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Mafia City

## The Beginning of Mafia City: A Thrilling Android Game

Now you can play an excellent game called Mafia. There is no doubt that this game is the most successful and beloved of the early 2000s, which has become a genuine hit in this genre.

Download Mafia City for Android, and your story begins in the 1930s when the world of America’s criminal empires is just starting to develop. Everything was beginning, and criminal gangs appeared at every turn. This game is still receiving its updates, so it will be fascinating to see what will happen to our heroes next.

## A Glimpse into the Criminal World

This story is about a straightforward guy who gradually joins a criminal group and begins to live according to their harsh laws. At first, it will be pretty tricky in this case; besides, the criminal world is quite complicated. But then the guy will get used to it, have money, and his family will live much better.

## Exciting Features and Updates

The incredible floating camera menu has been returned to the game so that you can enjoy it again to your heart’s content. An excellent level loader has been drawn, some settings and pause menus have been added, and a die with cool buttons. The most important thing is that the developers were able to fix the most critical bugs from previous versions, so now it will be much calmer to enjoy this game.

Download ( V1.7.265 )

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