue. this game is good but please add some new birds like roasters i hope you add roasters in next update i wait !. I agree to download this game I think it's so cheating that if you save your build to sandbox and if your on the level you can press the save and you can put your save build.

Add a restore purchases and restore progress feature. The app got deleted and I lost everything. Also, I had about 10-20k gold that also got lost that I spent real money for.. There is too many ads and it's super annoying and you can barely do anyting like the real game it will even give you a ad every time you die it is really annoying whenever you die but what's the most annoying part is you can't even get on a workshop if you don't have you don't a have Google account.. The graphics are so low quality, it doesn't even look like it does on what i see it on screen.. I do like some battles but the fasted way to get gold is spin the wheel or watch ads. Hi yodo i love all your games bro but why so many ads it ok btw nice game. Very nice game very nice game very very very nice game my brother love . Its a good game the problem is every 5 minutes the game crashes on my tablet can the admkns do something about it??. as soon as I get 3 seconds into the game it kicks me out of it please fix this bug a I will add 4 stars to my review.. Best DINOSAUR GAME EVER TYSM FOR INVITING ME2 UR GAMES UR THE BEST :D (can u also make us change the stats of our creature). I downloaded it because my brother like this game that's why I download this game and he say that give this game five stars ().

Bug in sandbox as the "Fps flying glitch" fix this bug pls. Everything is good... but the lag in sandbox if I make huge units or use more weapons on them it cause much lag . That's why I have deduct one star ..

Download ( V3.0.5 )

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