NameClash of Clans

Epic strategy! Build a village, train troops, and go to battle! Clash of Clans – you still do not quite know why you should download a game project, but shortly, we will tell you about it. From the very beginning, the graphics catch your eye, which turns out to be quite normal for a game that uses so few resources.

The developers took their project very seriously and filled it with a wide variety of colors, as well as magnificent characters. The drawing of the details themselves is simply amazing, and the music goes very well with the picture itself. You immediately get the feeling that you are in a medieval village.

The plot of the game Clash of Clans takes you to this village, although there are only two houses here and it is here that you will need to build a large town. You must immediately warn that it will not be necessary to collect resources here, since the village supplies itself, and also protects against a wide variety of enemies.

Despite this, it will not be easy to build a large city, and you still have to make effort. Here you will be very well advised on what will need to be built, how to do it and how to defend yourself from uninvited guests. But after a while, the clues disappear, and you will have to achieve a positive result.

Clash of Clans MOD

This is the best strategy game I have ever played in my life. The graphics are sick and the controls are so smooth. But the only problem is the price of walls and hero equipment. The walls take forever to upgrade cause of the price and same for the hero equipment . I dont play wars or cwl because my clan dont take me so the only way i can get ores is star bonus. So i would request to the community to do something about getting the ores faster for those who cant play or not good at wars. Thank u. It is an amazing game, but I think there should be a wall defence that either explose or freezes the enemy in the game.. I'd recommend anyone not to play this game. It's ok for an rts game, but they keep updating it, so if you're not dropping 100s of dollars, you may never see the max level of stuff. The game play and battles are decent, but infuriating, so that's not fun. I keep playing it because I have spent some money, but most days I just want to be done with the game. Today is one of those many days, as I watch my army be useless as they run around their target, not even getting close. Just keep scrolling.. The legend league is so unfair. Even though I was only town hall 12 I always keep getting town hall 16 as my opponent like bruhhhh that was soooo unfair man.. UNABLE TO LOAD MY 4-5 COC ACCOUNTS, I guess I have no choice but to delete, but if any supercell member can reach me and help me out would love to play with all of my id again.

Clash of Clans APK

Thanks for making the changes! I noticed when using the season pass builder boost perk, upgrade costs show red (insufficient resources) even though there is enough for the upgrade. It still let's you upgrade, just shows red.. The new builder goblin guy is greedy and dumb, game is dope but bruh what is the point of that guy. Pushing pay to win like crazy with new update and now can't even build my new merged defenses what a joke. New dev team and content but most bugs I've ever seen sad state of affairs. Been playing everyday for 4 years and about to delete this trash. Only because when you attack, your people don't instinctively attack what's hitting them they just attack what's in front of them. so then they die quicker it's really ANNOYING otherwise it's a good game I'm enjoying it.

Clash of Clans APK

One day my I'd is not open and I lost my I'd till date I not download again this game I play 4-5 yrs and this make me feel sad. WE MISS THE GLOBAL CHAT, LONE PLAYERS REALLY NEED A COMPANY TO BE ALIVE IN THE GAME, PLEASE GET IT BACK. Cool shat but anyways Can u reduce the builder's bulding time?. I mean it takes literal days or weeks or whateve and it sometimes can easily be Destroyed by the attacker. The thing is that when i unistalled it mistakely i again downloaded it but it did not sign in the account that i needed.

Clash of Clans APK

Game was good but it bore some times when there is no one online in clan chat.By adding Global chat game get more interesting, so i suggest to add global chat again .... We're is gold pass gone when I pay for play pass monthly not happy you will lose a lot of customers now. It my childhood best game....i am 22 but still its my favourite one Edit- it' i am 23 stil it's my all-time fav. I love this game and have been playing for years. I know the devs are tired of hearing about it, but OG players that fell off for a few years coming back have the hardest time establishing a clan, or getting into one as a result of Global Chat being gone. I don't understand why they can't verify ages and make it disabled for younger folks. Just makes no sense to me.

I'm updating the game but it stops in 80% and start over every time I update plz solve this problem I'm afraid to lose my valliage I can't update the game. ok but not more baba babab improve the fighting skills what boring thing is to max every tools heros and to join in a clan.

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