Conspiracy APK Mod (Unlimited Money) 2.13.1

Last update September 23, 2023


Become a good ruler for one of a bunch of states. Conspiracy has a great opportunity to take control of any state in Europe in the 20th century.

Pick up everything that will be useful to you in the future, think over your action plan, and start developing your country. You will have to build a huge and very strong empire with the help of diplomacy or a powerful military force. This is a completely original toy that will provide you with a lot of opportunities and economic management of the country. You will be able to show all your abilities, bring the state to world leaders and get the support of the population for this.

Carry out the most important negotiations in your life, face other players in confrontations and get some benefits. Try to make alliances with strong opponents, as they will be able to help you at any time. Prepare a good and efficient army, give an order and start a war. To win this game project, you have to somehow capture 18 centers with a powerful army. The gameplay here is turn-based, so your every move can be carefully considered. Full statistics, crazy ratings, and everything that happens around will make you nervous.

Conspiracy MOD

Have played it on and off for quite a few years. If you are a fun of Diplomacy board game, then this is really a well made mobile version. Highly recommended.. John F Kennedy liked diplomacy so... And I honestly believe conspiracy is the best on the PlayStore to play diplomacy.. Please remove or fix the replace player system so people can't join ranked games. Too many people are abusing it to never loose elo and stay high ranks. Also adding forwarding and copying messages was a very bad call. You keep making terrible additions to what used to be the perfect diplomacy app.. Was very good but I cannot play with some of my friends as they have newer android phones. Still great game though.. Game is fantastic love it just recently I have ti sign in everytime I load the app and it's extremely annoying..

Conspiracy APK

This game is easily one of the most wonderful ones I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Conspiracy gives you the precise blend of strategy with impeccable diplomacy. Heaps of praise wouldn't suffice for the wonder that the developers were able to create. Amazing!. Super fun and well built game/app. Lots of variety of games but long turn timers are most common as this game isn't designed for instant results. It's a long game that doesn't interfere in your daily routine. I keep getting an error"Loss of network connection" even though I have connection. I reinstalled the game and lost my profile with all progress! How can I fix and restore it???. Game is crashing when clicking in my games or messages, can't send orders for new games... What is going on?.

Conspiracy APK

Customisation options seem fun, but there are no games available. Also kind of lame how they took the rules for Diplomacy but didn't feel the need to actually mention the original game at all.. Excellent adaptation of Diplomacy. However, I was gaining the upper hand in a very close and satisfying game when my orders failed to process for two phases in a row, essentially giving my enemies two turns to outmaneuver and reinforce while my ally and I stalled out. 1/5 stars.. Love the app and game. For some reason though I haven't been able to login all day. It keeps asking me to login then won't login. I tried emailing and haven't heard anything please help.. Great game. Best version of the classic diplomacy game you will find. Conspiracy is very much in its infancy, but the developers are active and the game gets better weekly. Aside from flawless gameplay you have options to view friend's games, see your own ratings, and grow your reliability. A couple things I recommend: let players talk further after games end (a debrief, if you will), and let contacts chat outside of the game arena. Otherwise, very enjoyable game. I recommend highly..

Conspiracy APK

This game is an awful lot of fun. Except for a few hiccups here and there it runs very smoothly. The only thing I'd like to know is if there is any way to change my ingame name? Edit: thanks for the help with the namechange!. Worst game ever. Do not play it because if your standard person and not VIP you can only play 2 games then they say."You are in a different regulation you can play only 2 games at a time.I MEAN 2?! please don't install this.. Game was great. I played it for many years. I haven't been able to log in for months, however. Tried to reach out to the developers with no response. Uninstalled today, very sad.. Great interface overall, the only functionality that is lacking is a 'Pause until x date' vote (they have draw vote). Would love to see an ios version too so I can use it with more friends!.

A true masterpiece. No game has given me the strategic feel as this does. And believe me, I've tried to find another, to find another game that satisfies my cravings as conspiracy. A true 10/10 game. My one, complaint, is you can't play it on ios. THAT'S IT! I love this game. (For those confused about the tutorial, at the top or, bottom I can't remember, there is something to press that brings you into an interactive tutorial. From there you can learn by playing with the tutorial as a guide). Great game, can you make new maps which are fictional? All maps currently in the game are based on historical events. I feel like maybe it would be very interesting if there were new maps based on a fiction or something like that.. This is a very fun game, I like it because there are a wide variety of gamemodes. Maybe add a Germany battle royale with all the german provinces like Bavaria.. I honestly don't want to give this game 1 star, it looks super fun. I keep getting connection errors however and can't see any online games. Is there a fix for this? Please let me know..

Great game and design. Multiple maps to pick from. However, huge problem. I've finished three games in the past two weeks and two of then had blatant cheaters. Two countries controlled by the same person. And there is no obvious way to report the issue.. I have been playing this game few days ago. I have some ongoing games. But an INTERNET CONNECTION ERROR message shown up while my internet is working perfectly. But I thought it'll be resolved after few hours/1 day but it's still there. And now I'm gonna lose my started games.. Best strategic game where you can use your diplomatic skills to win the game. It is simple and requires you to be smart only instead of grinding. This game should be considered a world treasure.. Best Diplomacy app on the Play Store (and anywhere, frankly). If you read the negative reviews, they are primarily complaints about the game of Diplomacy from people who never heard of it before downloading the app, not a review of this app or its game implementation. If you like Diplomacy and have played before, you'll love Conspiracy. If you're new to the game, I recommend watching some videos or reading some guides on the game first (though there is a brief tutorial in the app as well)..

One of the best takes on the classic Diplomacy format. I'd like to see what more they can come up with.. BETTER THAN RISK IN EVERY WAY. Only game worth playing on a phone: 1. It's an actual SOCIAL game. If you don't interact with the other players you WILL lose. 2. The turns take up to a day = no addictive level chains or skill trees 3. No paywall or freemium robberies 4. No dice mechanic (...RISK) Issues: 1. Idk how to join a ranked game or invite my friends. What gives? 2. Need a formula or a set of rules I can access to predict my ELO score after a win, loss, 2/3/4 way draw, etc. . Great game, great concept, also colourful so you don't get bored while playing, it is also not much complicated, simple rules. I just have a request that you could use country flag emojis, that would be great.. There really ought to be a note in the negotiation table when a player is replaced, otherwise a perfect implementation of a great game..

This is a great game. It has flexibility in how much time you must be involved: if you want to play for 3 minutes a day or all day long, you have that option. If you want to ally with or conspire against others, you can, or you can play a "mute" game in which it's just you against the world.. Great game, I feel like a great addition would be to add a fictional map like tamriel from the elder scrolls or middle earth. Old-time board game player here and just found this! Absolutely love it - very close to old Diplomacy game I used to play years ago. Simple, hard-core strategy with Machiavellian politics!. Ok first of all.. Well actually i got nothing to say except why cant i play the game?? Its been stuck on the loading screen for a lot of time and i do not know why or how to fix this problem...

After playing this game since 2017 and making my first review on 2018, I can say this game is great. Thier isn't much to complain. For a game to not have little to no bugs is solid. the maps, the players, and the intensity of playing. Hopefully in the future we get a couple more new maps or variants of previous maps on different timelines. Brilliant game. No glitches, good interface. Only issue is a lack of players sometimes but I think that is just because I'm not very high ranked yet.. I would say the concept of the game is great. But the requirement of needing Actual players instead of highly intelligent bots like most games offer is its downfall. Maybe if the developer decides to not make people reliant on others to use the game it will be decent. But currently it's no good.. Very unique strategy game. If you're bored of all the same old stuff, this will definitely be new and exciting for you. I love that it's at a much slower pace, gives you time to think and strategize then continue on with your day. Amazing customer service!! Asked for help with my account and they went above and beyond..

First problem, You can play only two games without Premium Membership, Very honestly This game is so trash and Hard that you Can't learn it at all, even if you complete the whole Tutorial. Second, the mechanics is so trash.. Really cool game, not something that you'll play between breaks, but a game that will match your skill against opponents from across the world! Funnily, the maps never get boring and each game is unique. downloaded this game twice and regret anyway so deleted both the times. Make a tutorial on how to start the game. It is a fantastic game and very enjoyable multiplayer. (Curse them who betray me!) And Badfrog serves the best service. Finally got the game going again. Thanks!.

Ver good developer's, replied to me in MINUTES. The community is active, but getting seven people in one room is a bit hard. Nice game THO. Great game. No glitches. Only your lack of diplomacy skills and tactics will hold you back. But watch out for those with smooth lips and evil intentions.. Couldn't get past the tutorial which didn't actually demonstrate how to make the moves. The moves you could select had little icons but no words to describe what they are. It would be better if the tutorial highlighted which buttons you have to press rather than having you faff around trying to work it out yourself.. Filled with players with two accounts, despite this I still played off and on for about 2 years. Had 5 games going and the app refused to update my moves and showing the progress of the games, so I got to watch was my reliability rating bottom out. Now I can only play one game at a time. Done with this app.

i just got it and so far i cant tell but i dont think there is a 1 player mode but if there is not one plz add one. Just like diplomacy. Very easy interface. Would love to see U-boats added for the German fleet. Also, maybe sound effects.. Honestly, this is a very fun game. However, I wish the Developers would do 2 things to this game. Improve the UI, Improve the Friends List (So it's easier and give us an option to change our username), and make the game loading much more faster. I would also love to see sound effects of the short like a ships horn when sailing or gun shots with bullets wheezing by as a battle occurs. Maybe add in more art? I love the game but it's quite Dull. It needs more.... pizazz!. It is a great game based on board game "Diplomacy". Ironically, it started decline since they made more game versions and options... long term games still work but short term games are almost impossible to play, since players are spread throughout different versions/maps and the games wait long time for players to join. Because of this there is even less players so the problem is worse and therefore it will play even less people....

What a great, imaginative idea! One small addition that I would propose however, and that is formal declarations of wars and alliances. For example, it could be like an actual world event: players could be informed that this country declared war on the other one. There could be resolutions, written agreements etc that could be available to all players. Creating a union with a country would let you pass through their territory without taking their land for yourself. Just a few ideas! Love it.. Dissapointing nobody really playes so multiplayer is dead atleast for me also how do you join The only thing that "works" is sandbox mode it's so slow try clicking untill its 4099 to see one thing happen This game is very noring please fix and make it work also why 24hours why stay up all day so if sombody wanted to play 10 games they would literally DIE no joke. I can't join games, the (+) button doesn't work. Also in tutorials there's no description of what I need to do. This game has a system where you must play with the most unreliable and newest players several times before actually getting to play any real games. (Edited to respond to developer) According to the devs, the patience to sit through games where no one knows what to do as well as games where people randomly stop playing is what seperates me from REAL conspiracy players. I guess I'm sorry I don't like going through stagnant games to prove how worthy I am of enjoying the actual game..

I enjoy the game, it's simple and great. I'm playing it for about 3 years already. I would like be able to comunicate with my contacts outside game, some kind of simple private chat so we could better organise and play games together. It would be much easier than having them to give you discord or someone like that. I assume you didn't do that so people couldn't pregame team up and win every single game. But as you do it once or twice you don't find it intteresting anymore Hope you like my idea.. Always loved it and love the new maps can we please just play 6 games edit: Ha thank youuuuu still loving the game more than 3 years later !. It's absolutely a fun game, just a suggestion, why don't you make more maps? Like the map of New York and we're like Mafia Bosses fighting over blocks? That would be fun Just make more Features or even make other fun games like this! I will surely play it!. Have given 4 stars although it deserves 5! I can't save pictures on my device although I gave it permission! please fix this! would give 5 then!!! a great game! first it's Diplomacy and then you guys' creativity to make it an app, truly amazing! just fix the issue no other thing needed! P.S: okay, but I've a question, will my chats and progress of a match survive till the update if I archive it?.

The registration at start ruins this - you used to scroll and click to join games you wanted, which would show you how many players had signed up and so you knew roughly when would start, but now just put in a holding pen and then starts you on a random game. This makes it impossible if you like the shorter games (turn time of less than 1 hour) to know when one begins, so makes pointless if you like games that don't last months ... Don't bother with it.. I thought it was finally a cool good country leader game, but nah turns out it's a slow, overly extra multiplayer bullcrap. Hate this. Ruined any chance to play this. Great game. I am new to the app, but well familiar with Diplomacy. Everything works so far, and the community is great. The Analyze feature is awesome. Looking forward to trying the variant maps. Highly recommended.. Game play is great. I hope they add more maps. The non standard game play is very interesting. Especially the nato vs soviets map. Edit: I had technical issues with my subscription. But it has been resolved..

An absolutely great game, very unique and challenging. Games can last for a long time, but it's constantly full of diplomacy and war.. What can I say, It's that Diplomacy game but perfectly mobile-friendly. The only thing that I don't like is that you can't log out, which is understandable to stop cheating, but my brother can not play competitively in the same game as I since he doesn't have a phone. The computer version does allow this. Excellent port though!. I know the long click>full name. This is an extra step that solves a problem which does not have to exist. I tried playing this exciting game with 6 other friends of mine who did not know Diplomacy. These shortened names confused us a lot. There is enough space to fix this. Or just copy the same layout from Diplicity, please!. Great app,one small suggestion would be to add the abilty to post photos in the chat,even if it was just screenshots of your moves..

Great app, well thought out. One suggestion for a feature that would greatly increase my enjoyment of the app: turn reminders. Give the option for each game to have a notification when there is 3 hours left until resolution, 2 hours left, 1 hour left, 30 minutes left, etc., so that if we would like, we could have those reminders in case we lose track of time. This feature would make it a lot easier to maintain reliability as well. Please consider it!. Great app with an excellent mobile-friendly interface for the classic diplomacy experience. I've encountered a few slight issues but have received help directly from one of the developers. Great app, community and team.. Great platform to play the Diplomacy board game in your phone against other players, with dedicated developers that constantly keep it running and improving it. You can play at a rythm that suits you, so it doesn't drain much time if you are busy (you can set turn time limits to last up to 24 hours). From the classic map to variants of the game, you can find hours of fun with this.. Amazing. Simple yet challenging. I just wish if a player has reached the objective number of centers, the other countries shouldn't be marked as defeated, perhaps state the ranks (Silver or Bronze)..

Great game, but if you have an old mobile device or tablet it may not be *optimized for your device* but it's playable. When you hop in, it's not bad, but it's a gamble because at some point shortly or after a bit, the sign in mechanism before the main menu will permanently become glitched and if you press the SIGN IN button, it will do the loading wheel thing for a sec, then just reload the SIGN in screen, ever if you had just signed in. Reinstall app or device restart will not fix this issue.. Overall good game, but takes to long to get a game going. Also I think it would be much better if you could make it landscape or portrait mode, not just portrait.. I LOVE THIS GAME! I love how it's so simple and is full of strategy. I wish this game will be on iOS. And I wish this game advertised so it can grow to ios. I would mind if there were ads on the home screen to make this happen. (Not on actual gameplay though). This is a great platform for playing diplomacy, player base is a little sad but the polish the developers have created is fantastic..

Really great Game. Wish the tutorial was a bit more clear, but you get the hang of it after a few games..

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