NameAge of Colonization

A truly addictive strategy game. Download Age of Colonization: Economic strategy for android, this is where you can be in any corner of the map, and then start developing your own state.

This game project does not require you to be constantly connected to the Internet, which means you can play at any time convenient for you. You can feel like an imperious ruler of one of the coolest states.

It is interesting to see if you are ready for bloody confrontations against the Roman Empire, the British, as well as the powerful French. There are more than 40 different states that are waiting for their ruler.

Build yourself a huge army, as well as a fleet, conduct reconnaissance of the area, commit sabotage, and expect the enemy to attack. Try to protect your territory from enemy attacks, produce a wide variety of resources, and the surplus can be sold to other countries.

The game project is completely filled with real historical events. You will be able to create your own laws, hold meetings and solve the most global issues. Fight spies on your territory, think with your head, develop your plan of action and develop your young state.

Age of Colonization MOD

This game is pretty fun for the first little bit, but once you start attacking a few places it becomes very hard to replace your troops. It would be such and incredible game if it was easier to replenish troops.. This game is pretty fun and hard to put down. My only complaint is how tedious it is to maintain good relations with the world. You should have a button that says "support all countries" instead of going into every country to support. There should also be a way to donate to only the top friendships and not the bottom. Please make it easier to maintain a friendly status. The game becomes almost unplayable, you are just maintaining relationships for half the game.. Difficult to learn, even with it's tutorial. Seems to lean towards the money player. May not be in here long.. I'm giving only 2 stars because there is a huge difference between buying and selling price when trading. Eg if you are buying 1000 hats it's 12000 gold but you can only sell 1000 hats for 782. It's ridiculous. Alot more to improve, make things work please, forexample the game is so slow, add things like election of the Speaker of the Assembly and a very good working Parliament, secondly the game is just for purchases only please workout on that, again we also need to have our things like gold, bakeries, farms in the kingdom at least for start up but not building from the start..

Age of Colonization APK

1.Reduce camping cost system is horrible no sense at all ( eg.we buy something for 5 coins n when we sell we get 0.5 or alittle more ......thats so stupid) 3.colonization other place is such a waste of time n money need to improve that too 4. when we attack nearby kingdom the relationship should only be affected to the kingdoms only not the whole freaking world (its very annoying) the beginning we should get some gold n resources ....not directly star from zero its very difficult. Well the game is superb and I like it too much but I have a problem that some countries like the mughals and Mongols etc have some religious issues like mughals are Muslim ahmednagar state is also a muslim empire because of its name and Mongols are MONGOLS!!!Common can you fix it ?. The series are top tier. But tbh I absolutely hate the diplomatic system only due to how difficult it is to keep a positive one while going to war ect. Even in a defensive alliance, it still goes down. And be awesome to have coalitions. Or the option to start where you want to, create your own. But overall it's closest thing to crusader kings you can play that has more somewhat. So far I think the president version offers more options. And to be able to bomb is really cool lol. easy to learn tough to master. it's pay to play to be successful, but you can grind out a good game if you start with a mini to small country and hide quietly as to not be smashed by pirates or larger country like HRE..

Age of Colonization APK

Nice game but if u guys want to conquer all colonizations see as many ads u can so ull get +income hahghhaa. This is a pay to win kind of game.. you can't play without using real money.. every year brigands/pirate will appear in your territory.. and if you kill them.. you can't replenish what u lost within a year.. you needed to instant recruit to compensate your loss.. otherwise you will never ever able to conquer the world.. because your progress will be stagnant because of brigands/pirate yearly harassment.. and other countries will forever overtake you.. i rate 5* to allow people not get scam. I tried so hard, but it's just too stressful. No matter how much I put into diplomacy, my country was overrun again and again. Good timewaster, though.. I'd like to say this game is a bit easier than the others but 1 problem for me only that is not that bad and quite good and that is the colony bring expensive that's all..

Age of Colonization APK

This game is kinda cool, but its so slow. Like the army arrives to attack in like 30 minutes, its so boring, please change that! Can u pls make a ww2 game with this style of game. It would be the best :). Hi there your games are so cool i give you 5 stars rattings because your games are realy good when you play games you feel like real president feel free to play this game Hey oxywile please develope a game on ottoman epire because this is full of history. Commands are scattered, the game is focused only in in app purchases, that's the only thing the developer is interested in , I'll install it now. Overall a great game, one of the best geopolitical/strategy games on mobile however a frustrating issue that hasn't been addressed is whenever a new treaty has been passed in the assembly for example a ban on wars it only says how long the treaty will be in action for it doesn't state the date at which the treaty will end, this leaves us players constantly checking to see if it has ended please fix this issue, beacuse of this issue I give it a 4 star..

I LOVE THIS GAME THAT I HAVE DOWNLOADED 12 TIMES BUT I DELETE IT BECAUSE ARMY YAKES SO LONG TO COLONIZE ANY STATE AND IMPROVE OTHER STUFFS.. Well it is a very entertaining game, but the speed of the game sometimes can be a bit fustrating but i like it.. I have really enjoyed the game, I like the slower pace, but, the reason I rate this 3 Stars instead of 5, is because of one factor in the game, Opinion, the Opinions of your neighboring nations will steadily decrease and eventually lead to war unless you spend ridiculous amounts of resources to appease them, Id really like this to be fixed to where their Opinion of your nation doesn't decrease or increase unless you do something like declare war or break a treaty.. I don't get it how can I build up the kingdom if at the start of the game I have no gold to do anything. I mean at all and there's so much meaning less stuff you got to do. there's a chance of this being fun but it may not be.

This game needs lot of rework and balancing. It is impossible to play after without dumping money. Resource buildings are limited by population while population is limited by building. Even with max building one can't feed the strating people. Need to trade with gold which is also limited by population. Diplomacy is totally broken. Any county can attack anyone which make border irrelevant. Literally every added feature is broken. I can write an entire essey but word count is stopping me. -10/5. It's a shame that the Indonesian Archipelago is not included in the world map. In addition, in the past there were several kingdoms that had great influence in Southeast Asia such as Sriwijaya and Majapahit.. I love this game but I feel difficulty in playing for long time because of tutorial not coves all concepts and it crashes when I trade or send resources to anyone.. AI diplomats should be stationed in a country to improve relationship between state annually. Most importantly - and + button for Tribute adjustment. Also multiple selection of States/Country for sending gifts. Intersection of enemy troops before arriving on the capital. Each State/Country should have its own Avatar..

good, need to update somethings. If I go to a war and if I won than the whole country is oir. it is not realistic. and constructions and recruitments are very very slow. i think that "Oxiwle" will fix these problems. It's really good, but I wish there was the whole world to colonize and the colonizing option to be less expensive.. The game is awesome but you can add a banking system where we can takes loans and give loans to other states and the Mughal Empire is Muslim state and his capital is Agra not Delhi but his maximum population is Hindu.. I like this game a lot but there is problem which everyone faced it is low speed of game i just want to say that the game took so long and also not run on background so this thing is a little annoying can you make that super fast thing free for us because some people like me cannot spend in games do this that if we watch ad we will get super speed for 30 to 40 minutes overall best game.

If I could give less than 1 star I would. This game is what sheer greed looks like. You start the game and the tutorial makes you upgrade your salt mine, and leaves you a huge deficiency in other production. Not only does it take 6+ hours on a tutorial forced research, it leaves you with no resources to produce anything else. The evolution of Pay to Play games has come to unplayable games.. Good game all round could add some more stuff for research but other than that great game I recommend to everyone to try it. The game is overall great with complex and engaging mechanics but there is lag when I open the map and the app crashes sometimes, overall if the issue is fixed I'll give 5 stars,love the game. Edit:it was just a little lag, it's fixed now and I can now fully see the map.5 stars.. ok maybe that will help me with the economy of my country so tes good game but be careful with your game because.........................................I WILL BE BACK..

it's a fun game my only problem is the some tasks don't make much sense so I don't know what I need to do (like increase the army by 2 times) & the tutorial should cover more about the game.. This game is an amazing game its very time consuming tho. The time to build the gold mines feels like a life time if didn't find the ads i would have prolly deleted it by now. And i was thinking about trading other things to get resources like not jus gold. It is an amazing game and u guys did well. Thank you for this amazing game. All is good. But it is a very slow game. If it will be more fast to develope things,,, It will be a very popular and favourite Game... I can't seem to press the start button because it just keep on pressing on the home button of my phone but it's a fun game. I would like to play it but the game won't let me.

good although I think that it could be better if I could zoom in more because some of the countries are blocked by the little squares on the side. You know the that says mail anyway I think that if you could be able to move troops around your country kind of like other games.. It's bad because you run out of money really quickly so I have been playing with cheats but without cheats the game is boring do better don't play this garbage lol.. Where is the rest of the world like brother, it's the age of colonization yet no north America, I'm just colonizing the hot, MO resource Sahara desert.. That was the quickest game delete I have ever done, opening page shows the Irish flag, but not mentioned as a country choice.

Hello, Oxiwyle! I really love your games, but, there's 1 feature you need to add in these games: 20th century europe, Age of colonization, MA 1, Kievan rus, and europe 1784. The feature is: Ask all nations for help. Because, I spend a lot of time asking my allies for help. Please add this feature.. Now I try my best to play the game but every time I join I can not choose a country or even play, and yes I have rated one of your games over a month ago and you do not take my response into effort so I personally think that your games should be avalavle for chrome book. Cant say anything about the game play because I never played it. I was going to but couldn't find the country United states of America or even American colony which you can clearly see in the picture of the American flag when you download this game. So because of that I immediately stopped!!!! Very disappointed you should change the flag to another country at least because that is false advertising making a person believe they can play that country just to find out they cant. Can you please explain to me why do you use the south african flag on your game profile picture if you don't have the country in game. Either change my home lands flag from the picture, or add my country in the game..

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