NameMy Colony
ReleaseMy Colony Universe

Strategic space colony toy. In the My Colony strategy, you will be able to pick up a certain futuristic approach to everything that happens here.

Develop, build houses, plants, and factories and expand at an incredibly fast pace. Only the fastest and most advanced players will be able to develop, learn new technologies, and move forward. Get valuable resources to get to the next level the fastest. Develop your technologies, complete tasks, and become more powerful than other players.

The newest and unique opportunities, development at a fast pace, moving in a certain direction, and opening up new territories. Now you have absolutely everything to make the right choice, earn more money and develop ahead of everyone. Nice graphics, lots of funny moments, and everything that will make you move fast forward.

My Colony MOD

Really annoying that you quit developing the game I love it still do the reason for 1 star is there's no way to get wood harvesting research on ice world which means I'm not able to build certain structures I've spent ape coins on researching things yet there's no way to get them (waste of ape coins :(. This game is honestly just freaking awesome. I've been playing this since it came out. From my laptop on the browser to here on mobile, I've been having a lot of fun with this game. It does have it's problems, especially with the lack of playability in the later stages of the game, but if you can stick around for the constant new updates and glitches here and there, it's seriously a fun time. this game is fun but its confusing for a new player which may be a dealbreaker for them and it was kind of annoying to me. Used to play it a lot, now the app won't launch on a reinstall. Can't even play the damn thing. Love it. Been playing for 2 years now off and on #edit. Now 5 years, still come back. Def download if your into civ style games.

My Colony APK

This one is way better than the second 1. It's way more in depth and is more like a colony building simulation. I like how on the ice world. You have to make sure you balance your resources properly. At the beginning, otherwise, you can actually make the growth stop And you can actually fail and I like that challenge of this game. The second one seems to remove all challenge and is just ugly and clunky. Great game i used to play. bit sad that a year of progress is gone cause there was no Google play save system. Game is no longer offline. You Have to have 24/7 internet to play the game. As someone who has bad internet, as well as losing internet for multiple months at a time, this makes the game unplayable.. I first played My Colony years back and enjoyed it on my pc, at first playing on mobile was a bit awkward but once i got used to it wow im impressed at the progress this game has made, Well done :).

My Colony APK

Thank you! This game is great. I originally made this review in 2017 and the game is still going strong! The community is flawless and if I could give more than 5 stars, I would give at least 12. Thank you Brandon, hope you are doing well.. The navigation bar on the bottom of the screen is in the way of some buttons when you close and open the game.. This is a really great game. It has a bug that's really annoying where it resets the game engine settings every time I load in. lost considerable progress during last update which is pretty discouraging. no planned future content is also a major league bummer..

My Colony APK

With the last update, mail boxes are broken. Local network games are still not recognized and no mailbox showing up.. I am really disappointed with this game now because when I start a new game the world setting stay on and make it unplayable on my mobile device. This needs sorting as I own the full game.. I think there used to be underground housing now theres no such thing the biggest house i can build now is only 320 people. even tho i have unlocked lot of technologies including underground build . i think its bug .. 5 . Whoever made this game knows how to make a city building game ! Taking away 2 stars but babies are real a big problem. They create imbalance. Extreme useless population. Wait its not working anymore. Idk i came back after long time Only showing black screen.

Very addicting game. I don't think the controls are that bad like some people say. Overall, it's a really good game.. I personally could use just a tad more tutorial it's like once you hit the charcoal hut you have no clue what's going on. Might be just me though I love this game and find myself coming back time after time.. The Graphics are a bit low and it doesn't tell you what regolith is but other than that it's a great game. 1st Review 3 star I encountered 2 problem during the new update, is that the game wont load if you try to play online the second being is that the saved or backup file u called wont work anymore so i just lost my colony i hope u fix it. Its a great game a good time killer if im bored but yeah after the update i lost my colony so i hope i got a response about my problem, thank you. Edit: 2nd review 2 star My rating have gone to 2 stars Your new update have than nothing to fix my previous prob..

App has been broken for over a week. When it worked, it was great though. But I can't load a saved game or make a new one either.. After the recent update the app doesn't work anymore. S22 ultra. GUTTED! Saved games will not load. Just says contacting server also getting a parsing error. Used to play on a daily basis, now I can't even load my colonies, backup or not. Please fix! It says that there's an error with the server parsing login response.. I've only been playing since this afternoon, but so far it's one of the MOST addictive games I've ever played. It's super unique and fun, and not pay-to-play, refreshingly. I've already racked up 7 hours of playtime, it's been hard to tear myself away from this game. I will leave a more detailed review later on..

No idea how to play. No tutorial. No tooltips or anything on button selection. No way to tell what buttons do what things.. its a fun game but kind of sucks on mobile. you have to figure out a lot yourself and the interface is just clunky. I love the game. Could you possibly add support to SteamDeck? I would love to play it on there because mobile is tough with a small screen and hardware. But the steamdeck could run it with ease.. it just needs optimizations to run it.. Amazing game, but when I recently reinstalled and logged onto my account, which previously had premium, it no longer had premium..

A game in which you're building your colony. A lot closer to a peaceful version of Age of Empires in which you build resource-producing buildings on a grid than, say, every other mobile app that advertises Building Up Your Town Hall or whatever. This is a good game.. Absolute banger of a game. I come back to it every few months and get so hooked i have to delete it. I cant escape. Legit been one of my fav games for the past 4 years.. Amazing game a little laggy and hard to understand at first but very very fun if you can understand it. I spent 4 months working on a world, and now I can't get into it, it's stuck on "attempting to restore backup" and "decompressing data" four months of my time, wasted Edit: it happened again on my lunar world.

This has been on the store forever, but theres a lot of content and a great way to pass the time on roadtrips, very simple graphics but the ads arent too bad and its not pay to win, bought the premium version just cuz I like the game and the additional buildings give the game a little more flavor. It's a good game I've played it from the beginning the only problem I have with is that you have to have the game open and running for it to even do anything. If i was able to close it and they keep building collecting etc. While its offline that would be amazing.. Unfortunately disappointing. This game has great potential but it feels like the devs gave up on it. There is an "owners manual" for how to play...that doesn't load. An online community for more info on gameplay....that doesn't load. Feedback from users from 3 years ago has not been implemented - you cannot reposition any buildings leaving the whole colony messy and unmanageable. Such a shame.. The game itself is good but kinda laggy, my biggest complaints are that when you put lots of things together e.g: a 3x9 row of solar panels, the ones in the middle randomly deactivate, another problem is that I have premium (bought on steam) and signed in on ApeApps, I signed in on my phone and the premium didn't transfer..

Ever since the last update, there has been serious lag issues or not being able to connect to server due to lag issues.. Great game. One of the few pps out there that is neither pay to play or bombards you with ads. You definitely need some patience to really get into it though, so it might not be for everyone.. Ani ha dBm ha chick Shattuck watchmen druggie chagrin strange shrift without shrugging sidekick tenemos voicemail dietician succumbs furry sexny gluten cleric aka election sucks SunTrust shortfall audible sublease chauffeuring Gggggg. they say you can take your premium account with you on any device.. im currently playing my colony on my pc logged into my account and no premium.. hey Ape apps developers, whats going on??.

This is an absolutely great game.the game has a lot of complexity so theres alot to learn but it isnt so complex that you'd get a stroke from seeing all the different numbers and pie charts. The start of a colony is a slow one,one that you grow slowly and slowly from a couple of people and one rover to a thriving metropolis, If thats too slow you can join a Commonwealth where you can meet, chat and trade with other players. Overall 5/5. I bought this game some time ago. Look to be the same. Simple and fun plus a time killer this is.. Amazing game. Great to play online and offline, with no popup ads interrupting gameplay. Wish it was easier to start, with maybe a tutorial, but I love this game so far.. Deal with overpopulation with no proper way to solve it, u would think game would have government policies u can put in place like 1 child per family but no. Everyone seeming has 20 babies then refuse to work cos of no food and water. But if you give in and build more water and food infrastructure, they will out match that. I once loved this game but when they added the ability of your colonists to go above the provided housing game gone bad but give.. I would swear but need to keep this PG..

I have a 1200$ phone with 6gb of ram, yet this game is STILL very laggy, it'd cool I guess but takes forever to get started and is just... meh overall. Highly enjoyable game, I've made a huge base but the game becomes so slow and often crashes without saving, if they can fix the performance then this game would be perfect. Also a way to synthesise the blue crystal before it's needed for the research. Also a faster way to create uranium, perhaps a torus structure that uses iron, water and lots of electricity create uranium?? It could be 9x9, use 100 iron, 1200 water, and 10,000 electricity, that would create 10 uranium?. No words are going to describe the loads of fun and self-challenge this game brings to me. If you like micro-management play style, GET THIS APPLICATION AND BUY THIS DEVELOPER A BEER!! 10-14-22 Recent update peaked my interest but also refresh this five star stat . Cause this app is a five star feature! Two-times in inna row.. I really like this game. I've played it on other devices before and found a quick liking to the zolarg. I only have one problem with this game which I've seen to as of late which is that on some updates it messes up huge things that affect/ put a block on the game. For instance I can't start any new colonies of zolarg and alpha draconian because the supply piles don't act as drop off points when clearly before the update it was working perfectly fine. Really a 4.5/5, otherwise I love this game.

I've always been off and on with this game, but it always brings a enjoyable time and keeps me coming back. Been playing since 2018 and it keeps sucking me back in. Super chill and just an overrall fun sandbox with limitless potential. This game is amazing i wont lie to you. But something im sure a lot if players would love to see is space travel so if the first planet is filled you can go to another. But overall great game. 5 stars anyday. Almost 1 year now but the laggy problems and other bugs are still present, though overall it's a great game with a unique but simple concept..

I like the concept of the game, but it does use a lot of CPU and glitch out frequently as a result. Also, if you play on certain android devices, the build icon sometimes disappears behind your phones own navigation buttons which means you have to save the game and re-enter, so that can be annoying. However, the style of the game is good. It's a fun builder that will keep you entertained for hours and it's always changing. There's always a challenge, whatever planet or faction you choose.. Only thing I would like is to see a job stat vs unemployment. Something to the effect of x number of colonists /x number of jobs. Maby some indicator as to how many jobs have vacant positions. Balancing number of colonists vs number of jobs currently requires you to click on each building to see if it is fully staffed, then subtracting the number of staff vs current population in your head to make sure you aren't overpopulated.. It's hard to even know what to do or how to do it I cant press new colony without having a account and when I do somehow get in the game it took me so long to figure out how to click on stuff it's hard to even do anything I tried to make some buildings but the options it was empty so was food and ect so, hopefully there should be a guide to learn how to play the game because trying to start the game was challenging there was no clue. Some of the ads on the bottem are really annoying because I keep misclicking a circle, thinking it was the build button.

Great Good game but its somethimes laggy. Try to make so that you can collect iron etc. even when you are not in-game.. After some time of playing this game on and off and purchasing premium, I've come to realize that the game really isn't as great as how I remember back in elementary school. Over time, sure it's had a lot of new content added and now I can experience an ad free fully fledged version of the game, but with performance issues, lack of any real goal, poor ui, repetitive gameplay with very little variation, some little features like colonist customizing gone, it's just not as good as it used to be.. It seems like it would be a fun game but with so many different things it's just too difficult to learn without any sort of help/tutorial. Best space game I have ever played really good in the plants but I would only think that the worst part would be when you open build menu and your tool bar comes up....

That stupid rover says THERE IS NO RAW MATERIAL DEPOT there is rover are you blind see its infront of you okay my problem is i built a raw material depot my rover says no there is no raw mat depot. Awesome game! If you like city building/management games on pc, this is a great mobile one to take with you. So far so good. I haven't been playing for very long, but I did pay to upgrade just to support ya. Games good enough with limited play for me to do take it for what it's worth. If I get deeper in I may edit this review.. Listen, this game is amazing. I mean yes, it does have the occasional laggy patch or glitch, but all in all a great game..

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