NameMight & Magic Era of Chaos
ReleaseUbisoft Mobile Games

This is a classic strategy with RPG elements, a “by-product” of the famous franchise in which you must restore the kingdom of Erathia and destroy all its enemies. Once started, you will control Queen Catherine, and with her help, you will try to fix the domain of Erathia, which the war between humans and the undead has destroyed. This war continued for many years. Of course, things have calmed down, but the battle continues, and the kingdom has been plundered and almost destroyed. You have to restore it and destroy the enemy. To do this, you will go to the global map to build different buildings in turn-based mode and fight the enemies.

In all battles, units will automatically attack, and you will only have to monitor and use the heroes’ abilities periodically. You will get many upgrades, rewards, and even new warriors to win the battles. You can upgrade your army with the help of promotions and virtual currency. Even though this strategy does not have any elements of the classic story, it is exciting and engaging. If you love design, download Might and Magic—heroes: An Era of Chaos for Android.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos MOD

Game is good, but I dont like it like i did with: might and magic elemetal guardians . I adored that game, I wish I could still play it. It so sad it got removed. But I dont know why. This is not a game I would play long tho. But I respect the makers of the game and ubisoft. Enjoying the first three days so far. Good gaming mechanics and easy to learn, the battle animations look nice and there is many things to do in a day. I've just had a couple of times where I struggled to login, will update this review in the future.. P2W heroes lmao. You can only get them via top up (irl money only). Fights are nice but get this p2w garbage out. Saying "everything is obtainable" is a lie. Just go to their discord and you'll figure it out.. nothing like heroes of might and magic 3. infact it's an insult to homm3 to even associate this with that game. except using characters and names the game play is completely changed and graphics are ugly. battle is automated. infact couldn't play 5 minutes. avoid. Game have many bugs, after reinstall game, i treid to log in to my account, but it show message that the account is already used, so i choosed second option to swich account, and i lost all my progress and money. Ubisoft, this game is just moneymaker, if you are fan of m&m3 u will be very dissapointed. 0/5.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos APK

Doesn't resemble homam gameplay at all. It's just generic mobile game with linear progress, without turn based combat. Art is nice, gameplay is boring.. I have no idea who this game is for. Fans of Might & Magic are 30+ years old. The lore seems to have been disregarded completely. The art style focuses on its kawaii characters having jiggly chests when they move around the screen than being cohesive. The game runs at horribly low FPS. All voice acting sounds horrible as if the audio fidelity is too low, a problem I thought we would not hear again in this century. The UI fails to stand out from the game, so it is hard to spot what is a button.. Second time in 2-3 months that my account is somehow erased. This is even though it was linked with both my Google and Facebook. I am done with the bs and done investing any more money and time in this. What a waste!!. Insult! This is a joke cartoon-ish copy of homm3 not even close! HARD PAY TO WIN! Don't waste your time playing if you aren't nutty rich dude who like to waste his money for NOTHING! You need to buy a hero every month for 150 dollar and try to win with the amount of money you spent. Of course you can't win because game has secret players who force you spend more! Real scam shame of Ubisoft shading it quality!.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos APK

Never played such a rewarding game . Not easy to lurn, Thank you Developers for making a pleasurable guid, it points you in the Right Direction, Fighting other players in the Arena, Using Chat & Finding the right Guild for you is pain free.,. Make mistakes then correct them when bigger. Loads of different Heros to collect. Yes there is chance to purchase it is there after all the Developers need a wage BUT it's not forced on you. play free or buy the new person's gifts up to you ..... I had a negative review of M&M game, k change my mind after replaying it so many years. Great adaptation of the Heroes games in a linear style , with great mechanics. Definitely a plus for any oldskool HoMM head, try it out to full potential before judging. We'll worth it.. The game is fun. The upgrade mechanics for troops and combat are simple and the rewarding system is more than agreeable. I love this game!!. Horrible game, lots of bugs, insane pay wall, units cost 100 just to get, not including maxing them or even making them useful. The discord mods are power hungry abusers, and break their own rules while enforcing rules that don't exist. Mods, cms, and ubi team have no communication with each other. They just want the free resources.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos APK

Contacted support due to an inability to progress in areas that I have fully completed in the past as well as other in-game issues and they are unconcerned. Told me to join Discord.... smh. That's fantastic customer service. I wouldn't recommend unless you can purchase ALL Premium ALL the time bc my measly Level 14 VIP doesn't amount to enough.. I have been a fan or Might & Magic for a long time. I enjoy the new modern version as it provides more variety in game play. The graphics are good and the new battle screen adds to the modernization of the game. It is also one or the very few games where you do not have to spend money to advance in the game. Great job, thankyou . FINAL REVIEW:this is a QUICKSAND! Hard pay to win! Fakey dumpey PROJECT of homm! (MADE IN CHINA) Don't waste a penny in this sinkhole! servers last a few week than dead! Regardless how strong units you have, if you don't have latest hero, you lose! And heroes sold around 120 dollar and there is no other way to obtain the latest hero. MOREOVER! Game nerf the old heroes. This is a secret trick to manipulate your brain! More you spend more you dragged into trap! Stay away for your own SAKE!. To many fake bot accounts put in the game by Ubisoft. It's embarassing. 15 of 18 of my last fights were all fake bots. Support is useless..

two stars for the basic template from might and magic... In short its greedy, within 10 minutes of starting the game you arent even all the way through the tutorial, you will get bombarded with 4 110+ buck offers as if some basic unit/hero is worth twice the collection of all might and magic games. And its unbalanced, it forces you to use certain heroes/units that are at clear disadvantage in the match up or jumps the power up to 15/10 just to stop progress. I wish hero tactics was back.... Installed on the hope it would be Heroes of Might and Magic for android. No such luck. It is just combat. I would pay for HMM3 if it was converted to tablet. Don't bother this games servers are terrible I just started playing and got disconnected twice but I shouldn't of expected anything good from ubisoft. Won't even let me download it, remains at 3% desoite me having more than enough space for it. I'll try again later but what a serious let down...

Final review: 1. Strictly pay to win. The game gives out lots of diamonds but cash only perks are OP. No real way to rank up for free players since cash input matters most for everything. 2. Old servers are basically dead. Devs clearly do not care enough to manage this and just open new ones. 3. Game modes are generally not different enough to matter; essentially garbage grindy rigged clickers to farm some arbitrary resource. 4. Nostalgia and nothing else really. Thanks and goodbye.. The game is the best in my game options and best in the google play store in my opinion. I have played this game nearly as long as it has been out, I have not spent a single dollar on the game, but yes, it is slow paced without money to pay on the game. Although that makes it all the more challenging, and now thanks to my efforts and time I have ranked #49 in the arena/game. You can definitely advance without money, and again the best game I could ever play.. Absolute garbage. This pay to win has to stop. At least can you one regular game and one pay to win to whoever wants to spend money. Old school fan here but can't be paying real cash to buy a fakin hero... would give 0 stars if I could.. It's a pretty good game, I can see how later you'll start running out of energy trying to upgrade every unit you get, and I'm pretty sure the part to win elements are going to make trying to do any pvp stuff insufferable but I like the heroes universe and find a lot of what this game has to offer very interesting and unique..

Do not expect the authentic nostalgia if you have any HoMM before. Do not waste your time on this game. This is not HoMM. Unisoft butchered and spit on this franchise and this is the outcome. HoMM Deformed Edition. This is one of the few games that I keep coming back to over and over again. Satisfying and easy to play but enough rewards and action to be had. I recommend it for when you have free time and don't want to grind. I'm glad I have it in my games to play.. Prepare 300 bucks just to start with 3 paid heroes...that will put you in top 5-10 on your server.If you want to compete with other servers...well, VIP 12 minimum. Ubisoft spent more time putting in jiggle animation and cleavage than gameplay into this game. This is a disservice to fans of heroes of might and magic..

I only linked my Google account to this and when I reopened it, it was trying to get my Facebook account as well. I actually hit yes and there's no way to unlink. Uninstalling. Super scammy.. This game is suck!! I spent hours to reached lvl 22, then the server was disconnected. When I reconnected, my lvl was down to lvl 8 and lost all my assets. Never play this game again, it totally wasted time!. Greedy devs, big pay to win. Inbalanced factions, play dungeon or tower only if you want to have a shot. A lot of bugs in game, they rarely fixed them, instead they release new untested things that usualy are bugged. They never respond or listen to the players on discord. Avoid. Warning this is pure p2w game if you not ready to spend till vip6 ++ you are just fooder to makes the people who paid worth the money.

Not smooth as if it is not fix to 60 fps. need a settings that optimize the graphics to better resolution!. When I have updated it, I can't log in with my account. It seems like the game developers want me to play the game from scratch.. Not too shabby, nice game to release stress after a hard days work. Graphics are not bad at all, loads of freebies.. Very easy to play. Even when I don't understand much! Although, a bit repetitive on the attacking in the events. (psst. Far better than Evony) Update. Quit after day 2. PvE is a grind. Too much work for me..

Every time I have tried to download this game, it keeps saying an error has occurred and it freezes up on trying to download the update.. I love it. I play it everyday. Some things are a bit expensive, but it is expected for devs to pay bills, but other than that, enough free stuff and low cost stuff to enjoy the game and for me to be a formidable b***h!. Yet another good game goes weird after playing for over a year, maybe the designers get fed up decide to pull the plug on the game and blame a server problem.. Greatest game for time passing and single play free to play and I do alright but you can actually farm and build your team to compete with p2p or f2p just have to grind but the game is very fun and s good way to take your mind off things for a day or time here and there. Graphics are good game play and style is amazing and unique and fun..

I've been playing this game pretty much every day for the past three years, and I can honestly say this game is both fun and addicting, I genuinely hope Ubisoft never stops supporting it because I'll keep playing it as long as it's online.. Its actually terrible with graphics and gameplay. Might and magic duels with cards 10 years ago was peak game, but now might and magic make games for kids.. Just started got mantainance is it? The most stupidest game ever I download. Not worth playing wasted my data to download.. IBRAHIM lBRAHIM now cara bikin Malaysia European Roma deco Jalan Jalan Jalan Jalan romantic on television Bond ibrahimmer sarafbilillah cara bisa main-main ID bedain polo on the sarabes sorry sorry yahoo7 colour garam masala manageable table garam masala syarat SGP diare monster cara bikin dari in Jaya Korea full senja thank you .

Whales paradise. Terrible balance. Might as well be called Era of Xeron. Update:New units break balance even further. No reason to use anything other than commanders or champions. Who are usually paid for. Can be/is fun if you ignore PVP but getting ingame rewards is often gated behind it. Nothing like getting completely blocked by someone half your "power" on campaign cause theyre using only those units. In a cycle of picking the game up a few days, getting exasperated, dropping it 4 months. I played this game for a year or so but it doesn't have exploration like old homm. Also, it's mostly pay to win. Most of us just want a new mobile heroes of might and magic not this. Tinysoft has multiple homm rip off games with 1 million plus downloads.. Why I cant log into my previous google account? It always tell me "google + verification failed" I cant use my account with a vip level 5 . The tutorials don't really help and there isn't anyplace to go to figure out how the game works. It seems like you have to spend a lot of money to advance otherwise you just flail around. The training exercises are absolutely no good, they don't train you to do anything. Explanations for any thing are non existent..

Pay to win. New units are broken compared to older units. Pretty much a horrible game and all the HoMM units are weaker than the units from other ubisoft games. Very very lame for fans of the original games.. The game needs to have global chat features added. For example, a way to turn off or disable world chat / red dot notification of new comment. Events are poorly designed and/ or purposely planned to push paying for packs, and lack quick info access on event and objectives/rules.. The shark trainer from the cove faction is too powerful. If you don't have it, don't bother playing. It will kill entire armies by itself, at a lower level. Get it, or quit. I'm quitting. That's just bad game mechanics. Appealing to the p2p crowd.. To much tutorial... i mean come on already i wanna play the dam game not get a walk through un-installed trash id give no stars if I could.

WORST GAME EVER!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY FOR THIS GAME!!!! Game is full of bug's and developers don't do anything to fix it. Every update is comming with new bug's. Units and heroses are comming out buged already and devs ignoring that and not fixing! There is no balance between factions. Ubi just love tower and dungeon factions and others sucks! They just want your money and don't give anything back. Avoid this game! Edit: All bugs were reported on discord chanel - so devs knows.... Unfortunately, forced tutorials keep preventing me from playing the game as I can not tap on parts of the map because it wants me to tap somewhere else. Skippable tutorials really need to be the standard as it has locked me out on two different clean starts from progressing.. Is trying to retrieve update info on loading screen but it doesn't work and I can't enter to play anymore. You can be TWICE someone's level, and still lose to them, simply because they paid heavily into the game and are VIP 7+.

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