NameArt of War Legions
ReleaseFastone Games HK

An exciting strategy with a minimalist design. Here is an excellent strategy game with a minimalist design in a polygonal style. The developers offer every gamer to immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere of fun battles between two groups of troops. If you are ready for this, download Art of War: Legions for Android and go to war. Standing at the head of the army subject to you, you must defeat the enemy and all his military units. You will be a legion commander who needs to win the battle. The gameplay is divided into levels.

At each stage, you must fight with specific groups of troops. All battles take place in different locations of a limited type. Before the start of the fight, you can choose a certain number of units by buying them with in-game currency. Before each level, you are given a certain amount of game currency, which you must correctly distribute to defeat enemy troops at the current level. In this case, you can only place the fighters on the battlefield, and they will fight in automatic mode. By winning battles, you will receive various rewards and upgrades. Download Art of War: Legions for Android if ready for action.

Art of War Legions MOD

This game here, is just a master piece, i dont remember much from when i played it but, its just here for me, a perfect time distracter, and is very fun to play, i remember me getting a too hype cheering to win lmao,but after all one of the best games i EVER PLAYED id rate it a 6 star if possible. Extremely fun game, Really good. By the way, could you guys add more features and stuff? The game gets boring over time. Could you add more troops, heroes, and stuff?. Limited chapter and territory - Every month their are updates coming up, but it's being more than year, new chapter and territory have not been added to it. Chapters are more interesting thn the others updates, without chapter this game is so boring, which I feel. I had requested number of time to add chapter but I think teams needs more time to develop it.. Recent updates have caused the app to not be able to log in due to the connection lost. I have connection, its the app.. It's an ok strategy game. I played for 4 and 1/2 years and enjoyed it. But I feel I've gone as far as I can with it..

Art of War Legions APK

There are way too many unnecessary heroes in the game that needs a huge nerf. The heroes are separate into 2, either way too OP or way too weak. We need to remove heroes such as Chione for just ruining the entire fun of the battle.. Like if she freezes your army you can't do nun about this and just lose. Wow. Way to make it complicated with the honor hunting (cyclops). What a waste of money invested in this game. Extremely idiotic. Whoever thought that it would be more engaging just doesnt understand its audience.. Achcha game hai isgame ka namehai Art of :Legions I love my India pyara game bahut achcha game hai jo bahut pyara game Ilove my india. I am playing this game for over three years (with a short break) and I have a love hate relationship with it. Success comes with a cost of spending a lot of time and money so if you are not intending to do both then look for a different game. The social part of the game exceeds the quality of the game itself as you will be interacting with some awesome players. The game itself has a lot of flaws which the devs seem to struggle with fixing. I could have go on, but there's a 500 character limit..

Art of War Legions APK

I downloaded from an ad in another game which I rarely do. Thinking this is gonna be stupid af. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. Turned out to be a great game. Two hundred troop limit killed the game. Games more of a chore than fun. Was fun for a minute. Uninstalled. Extreme time consuming game. It takes more than 3 hours just for completing the daily tasks. This game isnt F2P friendly. Money is everything in this game. You can reduces the time required for daily tasks via money (2x speed).. You gave players an overview of what the last update would include, but NEVER mentioned to players that the game mechanics surrounding how troops and heroes behave would change. You turned the game upside-down without warning and with no guide or directions, and it will ultimately negate the progress many players have made, and make months/years of work virtually worthless. Unprofessional, dishonest, underhanded and shady. There's no way to justify this, so a response isn't necessary.. This game is very addicting, you can get so many coins and gems from quest, which for me is not hard just needs good strategy, so many troops to unlock, you can get coins while being offline, and yes when you're enemy is powerful you're troops are still better just needs good strategy.

Art of War Legions APK

I recomend to all rate this 5 STAR Becuse this game is so easy and it help to grow our Battle IQ. Hay qu ver anuncios para avanzar, claro qu si son necesarios para avanzar ya qu justamente sin esas mejoras no tienes nivel para progresar, por mentir en la respuesta le bajo a 1 estrella.. I know that all are giving you bad rating but I like your game best or if you do more upgrades to this I amsure your game will best game ever.. it's a really good game for me.because when i was 6 i used to play it I'am an OG and I Would say please add a over-powered Hero!.

This game sucks feces. Malicious programming makes you frequently lose battles that you should have won. I've had numerous battles with my level 17 Aly versus a level 15** Aly. That means my Aly is 5 steps stronger than my opponents. My army was far superior. The game makes my hero wander forward towards the enemy to die. Meanwhile my opponents hero stays back away from everybody and lives on. Now my hero is dead. My opponent now with their feces hero and feces army defeats my weakened army.. The developers keep changing the power attributes of the heroes and troops. nerfing this, overpowering that. you spend all your time and resources into building up a good hero and troops, only to have them nerfed. You basically have to start all over again. On top of that, in the last couple of weeks, they have done something to where a battle you should win, you don't. You could've beat it easily a few weeks ago. Edit: I think the devs have now nerfed my whole account in response to my comment. Umm overall this is a very good game, but I noticed that the players on the leaderboard because when i tried to find my brother according to his rank he wasn't there and I think I wasn't too..why??? Please solve the problem and also please please please add a method that allows us to battle in teams and clans.....Thank you, this was my personal opinion and I am really excited about the new update . Ayyy the new update is crazy...this game deserves 6 star rating. The developers are vindictive liars. They'll cheat you for saying anything bad about them, especially on Facebook. Don't spend a dime in this game..

No real strategy. There's a pretence that you're laying your troops out in formation to win but once you start they just charge into a chaotic mess in the middle.. Game is fun and additive but please increase the reward of main level even you reach or play high level amount of reward will be same this is dissatisfied. The game is alright but just just gets boring after awhile, especially when your losing area trophies to someone when your attack is 1.4 million and there defense is only 600K , that doesn't make sense what so ever, and the wheel spin is rigged as anything put 40.000 gems in and didn't win a single hero, been playing nearly a year, haven't gained much so I'll be uninstalling it and loss interest.. I was going to install it then I read about how horribly it is programmed everything is random so I cancelled it..

This game is good, not gonna lie, but it gets boring after a while, to upgrade the heroes.. nearly impossible.. leaving you hopeful, no opportunities to advance. Fun in the early going, but the arena, which is the biggest thing, is broken. I find I often lose even if my troops are more powerful and I have a better General. It is not worth your time or money.. What did you do to the game? There are constant crashes & server error messages. The game will freeze & it eats tons of battery life on my phone. This was one of the best games I've played in a while. Whatever you've done has made the game unplayable. Such a shame.... This game was really good but when we go higher level it's need real money to win .. I hope that the developer give some free rewards after the new update pls without paying money, thanks .

Fake game, not based on strategy at all, you can level ten troops and get no results, Abusive staff who can dish it but cant take it, lots of lies and deceit involved in this game, not worth the time!. Absolutely love the game been playing it from a year or so i have 2 accounts my only complaint no matter how much damage you do in honour hunting you can only get 200 medals at a time there should be more reward for more damage. An overall very fun game to play! It's a good game if you simply want to waste time and it's also a good game if you're bored, waiting, or what to temporarily occupy yourself. I love this game and think that it's amazing!. Many glitches. App not loading. Super rigged "gambling" against the player. Entirely subscription based. High level of entry. I would suggest not wasting your time or money.

DON'T INSTALL. A horribly programmed game. After many months I have finally given up. Initially it was fun. I paid for many upgrades in this game. All my troops were level 10. My legendary heroes were 16+ My army, strategy and experience was top level. Yet you will lose to a guy who has invested 0$. With soldiers at level 8, and he doesn't even play anymore. It's just poor AI. POOR PROGRAMMING. I reached out to support. The suck as well. So many incompetent employees! 0/5 stars. Very bad game. The system is so unfair giving enemies more opportunities to attack. And that's make the game so hard. I am playing this game for 3 months and now suddenly today I am getting logging in fail again and it is just repeating kindly fix it I was about to get my ideal reward now i can't look into it team. This game has several modes. The truly competitive mode is Arena. In order to get the most out of the game you'll need to grind heroes and troops, IMO join a clan, and try for the highest Arena score you can. Money, as always, can accelerate the process. But doing the daily rewards is important and don't expect to be at the top quickly. I find complex juggling of heroes and troops to be fun and challenging, and I'm fine with working my way up. Ad: Join KIL!.

You guys don't even read these anymore. The game keeps kicking me off and stealing my battles and rewards. This game is good but i can't even play enough to clear my daily tasks.. I played this game when I was 5 years old now iam 10 years old but I play this game till now I have all the cards because I have played it for 5 Years. thank you i can play normally now there's no wrong at my game it's doesn't auto quit thank you for the advice/tips now i can play happy your game is good now. This game was very interesting but there was a problem this problem is if you use a redeem code then the code will not work.

This use to be fun and I've been in top 20 in arena played awhile. Biggest issue is programmers here they can't figure out their own game,and it was minor but now they've completely broke it! There's only 2-3 Heros that are worth using and that rarely changes with update its gotten so bad 98% of the top 1500 run same type of defense and same Hero. Game lost all its value to me they're going to end up releasing a new wave of troops to get people to basically have to start over since they broke it. I really can't understand the arena, my strength is 177000 and I loose the battle by a player having strength less than 100000... I really don't understand the concept. Deleting the game, it waste to time..

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