NameInfinite Lagrange
ReleaseExptional Global

Humanity has gradually taken over the entire Earth, one day this may happen to the Galaxy … Infinite Lagrange is an unusual game that combines not only the gameplay itself but also an interesting story. It will take us to a fairly distant future, when humanity will have time to fully explore outer space, and will also actively begin to colonize unfamiliar planets.

Now you have to lead your own small planet and create a gang of people loyal to you. Your workers will non-stop create spaceships that can be used not only for trade but also as the main weapon. Will you be able to cope with the right of leadership and use it correctly, achieving not only personal goals, but also supporting the interests of your gang? Join the game right now and show everyone what you can do…

Infinite Lagrange MOD

it is one of the top games of the century! hoping you would take a look in tha anime Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, since this game fits perfectly with that anime's theme, it could add alot of new content like ground invasions, fortresses, new ship types and designs, new visual effects and so much more that will attract more players in the long run. Hpoefully you continue the good work and goodluck with the game guys! :). Amazing graphics! Good potential, but it's very complicated compared to how it should be, for example: when I unlock a blueprint, does that upgrade my ships? Does it unlocked part of a new ship? I don't know, and they're are some menus of some sort that I have no idea what they do. At least if it was layed out better than I could probably figure it out but at this point I can't so I deleted it.. Don't bother. The entire game is built around using the NPCs to harass you so you have to spend money to defend yourself against the actual human players. Outrageous wait time between phases to extort for money. The CEO should be black balled from ever working on games again. You're bad. Find something your good at, this isn't it. ATTENTION: this game will restart all your hardwork of building base, all ship that you have made and all ships exp that you have grind it for every 3-5 month(depend how fast player can finish the server). If you are the type that dont like this method, just dont download this. The good point of this game is good graphic and variation ships.. Its a very good space game for people who like realistic games and it's very high in detail and its fun to rise on the ranks and advance your base.

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This is a complex fun game that you don't need to spend a penny on to play. I very much enjoy the solar system and the graphics set up and the way it's designed. I'm editing my review because in the past two seasons of gameplay I have spent approximately $20 and then $40. I Have No Reservations about spending money on something I spend so much time playing. The developers deserve it and to be honest it accelerates your growth and power tremendously.. This game is fun, completely ad free, and full of content and creative ideas. My favorite game by far, no problems or glitches, just joy.. Instructions clear as mud. Have "explored" the same area 5 times, quest will not progress. Cannot obtain enough resources to upgrade base within 1st 24 hours. Uninstalling for lack of anything to do.. Honestly is very decent game, it has almost no mircotransaction except for cosmetics for ships, and the ships here are decently balanced but my only problem with it is with the gacha system on getting new ships.

Infinite Lagrange APK

As of recently, the way the game just forces you to realize that it's pay-to-win is absolutely devastating. You can't get sufficient crates to increase your chances of getting blueprints for making new ships; You can't gather enough weapon modules to upgrade your ship's arsenals in the late game no matter how active you are in playing this app. In my perspective as an f2p, there's no space for anyone who are not willing to spend to get anywhere in game. Good luck to the new guys.. I need help, im trying to redowbload tbe game on my phone. But its glitching out. It keeps sayibg i dont have enough space. Ive cleared over 4 gb, and i still cant download, could it be my device?. The tutorials need be to more accessible and you need to be able to easily get to them....I need to see some cause I'm confused. I really enjoy the game. Unqiue design and back story of the ships, and the control over my fleets. But I suggest increasing the drop rate of new ship blueprints slightly. Still, even without it I still quite enjoyed the game.

Infinite Lagrange APK

FIRST I LOVE THE FLEETS, THEIR DAMN AWESOME, THE SPACE STATIONS BRILLIANT, RIGHT NOW DESIGNING MY STATION, EVERTHING IS AWESOME, WATCHING THE CONSTRUCTIONS BUILDING WOW, however its 00.30 time to sleep. I WILL CONTINUE SOON AGAIN. THE GOLDEN SCIFI FLEET I HAVE PLAYED IS 10/10 PLEASE KEEP MORE..I Pause for now..I can't wait to see my giant scifi fleet-ship..Upgraded..Thank You..You can choose the logo, the color, the name title and everything..Super HD 3D!. Hi, I'm Nic and I'm addicted to Infinite Lagrange. If you love space, war, strategy and working together with fellow players, Infinite Lagrange has what you need. Take it from me, I've played everyday for 2 years haha. Yeah, your game loves to give me the Toilet ship so I give you the toilet rating in return, keep up the good work :). Seems like it could be a pretty cool game but it doesn't really walk you through how to play it very well..

Good game but...needs better fairplay servers..throwing new players in with 10plus season players feels predatory way to earn money most just quit. Awesome game for 5 stars, but the Mega Alliance uses alternate accounts to camp on people, while the base is locked into a certain region. While using the Alliance locked into zone without any option to base relocate while in an alliance. Outside of the alliance, you only have the option every 40 hours. Either give us an extra shield, a speed boast to brake out of the blockade, or give us random jump points because grave yard killing is killing the game.. Be aware that every 3 months this game resets regardless of how much work you've put into the game or money you've spent. It is an absolute waste when it all goes back to zero every 3 months. I'll be seeking a full refund of the money I've spent.. Game is good, models are nice to look at. Rng for ships and quite confusing for tutorial, people are helpful to teach in chat thankfully..

AMAZING!!! Forget about looking at the scores of your telescope, and look at the best of this game! Only thing I would absolutely kill for this is to have direct control of one of these ships, or at least have a way to see both the inside of it, interact with with amazing people and button ( especially buttons ) that do things to make it more exciting, and to also be able to make actions normally outside view of fleet, like retreat, so if you guys can do this? I would have a heart attack!!!. Dynamic community lol im destroyed at least 2x every season its laughable. You are sent to areas with no rss and all because you get attacked!!! Oh yeah thats dynamic. Better games out there and i used to think eve could be brutal but at least the devs don't punish you as well. Falls short: While the graphics are impressive that is about all that is. Poor interface and unfinished concepts take away from what could be a decent game had it not been the typical money grab. The final nail in the coffin is the absolute pay to play nature of this game. You have to drop a significant amount of money to get anywhere. Netease can take this game and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.. updating again, recent updates have made this game pay to play so much that if you do not heavily invest in specific ships (that you need to roll) you are screwed against the whales that are common once you are past the first server or two..

Ano ba yan di pa nga ako nakakabuo nang fleet mag iiba na Naman back to zero na Naman uninstall na lang buset done.... This game is the best so far that I have been playing for a few days now and I really like it so as far as I can tell I really like it and it's really good I wish that there was a number 2 for this game. Knape asyik di ulang semula permainan ni, dh 3 kali aku kene, aku mls nk main LG, lps ni aku uninstall saja game ni, aku penat besarkan Base, asyik di reset ya blik. . Now a P7 player, my experience from 1st server to 3rd were harsh but definetly enjoying the game fighting on par with most players, shame there are only a few groups who are totally active and want a fight. The game is good, just take your time.

Started out fun but then started a new season and nothing seems to be happening. Can't build a base, can't mine rss can't even research. Even the research contract thing won't let me complete it. Spent 5 days and it just tells me I could complete it if I could hit the draw blueprint button but it doesn't work.. This game is PAY TO WIN. Phase 1 server is a relaxing and fun experience with few "whaling". Everyone is basically on the same skill based gameplay. Now phase 2 you meet wallet warriors with all the "good ships" fighting against your un-upgraded and FEW SHIPS that you own. Ship blueprint is pure RNG and even if you get a "good ship" or variant you still need "tech points" to unlock higher damage, evasion and other. Grinding time(takes months) for ships and TP is replaced by paying for lootcrates. This is the firstime I played sci-fi strategy game which is one of the best strategy game I ever played it makes you feel that you are in the other galaxies and combating with other galaxies which give me excited I do recommend this game.. Game is alright overall. It needs a lot of polishing to make it a better strategy type game. The flight paths are terrible and always collide with each other. Its very hard to play this game independently as factions and clans are important and help you progress faster. BP collection is a very tedious task for various new ships as well.

I lost my account, how the hell suddenly the server are switches, now my account with lv 8 building is missing. This happen due to last update activity. Excellent graphics. Evolution of strategy browser games. I like the game mechanic that every server resets after a period of time(Season). But you'll keep all the ship blueprints you get for future seasons you join. 75% Pay-to-win. Hard chance for Gotcha. Free-to-Play players can still enjoy the game but need time to have progress.. About to start my 8th season of this game. 1. It has become extremely pay to win. People have spent thousands of dollars and are building almost 2 mil anti ship fleets. Can't compete as a mostly FTP player (to many whales). 2. Pathing is still broken. 3. (Personal gripe) the advanced research agreement is broken I have performed it multiple times to get the base model IO bp and have pulled the variants x8 that's 2 bp and 30 tp going to waste untill I can move the tp to a different bp.. Great experience! The game is challenging, fun, and healthy. It has a lot of contents and the community are not toxic. I love the game and I look forward to future updates!.

This such a great game! The graphics is so realistics the gameplay is good and its easy to understand once you get the hang of it. It be really cool if you guys watch "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"(The Remade Version) and take inspiration from their battles like how they have energy shields to block damage from the front, ground troops for invading and defending and, Fortresses that defend their own territories.. I have a suggestion for the developers.. you need to provide an option to alter the flight paths of the fleet mid way.. I may not want my fleet to reach its final destination and may want it to stop and fight on a location near to it's flight path .. that will be a positive change in the game play .. thanks. Huge fan of the game honestly. Some little ideas i think that might improve the game would be constant privateer presence near base like early stages of the game, in late game the gameplay is kind of boring if you're not part of an org, to the point where u cannot pvp nor get resources cause bigger orgs will always do whatever they want. So at least having the IA in game keep the gameplay somewhat entertaining, the late game is just boring and u do nothing but afk farm.. I downloaded the game because of the ad. I guess no need to tell, they are very, very far from each other. Its a regular strategy game with some space elements. Graphics and sound effects were awesome, yet the disappointment i had after the advertisment is astronomical.

I cannot log back into my account I recently re installed the game but it doesnt have my old net ease account saves I am very disappointed to hear that the servers reset after a period of time. This used to be fun but after the server resets I lose any motivation to play and it feels like a waste of time. Hopefully there can be a few servers that remain unchanged.. I played the game and even purchased in game content. I completed a few quests but when I tried to claim the reward, the ships I was supposed to get did not show up even though I had command points. I was so outraged that I uninstalled the game! Some times when you do a quest, your fleet will bump into an overpowered emeny fleet on route to objective, if you are not watching you will lose your fleet.. I give the game 1 star, mainly because there's no real battle mechanics (like the concentration fire) it's terrible you can't really do anything besides watch the battle (like paint drying) another thing I cannot tell what my current level except when I want to attack an enemy fleet I'am disadvantaged, once you engage an enemy fleet, enemy fleets have 3-7 ships that are extremely OP, it's like all you do is gather resources. I can do that on Monster Hunter..... What's the point of having a hint telling you if your fleet is advantaged or disadvantaged against an enemy if your fleet gets their butt handed to them even though it says they should win? It's happened twice now and there are always way way more higher level AI around you than not. How are you supposed to advance without forking over real cash? Also it's not clear how to actually liaise or trade or accomplish other random little quests. Far too many button clicks to make it happen..

This could have been a great game, if the dev team wouldn't be shooting themselves and the player in the foot all the time. It takes ages to do anything meaningful in this game; for some reason the dev team insists on making all the game mechanics slow and bothersome to the player. You can only compete by spending a lot of money. I honestly cannot recommend this game in it's current state. Do not spend your money here.. very aggressive money grabbing game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. THIS GAME WAS CREATED SOLEY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. IT IS A HUGE SCAM. IT LURES YOU IN WITH AWESOME GAMEPLAY SO YOU BECOME ADDICTED AND THEN YOU END UP SPENDING HUNDREDS AND EVEN THOUSANDS OF DOLARS ON THIS GAME. this game also requires you to babysit your base 247. It is online multiplayer so if you spend EVEN one day not playing it. Your dead. Do not download this game unless you feel like wasting your sleep, life, and money completely away.. I started playing this game about a year ago. I quit it a couple of times when the device i was using broke. Each time the experience changed to the point that it wasn't fun anymore. You will build up your station and fleets only to be sent to "the Hub" where you will wait a few days and start all over again. Oh sure you can keep the ships blueprints BUT you have to reach the level to get those ships back ONLY to be sent back to "the Hub" and start allllllllll over again. Its frustrating. Awesome game because of lack of controller support nothing's worse than playing a mobile game by sliding your fingers across the screen.

Horrible rng, couldn't get a ship even after 50 tech boxes. And research agreement gave me a ship that I don't have the base version of. Useless. Forget what I said earlier, the game is being really deceptive. A Chinese alliance (deducing because of the name character) alone (30 players) is conquering a whole server.... Good Morning and this Ship is Or more bigger Maintenance or whatever it is what I was looking at.I Seen at the West it had a boy walking down the street,and a beam of energy light haze took him in the Clouds and put him back en less in 15 minutes.. Extremely pay to play. After a few phases you get stuck with unions that max out their credit cards and just walk all over you. It's makes the game frustrating and makes the game difficult..

Been playing for almost a year now and this game is really fun and nice the only bad part of it is that you have small chances getting new ships and just get the common one most of the time, but still this game is fantastic!. Retrying it hopefully it doesn't crash if it still does I'll keep my rating at 1 star cashee memory clear only made it worse doesn't even start now. Honestly I'm really impressed with combat is exciting..easy upgrading...don't need to pay to win ..overall great game, great graphics .well done. Definition of pay to win. I thought I would come back to this game after some time because I wanted to start playing again but I'm going to have to leave it again. This game is pay to win if your free to play good luck it's impossible for you to play. I have spent 45 on this game which is alot but not compared to these whales who spend hundreds of thousands. I thought I would try it and I am very disappointed it's like you defending yourself with a broken stick this is my 2nd server back..

great game love what they did with it compared to how it was when I last played some time back. looking forward to many hours of game play in the future.. It runs slow even on decent phones. I have a One Plus 7 pro with 8 gigs of ram and it stutters from time to time.. Purely pay to win, i can understand a 10 or 20 dollar ship but when devs make every in game currency able to be bought with money you ruin the game.

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