NameEmpire: Four Kingdoms
SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
ReleaseGoodgame Studios

Empire: Four Kingdoms is can you become the mighty ruler of four kingdoms in this strategy MMO? You have to show your skills in this game, test yourself in PvP battles, and develop your empire.

Get a wide variety of resources, upgrade your castle and buildings, and do everything so the enemy cannot approach your gates. Gather a powerful army, try to capture new and very fertile lands, and protect them from enemy attacks.

With your friends, you can make a long-term alliance, smash opponents, and take part in battles with millions of players worldwide. A large map awaits you, where you can realize all your dreams of a global strategist.

Try to build and then significantly improve your castle. Make alliances, crush enemies in all directions and capture unknown territories.

Build unique plans for global battles, use more than 30 different units, and pick up good weapons for them. Get, and then exchange your resources, where 60 other buildings will be available for you to build. This is a unique strategy that will help you return to those very times.

Empire: Four Kingdoms MOD

The game has changed so much over the years and currently every other review you see is true. If you pay a lot of money to play this game you can control and kill anybody you want. If you're just playing for fun you might as well give up and get off the game because it is not worth it.. Greedy, stingy, nasty group of people who will happily destroy weeks and months of progress in an instant. A developer who doesn't understand that playing a game as to be fun. Really unpleasant people.. Pay to win. I don't know why I play it but you can survive if you have a powerful alliance. PvP is broken and it isnt fair fights at this point. There needs to be events which requires skill and strategy, not how big your wallet is. Events when EVERYONE starts at the same page, no head starts, nothing which can be bought to boost you.. Love this game but updates are usually awful the thing that makes this game good is the real people who play it Longmire us 2. After playing the game for more than 4 years I finally uninstalled it and got my life back. Beware Its a good game but really does take over your life. It can also cost a lot of real cash if you want to be competitive. Biggest put off for me was being attacked multiple times during the night when you're asleep and alliances are at war. It's almost impossible to defend yourself and costs a lot to restore your castles..

Empire: Four Kingdoms APK

This game was fun until those little mini games to be honest I don't want to have to spend my time having to play those mini games in my opinion and I'm pretty sure some people can sort of agree I just want a quick upgrade/Build no ads no mini game no nothing between that. Have been Playing this game since 2017.. It used to be Fun back then.. Many players, more events and challenges. However, recently it has completely turned into "Pay to win" game. Free player are only cog in the wheel. High spenders loot the free players and treat them as farm. Because of this, many players have left.. Ruins everywhere... The game is dead. It's time to say goodbye.. Lost everything cloud saving for this all failed, and trying to login with my user name or reset my password says my emails invalid yet trying to save on that email says it's in use.. The game wont update im at level 70 and 450 legendary and ive spent several hundred dollars just to have the game lost. They cant do anything cause you cant get in touch with them. Theres supposed to be an update all manual button in the google store but i cant find it..

Empire: Four Kingdoms APK

In all the years ive been playing on this game four kingdoms has become more and more ruby oriented but it seem to be slowly getting better. Was a great game. I enjoyed playing, building castles, outposts, and entering new kingdoms. Then they forced and UPDATE that deleted my castles, making me start over. No FR@CKIN game support to get account back.. This gemr bsgsjwvzhjzkzjsbshzv s do do do do do for ff ff g you get rid s with some ff g ff download speed e the the g the the the ff download e do remember ff the 2 s 7 7 r 5 the the ff download e the house u I u u get ff e e the house has had his head home d e do, and I. Used to be a great game. It obvious, that the developers does not care about the players. In years past you earned your rank, now it's sold to whoever can afford to pay for it. They have turned it into a mony pit. If it wasn't for my friend I would have left the game years ago. Unless you spend big cash you can't compete in this game. It's sad to see what it has become. Would not recommend playing Unless you can afford it. And their support is horrible to navigate and get a straight answer..

Empire: Four Kingdoms APK

I've been playing this game for 7 years now. There's been so many changes I've seen that has made the game both good and bad throughout the years. Respectively, this game has seen better days. I feel as though there aren't real people anymore as it feels like alliances have 40 accounts but all are ran by 3 people. I'd quit this game but I've invested years into this.. Even the assurance your account won't reset on two months you don't play is under paywall. At least other pay to win games still have that novelty.. I'm a regular player, I brought the construction crane to build and upgrade more than one building at a time...however, once I upgrade, the timer ticks only for the first building to upgrade and not the other buildings in my main castle (Knerdyknight). Please look into this issue, asap. If fixed I'll change my review to a 5 star cause the idea, features of the game are awesome!. This game was the most amazing game that I played as a strategy game.. the timers system though is very time consuming, and building and growth is extremely slow.. the game has extreme unbalance, there is no battle balance, you work hard only to loose it all, and it's become a pay to play - Been a Empire King since 2018.. so sad to see it gone down hill completely.. Back to Age of Empires!.

Stop using Facebook login and now all progress is at risk of deletion bring back the Facebook login I want the Facebook login back this game is allowing people to sell their accounts and conduct illegal activity down with the game down with the game this game bad we need to boycott it. Game is nice, realistic, requires tactical skills and thinking when it comes to growing powerful. But the management doesnt cares for those who dont spend money on game. This is will empty your pockets, or else its useless for poor people to play. kl yawmayn bte3mlo update jdidi aba2 tse3 bl telefon add ma soret kbiri law betfoki 3an ayrna ba2a bteswo rass ayri 3a hal lo3bet lzaber. Game is slowly becoming to much of kill or be killed,, need more equal,,benefits,,as well as announcement of updates..coming because of bugs,,.

The fact that you can buy packs with hundreds of thousands of elite troops is the dumbest mechanic I've ever seen in a free2play game Way to ruin the flow of the game, compared to how the game was 10 years ago.. the current version is.. not good. I keep getting attached. Players keep saying I'm not allowed to attack then but they attack me. I've been attacked 40 times now and I hate this game. It is a great adventure game with many kingdoms. You command many armies, cooperate with alliances, and get free soldiers and equipment. What's not to love!. Is a good game. My only issue is that I can't connect to Facebook to invite my friends, I really want those rewards. Also, skill issue for those who think the game is hard, it took me only 2 months to reach lvl 70 without paying for anything..

Wheel of affluence (think of it as a wheel of fortune) is supposed to yield a big ruby prize 1.11% of the time on the jackpot tile. I've spun over 5k times & never won rubies, despite friends winning millions of rubies within minutes of each spin. Customer services pick their generic responses without addressing your valid points. They are surely guilty of false advertising, in this instance, and highway robbery in so many others. Signed: a very disgruntled soon-to-be ex customer.. You can play and enjoy the game without the need for spending. Its a very enjoyable and strategic game, but no matter what you do on this game, the guy who spends the most wins. The game was fun at 1 time. Now it's set to advantage the big money spenders and you just have to chance against them. There are people that spend tens of thousands on this game!. It's a great game but now I cannot log into my account from my new device, I used the forgot password icon because I may have forgotten it, and it just goes out out back to the log in page, please fix this..

completely unbalanced game, if u dont spend please dont join this game u cant enjoy developers will force u to pay or quit by bringing such updates, the HOL research takes an year to unlock the new tools, but the big spenders will do it using rubies, and then they will attack u with 35k troops while ur still researching. it has said so many times to the developers to bring skip time research, but this games developers will not listen to u at all. until u bring an idea that will force many to pay. The first few quests are already asking to spend money..... Uninstalled....also nothing like the ads at all what a surprise.... I've played this for a long time, one of the best! 100% recommend, only thing is it deletes your account after a while of inactivity.. If you will keep giving advantage to people who pay.This amazing game will loose it's veterans regularly. Give special bonuses to people who have passed all 70 levels.

terrible customer service ive been unable to retrieve my log in details for over 2 months now spent money on the game sent every requested bit of information just ignored. You need to have a upgrade so players with over 227k might point cant hit a player with 2 k might points. You made the game not fair play unless you SPEND BIG BUCKS. I've now been playing for over 10 years. The updates are getting ridiculous. All the generals Lets others attack up to 42.000 troops for even medium size 950 castles that people has put there heart and money in always gets smashed. You focus on 2 things. ( kill everyone's troops ) ( make people empty there bank buying troops to save there castle.... You ran this game perfect for years.. now I recommend people do not bother joining. As multiple are quitting each day! Chose another game. I love this game but it's going more irritating because server never connect. Sometimes it works good but sometimes it is hard to even login. Last update was disastrous and forcing me to uninstall it..

Game had provided years of enjoyment. Has shifted to players spending $$ are trashing weaker players. Sad to see a good game ruined by greed that allows Rogue players to advance at expense of others. Recent bug destroyed months of work. Avoid this game.. Enjoy pop ups in game ? Then be sure to download this game, i love the game ,but the spamming in game ,and everytime you log in is ridiculous,, sales is the developers only goal, game glitchs are not repaired, in some cases, to be overridden by new tasks, running several events at one time , cause issues with players that have limited service,. The game is amazing, lots of activity, strategy, socialization and so on and so forth, what's more or less bad is that the costs of rubies (using rubies) are a bit too high, and I can't sign in to save my account, for some reason, so if you could fix that it'd be great.. de ce tot bagati reclama jocului pe toate.aplicatiile????? va dau report pe google daca mai vad O SINGURA data reclama aia de catat, in mama voastra de pulangii care lucrati la goodgame!!!!!!!!!!RETARDATILOR!!!!!.

Been playing for 9 years and back then it was simple and straightforward. Then the updates...first it was gems you can add to equipment then it was heroes then it was mead honey etc...they have made this game so incredibly complicated to understand I don't even know how a beginner would even Begin to understand everything in this game! Remember one thing Good Game: KISS..Keep it simple stupid. You have completely RUINED this game.. Notifications for a multiplayer game like this are of utmost importance. However the game creators still refuse to make an option to turn off notifications for your alliance and leave them on for your own castles. In an active alliance your phone will be constantly going off with "false alarms".. Spent 8 months building up castle and just log on to find everything gone and expected to start again no chance. After update app is worst as I don't want app to send me Notifications it is not opening as it keeps on flickering..

Greatest game I've played in a while. Challenges are fun and rewarding and it's easy to level up. I'm a returning player as well and I'm so glad to see the game with so many major improvements.. This Game has bug.. I'm my main There is -6k food Consumption with out any troops.. Developer Should Look at this problem.. After updating the game doesn't work that problem I have faced. I would like to request the authority to take a step regarding this matter..

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