NameMythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG is a role-playing game that allows you to choose the best magician. The universe needs a protector. This means you will have to fight again and again. Players can immediately collect spells or gradually pump skills. The most exciting thing is that the role-playing game offers a choice. If you have no experience with spell forecasting, you must get a magic book. The player has to go through several maps. The mountain trails look fun when you have to search for treasure. Such resources make it possible to become a merchant. You can buy almost anything from him.

The game has a remarkable ability to search for artifacts. Jewelry is easy to find in caves. Going down there is very dangerous because there are many opponents. Simple incantations work well for simple normal goblins. However, spells vary in difficulty level.

Regarding a heavyweight in the game Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG, it’s best to be patient first. Finding a new weapon can seem like a daunting task. Even if the hero finds a new employee on the road, this does not mean it can be used for business. Some features were initially closed.

For example, the player is on the first level. Everything related to the weapons of the following groups is not available. Most players try to overcome obstacles. To do this, they gain the support of their allies and challenge the most severe boss. This will get the most points. Players choose a mod with a lot of money. Only the last weapons are capable of defeating giant dragons. Even when skills are on the roof, sometimes it’s simply not possible to execute them.

Mythic Heroes MOD

plz get this game to work on Chromebook it let's my download it then at the loading screen stays at 100% forever plz fix. Paid only currency, vip system, and loot crates that you can't collect unless you're buying the monthly benefits packs. Don't waste your time on this soulless cash grab. I NEVER GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK! TRIED EVERYTHING BUT TO NO AVAIL. AND PLEASE LET US SKIP THE TUTORIAL!!!!!! ITS WAAAAAY TOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST ASK US IF WE HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE OR A BEGGINER AND LET THOSE BEGGINER DO THE TUTORIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO MAD BECAUSE IVE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME YEARS AGO AND NOW I WANTED TO GO BACK BUT THIS GAME DO NOT ALLOW RETURNING PLAYER TO LOG BACK IN!!!! IM STILL GETTING NOTIFICATIONS FROM THIS EMAIL BUT I CANT LOG BACK IN!!!!!!!. Very good game, been playing this for a long time. But i keep on uninstalling it because of lag and overheating, pls optimize the game cuz i want to play it again it so good. I like it! It's just like AFK Arena and other popular idle RPG games, but it has its own unique look and style. Not to mention, it's easy to get into and fun to play..

Mythic Heroes APK

If you can look past how much p2w this game has become: skins, event after event, 2nd ingame currency, then it's a good game with an interesting story. Lvling & ascending is ok. Tutorial is helpful. Getting new & strong heroes ain't that bad. Some stuff to do if stuck with main story. But why you have to start from the beginning of you reinstall is beyond me! Shame you also can't make stronger the lower lvl heroes as there's some good ones there. Scam. Installed again and purchased the USD$19.99 PACK twice thinking I'd get the promised characters but the whole app reset and I was charged the full amount. DO NOT INSTALL. P2w garbage, Void Patheon made for Ultimate Hackers and Ultimate wallet warriors, 2 years into this game. Level 430 20 SSR heroes maxed out And yet Void Pantheon is impossible to deal with without spending 30 minutes reviving. Fix your game because you are loosing millions of dedicated players and only keep your 5% aka Asian Hackers or Wallet Warriors.. I cannot play the game because it is stuck at 100%. I know this game is great because i have played it before. Im a veteran to this game. but since i got my sisters old phone after she got a new one,i can't play it in this phone. i hope that you fix this bug that gets people stuck at 100%. For now im gonna give it a 3* but when the bug is fixed, I think you guessed it, i will give it a 5* again but in this phone so please make it playable on old phones -From one of your veteran players, Ben..

Mythic Heroes APK

No Forced ADS. Good gatcha game that let's you play at your own pace. Plus a mythological history lesson tied in.. It's not great. I played awhile ago with my sister and we were having fun until you get the UR hero. It's level stops at 100 because you need ANOTHER UR hero to level it up. It took us both a solid week or 2 to get 1. So they're useless. A lot of the times you'll get stuck until your heroes level up. which if you have like 5 SSR heroes to level up, it won't be easy. The art is cute but nothing past that. This game is truly amazing, the graphics, the characters, the gameplay, it is all amazing I'd rate this more than 5 stars if it's possible.. Probably the best idle gacha style game out there in terms of progression. Every day you feel like you're making progress even as a fully F2P player. It's too bad the game feels like abandonware. More people need to be playing this game over the countless other ones out there. I've played them all and this one is the best..

Mythic Heroes APK

Solid AFK Arena alternative, great art style and animations. Update: two years later and I still come back to this game, always something to do to progress story/characters/power.. Just started to play this game. So far the game is pretty good. Will update again after playing extended of time. I can't make myself love this game. It's very boring. Main reason being that the progress is super slow. You need to pull heroes to be able to advance, but the rewards they are giving for events are some trash things you don't even understand what to do with them.. It's not worth 5 stars I am guild master of my guild and this makes the 4th time the game has removed me as the guild master of my own guild I'm uninstalling the game it stinks now no more fun in the game I rank it a -100 stars ....

A thriller that I could really get into. Fun to be able to play as all of those heroes and gods.. I like this game very much but my account is gone I still I think it's still a great game. This is a fun game that has actually kept me playing! I've never had to spend money to get fun prizes, so I always like to play!. Easy upgrades and great summoning rewards. Just started playing but have had no need to p2p. Investment is optional. Great game!.

Fantastic Experience.. Good Graphics and Excellent Characters.. I have some problems like lag and delay but overall it is 5 star for me.. Amazing Game. It's super balanced and clean and the devs are kind! They give great heroes early on. It's a better version of AFK Arena in my opinion!. This game is fun. Very exciting to get a new UR hero. Every update this game has, it makes the game more fun. I recommend downloading it, however needing to use alot of summons to get 1 UR hero is way to much.. Fun little game. Plenty of activities, solid drop rate. Definitely been one of the more enjoyable games of this type, that I've played..

New player here,it's a fun game.. but rng quite small hahaha.. hoping to get ez UR lol. Anyway first day here, I'll re-rated again once I'm used to this.. I play alot of idle gacha games, this one especially is the most f2p friendly idle game I ever played. Not only that, the whole game itself is really amazing and the gameplay is wonderful. Hope they can keep up the good work. Drop Rates are not bad either compared to other gacha games.. Every aspect of this game desserve 5 star rating, be it graphics , animation, story , characters and i can also play thic game for straight 4-5 hours and it still very interesting and interactive. Gives a lot of rewards and let your characters level up faster. All in all , I love it. I appreciate the team who make this game, they really did a lot of hard work and thinks every aspect of game so thoroughly.. I love this game it's very addicting, but my only concern is that after 20 minutes of playing the game starts lagging A LOT, I'm not sure if it's the game or just my internet that's why I still gave this a 5 star review but, overall the game is pretty good, I really recommend it..

I like this game long ago but i forget my first log in account..... but there some problem whatever it loading it always keep leaving a game.. please fix it.

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