NameIdle King Clicker Tycoon Games
ReleaseWicket Gaming

Try to save the princess in this exciting story. In the Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games project, you can manage your little kingdom, become a real king and try to save the princess. Gather a good harvest, earn more gold and get rich in front of your competitors. You can earn money even when you are not in the game.

Then invest all the money you earn in the army to take part in bloody battles. Can you win the war to greatly expand your kingdom and rescue the princess? She has been in captivity for a long time, so you have to go through the entire dark forest and survive in crazy confrontations. Unlock new knights, conquer countries, and in the end, it is you who can become the king of the world. Unlock new resources that will help you develop and build an army.

Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games MOD

Was fun the first time, but just loads with a black screen on the second play, and it's impossible to play. Unrecommendable until this bug is fixed.. At mission 26 there is a bug where even if you have 1500/1.5k gems and you have better connection , it still says that check your internet connection. Like , I tried so many things but this bug made it unplayable please fix this bug quickly .. the game is good but i calculated it and 14.4 hours ads straight that if u didn't prestige so WHAT THE HELL MAN i will pay 14.4 hours of my life only ads so i recommend less the add or make the ad 1 second please please please thanks!!?. Haven't played since the update but now the game launches into a black screen. Pressing the red X doesn't do anything.. Over all is a pretty nice game but for me, at least, it doesn't run ads at all. I can't get the Mega Boost nor the Balloons..

Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games APK

Copy & paste of one of the most annoying idle gameplay loops. They even managed to build more heavy monetized features onto it. Are mobile gamers supposed to pretend that there's an actual gameplay inbetween the ads and manipulation to spend money? Even the graphics are weird at best, low-fi at worst.. Paid the high price to remove all ads and yet there are still things that show ads. Like the gems in the store. Still have to watch ads to get those despite paying not to.. Very easy to learn - very rewarding - good time killer. I would definitely recommend this game. However. I purchased the "no ads" from the shop under the impression it meant no ads at all, but I'm still getting ads when I go to collect certain rewards. If the "no ads" does not cover All Ads in game then I would like a refund on that please - I'm still going to play - I would just like to invest that money elsewhere.. I will change this once it is fixed but now it is asking me to sing on with a Google account but it won't actually work so I can not get into the game sadly.

Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games APK

After about a week of playing my progress reset.... Not cool. i was on the second to last map too.... Was a really good game until all of my progress was randomly reset with seemingly no way to restore it.. Made it nearly to the end and lost all of my progress after spending quite a bit of time and money. Will change review once fixed. No option to back up game progress. Uninstalling but will check back to see if this very necessary feature is added..

Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games APK

So I come to the game and my dragon is gone and I would have to repay for it like what is going on I uninstalled as you guys never emailed me back. I cant with this gams. decent game over all. slight problem, the newest update took away all the special fighters except the initial ones (1 blue coin cost). I didn't receive the surplus coins to repurchase the fighters and im near the last 2 stages. it'll take a bit longer to complete now, but at least I didn't loose access to the last two (best fighters).. It's a good game but it's wrong. My current level collector is supposed to be able to carry 1.34M but will only carry upto 95.6k ?? What's that about ?. Soooo i can only use gems or whatever to get a new collector? Aaaaand i can only get these gems from chests, ads, and micro transactions? And you have to wait for knight level skills to unlock?? Dafuq?? Ive played better but also played worse.

Idle Miner clone with less features, other than the addition of a tap battle mechanic. Achievements and Ad chests earn PALTRY sums of gold instead of premium currency like 100-300 gold when my per second earn rate is like 50g. I love these types of games as a general rule but this thing is trash.. It's an idle game that offers nothing new from the rest. Ads are almost 50% of gameplay, leaving the app is the other 50%.. Adds are extremely disruptive. Some times I'm forced to upgrade units whit adds even if I have the coins. There is no choice or anything. What's even the point of coins if you gonna force me to upgrade by watching adds ?. Disgustingly predatory game. They ask you to pay $10 to remove ads, you buy the package and ads are gone but now cost another currency. Refund and move on..

This game is simple but gratifying. It gets easier yet more challenging as the game progresses. You also don't have to spend a bunch of money; the game gives out enough premium currency to help you level up without having to watch hours worth of ads. Also, the developers really do read and respond to your feedback; they fixed a bug I was having problems with within a week. Keep updating the game and I will probably play it forever.. The remove ad purchase made it pointless because it removes all the benefits of ads like instant new building and it only give 6 gems which is nothing compared to the required 3600 gems.. I was like on field 9 or 10 and when the game loads up when it is on the loading screen it gets done then rests then gose to 45 then crashes. Well done motap great game didn't bother looking at hate reviews as all your games have been good and free one thing can u add a customize able king as he is really ugly thank u and keep up the good games.

Bought the guy from the store near the start which states his dps is 50k, actually it's 2.5k. Total waste of coins.. Amusing game, when it works. Everything is unbalanced. It's a complete ad-fest game, but when you do the ads for knight levels, you don't get the levels. The only thing I can say is good is that when you sell managers, you can get what you paid for them back. Thus includes gems.. Recent update made a glitch I lost all my Damage per second, but all my upgrades for the troops stayed. I was close to completing the first area. It says I'm on area 3/400 set me back badly. I have sent a review that the ads won't work now they do thank you guys you guys just earned a 5 star review.

What, wrong idle but not make money, in the end chapter 1 floor 18, so many miss no reward in idle, ads error not connected. I'm stop playing now.. Game is good but when I got a new phone I lost all of my data from the game and haven't tried starting since. The game is not balanced. For some reason it is completely the opposite. Gaining more farms or knights is punished. Less production is given when you buy the next farm or knight. Edit dev you are not reading my post. The second third etc fields and knights give less production than the first and cost more. You need to fix the game.. I normally get really annoyed when they release games that are exactly the same as all the others of the same kind, but with different graphics. But in this case, it's better than most of the other copies. I'd probably enjoy this, if I hadn't already played a hundred other versions of it. If you are new to these types, this is one of the better ones. If not, don't bother, it's a reskinned clone.

Idle copy&paste Edit: I would like to get a different game that is not like idle mining tycoon or whatever it was, this is just a copy and paste. Decent game but have purchased multiple new fields and could never unlock gold. Now have made it to saving the princess but once thats done it freezes the game. No way to move forward with the game. Was enjoying it. Good way to kill time but has become useless to play as no way to progress.. Ads don't work so I can't get or use any of the 2x money time, joker, or balloon bonus content. And yes I am using the current update. I lost my progress and got stuck starting over, you guys should really have a save progress feature with google or via your own server with WiFi when logging back in. Also why are some parts in English and some are not? (You should have a language option for English and the other language that is being used in this app) I will gladly update my review after improv. Game was great but once I closed it, it won't load again. After re-opening and it gets to the loading screen (and the load bar progresses), the screen goes black. Edit: Oddly enough for me, when the screen goes black if I tap the screen a few times the screen comes back on and the game loads. I really enjoy the game and have updated my review..

Tried to open this game and it just black screened my phone, turned it off. Do not trust it after that, immediately uninstalled..

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