NameBattle Simulator
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Battle Simulator – Cool toy in the “fighting” genre with a top view and interesting gameplay. A mobile toy for Android devices, which is a kind of wall-to-wall fighting game where you have to assemble a squad of crazy people just like you and fight against a wall of opponents in various locations.

But before you go into battle, you need to download Battle Simulator for Android. You probably already understood that this game does not need the Internet to work. That is, you have to compete with computer opponents. The goal is very simple – defeat all opponents and capture enemy territory. But this will be very difficult to do.

The game contains elements of strategy. This element can be seen in the fact that you will not take a direct part in the fights. That is, your fighters fight automatically, and you can only watch what is happening. Accordingly, you need to assemble a team that can easily defeat current opponents. It is the current ones because from level to level the enemies will become stronger and smarter, which will force you to think over new tactics for victory. At the same time, you can pump your fighters, improving their skills and adding abilities. If you are interested in such games, then download King of the Hill for Android.

Battle Simulator MOD

This game is awsome and good but it is so hard because enemy is so strong i can't defeat them. almost perfect, keep improving! . It's a shame I only have 500 words to write a review because I have a lot to say. 1. The gameplay is simple and fun, yes, but the artificial difficulty is annoying. Level 9 of the Iron world is the biggest offender. I tried every combination, but I lost every time with every character at level 20. It is cheap and unfair. And 2. After you do upgrade to level 20 and unlock the other game modes, there's nothing else the gold is used for. No skins, no special upgrades, etc. It feels hollow.. Awesome ....... I can't Fricken stop playing this game..... would like to see more characters (fighters) from that era , more Campains (chapter levels) and more of that early 1900's music ............... overall ..... I'm hooked... Good game so download it. Very Good Game But... Sometimes I Hate When People judge Someones game just because it isn't that good... I Like it. Developer please reply to my comment!.

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It's awesome . offline game. GG timepass. Stupid, that's all I can say, your ranged attackers block your melee fighters, certain lvls just make it impossible to win, enemies always seem to produce fighters faster and ranged attackers only seem to watch their team die, make the units smarter and less stupid so it's fair, AI units seem to be able function properly but not the players units.. Different but still fun game to play! Sort of like conquer and destroy with 3 man team!. YOU CAN'T BE MY SUPER UM HOES GET U. The AI is too stupid.

Battle Simulator APK

Nice game love it. I like the game I would like to see lots of new characters and more creative levels.. Good, but need graphics settings probably. It seemed kinda interesting. Didn't have much expectations, but yikes, its a tad boring. Its essentially that web browser strat game where you just click on a unit and place them on one of the four levels, but heavily dumbed down.idk if that definition made sense but I digress. overall just boring and the images above doesn't really accurately present to you what the game is.. it is horrible to play at all because you have no control over the people and you get spammed by ads every 30secs so it is unplayable..

Battle Simulator APK

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