NameRusted Warfare
ReleaseCorroding games

Classic real-time strategy game. If you like strategy games with classic gameplay, you should look at this game. Here youmusto take command of the army and fight against a powerful enemy. Naturally, the developers did not forget about the construction of the base with subsequent development. If you like such games, download Rusted Warfare – Demo for Android and try this project on your devices. It should be noted immediately that the match is meditative and does not tolerate haste. As in any similar strategy, here you have to develop your bas and buildg up military power.

Your army can consist of ground and air troops. The gameplay is divided into two components: development and battles. In the first case, you will build, erect buildings, improve, and extract resources. In the second case, you must fight with different opponents you will meet on the game map. Battles take place on other maps, so try to use not only your army but also the features of the territory. To win, you need a clear strategy and tactics. In this strategy, quantity does not always decide. So download Rusted Warfare – Demo for Android and start playing.

Rusted Warfare MOD

Da geim is veri fan bat ai fund a bag vic dasent aluv tu pleis difenses. ai probably mis speld samting bikas mai vraiting in ingles isent gud.. One of the best RTS sneI played, it is sometimes challenging which make it fun, if there was A Pc version of the game it would make it even better and I would certainly buy it when I have the money for it.. I would rate this a five out of five on the full version But it can be even better if you can be able to make mods without watching tutorials And be able to draw pixelated things or just upload images to the mod your making. It maybe a demo, but it sure is good to see a game like this. If only other games did something like this. Have a demo game and the full game. To me, that's just genius. A very good game,why I am giving it 4 stars is that the enemy never builds anti nuke buildings and that it would have more troops to buy.there is no other game like it..

Rusted Warfare APK

Hey developer I SUGEST(NOT TELL) you make the actual game free because as you and me can see only 100k danlowded the actual version whereas The demo has OVER 1 MILLION!!So please make the actual version free so you can have 1000000 people and 100,000 can all play togeter.. Don't trust any of the 5 star rating they are bot created to trick you actually it's good and all but add a new map I already finished all the maps over and over I even switch to the hardest mode and died lol I can only beat easy and medium from spamming ships and turret's If you like to waste money buy the premium version lol it has more maps to play new towers/units to build anyways the game is fun so enjoy or try to. (Edit:Please don't buy premium if not to). Hi, I have a deal, if you give free this premium one, I will give you 5 stars, I'd that OK?. Plz add more updates,bc without the new updates the game is just really boring,and why does it has the demo version and the full version can't it just only be the full version? I'll give it a 4 star if it just gets more frequent updates on the demo version..

Rusted Warfare APK

So this is still a demo? So it must be they will add the mods menu to get some fun with mods.. Fun simple way to pass time easy to get to grips with worth the small price but online is terrible. The game is good.I like thes game, because l play in 9year old. after me 13year old The game is good for everyone.I like graphics 7/10THIS Download everyone . i love this game this game reminds me of minustry. also there is a bug when you click the plus button of a non demo unit its made like it belongs in the demo..

Rusted Warfare APK

This game is so fun but hard you need to know the bot moves to win but dont buy the not demo one it cost money this doesint need money and it ferry fun recomend to get ganna be your most liked war game Edit:I like this game a lot enemies are hard but very fun like that war of the world's musical game. This is a great game but you need to make more updated and that is that it is a great game. I like this game but this game all things are not available things are not unbox always it's not available. It is so cool that you can ally with someone but i wish i can use multiplayer but yeah the best 10/10 good job.

Man if im hve money now im gona buy this game rn but i dont but good game tho i ply an hour. I love the game but there's kinda thousands of issues I'll go over 3. Num.1 the subscription. Why? Just why, a subscription is dumb Makes it feel very restricted And it is! Num.2 Restricted playing. Very restricted playing and there's not much you can do 4 playable maps out of 40 maps Why!!! Num.3 Ads. Ads is not much of an issue Unless you advertise YOUR Subscription that's SO DARN ANNIOYING Thanks for reading. I'm playing this for 16 years and I'm still however my laptop is broken and I'm still love this game thank so mushy. Make more levels and mission and units please i'm getting bored of his Or make another rusted warfare free I bean playing this game for the last 5 years.

I love this game but there's so many missions that need the vershon we need to buy we are poor why we have to buy why. This game is trash bc other items cannot by I hate it I would like the old version much better. Game Still Demo, Is easily strategy but I am too bored as a demo but I do not have a steam. This game is fun and good I spend my time here because this game is fun then Roblox i recommend it for boys who like warfere but in girls i sure your rate this one star.

Have a steam account and pc go buy it on steam and a great modding community, sales are very frequent on steam, played the demo and got hooked and found it on steam because i was wondering if it was on pc. Yes very interesting game but why can't i play other mision and skirmish map like 1 vs 5 or 1 vs 6 an i can't use the other maps please do unlock the others because its really attractive game. Good game but plz add modding to demo also it kinda boring if you play for long and nothing changes. Absolutely fantastic mobile game. If you enjoy RTS, on mobile, without adds of pay to win option, only skill based game, this is definitely for you. Trully a gem hidden amongst wannabe games. 5/5 no thinking about it!.

I play this game when I have free time also this the best mobile game to exist in my opinion. Uhm im a broke but why every map and level locked and i can use any mods for this game its like feeling racist or what Please add n update for here thx. Je issue b sy eijejyehebkaoinwbbsusvwvjwiwgeuksbx9273bsjsowjw. LSoqoiwbw 99sn disown MW and I am not the other use of these games 8. This game I don't like it every time I play the bots always are winning and I putted it on easy mode but I still lose they win everytime..

The demo is honestly really good and well made! Made me want to buy the full game eventually, so you've all done a great job! Fun and possibly the best mobile RTS I've found so far (mostly because it plays like an actual RTS, unlike most other games on the store).. I've played this game for so long, and to be fair it's really good to play on long journeys etc or if you just wanna waster time.

Download ( V1.13.3(b) )

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