Northgard is a strategy game developed and published by Shiro Games. It was initially released in 2018 and is available on various platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Each Northgard clan has unique abilities and bonuses, which provide different gameplay styles and strategies. As you progress, you’ll encounter various challenges, such as hostile creatures, harsh weather conditions, and rival clans competing for control of the land.

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This is a great mobile rts games i have played..even though it's paid game,it's worth my money and game experience 5 STAR. As many others have pointed out it's buggy and crashes often. I couldn't play any of the story due to crashes.. The new patch make the multiplayer fame freez for no reason and unable to reconnect. Not sure the game new effect cause the game to freeze. Enough for this alway crash during multiplayer game. Brought to play with friend but unable to even finiag the game once after the update. Not recommended!! Another issue, i been reinstall the app and do use the restore in option menu but the paid content haven't been restore. This dev and the app is getting Worse. DO NOT NUT THIS APP!!. I'm leaving it at 5-Stars because the update itself is amazing. However there is a performance (FPS) decrease when playing with 6 players or AI that wasn't there before.. I absolutely love the game has the old school rts feels to it in ways that matter only problem is i cant play it the app closes just after clicking a few things on the menu and my phone had me clear the cache for it cause it said the app had a bug please fix it so i can play it thanks. The game now better after update. Now my phone is not as hot as used to. Keep it up. :D. The June update sucks!!! I can't play it without crashing, both on my Note 20 ultra and iPad Air 3.. After install northgard version 2.1 also still not working on my Android 13 tablet, please fix it. The screen is freeze and not download the game data from your server....thank you. Fun game, worth the money. Recent update fixed the issues I was previously having. Thanks!. Great game! Very promising! Would love if you can improve the multiplayer system. Cant seem to find a good match. Tried it but no match found.. Latest update revised all the gameplay mechanic. Been playing for thousands of hours on mobile and Steam edition. Will update soon for the new features..

Northgard APK

STOP BUY FOR THIS GAME!...I PAID FOR THIS GAME!... EVERYTIME PLAYED IT ALWAYS CRASH AND LOGOUT WHILE PLAYING!. I paid the game for 400 but I can't even download it in play store I have 4 ram and 128 gigabyte storage. This is the only game on my phone, please help me what to do. Cannot run on Android 13, after install the app the loading screen is freeze, Android 12 it's working very good. Now i update my OS to Android 13 after that it's freeze. Please fix the issue as soon. Thank you. Can't really see good gotta zoom in the game just wasn't that good on the mobile phone at all and u have a good gaming phone. I like how it's almost exactly like the old PC version it's hard to find games similar. I've got the Mobile game and it's great!! But just discovered that there is also a Desktop version... are these separate purchases? Or can one be redeemed from purchasing the other?. Game is incredibly fun and works now, still have some random crashes but works most if not all the time.. Really enjoying the game, hits exactly the strategy desire I've had (territory control, simple with strategic depth, no psychology abuse). But constantly freezes (exclusively played story mode so far) would be happy to give 5 stars if it weren't for this. This game does not work correctly and what does work does not work well. Really poorly designed!. The thing is there are like a lot of problem with you controls I am having so much trouble to it and it ruins the exp. . i really hope that you try to make the control more finger friendly that it wont mess the game. Please start with where you put the control for the civilians and other workers.

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It looks good, but only the first level of Story Mode was playable. Everything else crashes or freezes on launch. Pixel 6. Android 13. The game is slow but fun hope you fix the sound issue and slow gameplay and please add a fastforward feature like the settlers Hd back in 2010's. Played this on mobile.. terrible. Originally played it on Nintendo switch and it was an awesome game. Mobile functionality limits controls and what you can do. Asked for a refund and wouldn't supply. Terrible customer service. Sad too cause such a good game. Super fun oldschool game. Keeps freezing only reason for bad review. I don't know why people are giving this amazing game such a hard time. Then again so many people are quick to give a game a bad review even if it's for one tiny flaw. My phone is a Oneplus 10 pro so I'm not lacking anything in terms of performance. But the screen size is my only issue. I think this game is a much better experience in a tablet than a phone. But that has nothing to do with the game, only my hardware. TL/DR Don't listen to the naysayers. 10/10. Love it, keep the updates devs. Edit: After playing for long time I still love it. Some people complain about bug or crush, the game is totally fine the problem is in there devices. Although the game is perfect, it's still need some adjustments, keep the updates devs. Has potential to be good but the game crashed on me and I lost my save. Very unstable. Playing on a brand new S23 Ultra.. It was a nice game. But its freezes after playing a while. Hope it will be fixed. It's very glitchy as in the gameplay is not smooth and sometimes takes multiple taps just to get something working if this gets fixed ill rate 5 stars. Love this game, runs very smooth. Would like to see new things added though..

Northgard APK

Drains my battery but this game is as complex as it gets for a mobile RTS. Challenging, and very pretty.. such a cool game! too bad it's so buggy and crashes all the time... 5 stars if fixed, 1 or 2 when consistently broken. Update, somehow uninstalling and reinstalling worked. Glad I did, as it is a great strategy game!. any ideas why main map to play on might not get displayed during gameplay on Bluestacks5? it works well on mobile but wanted to play on a bigger screen on a laptop with cpu i5, it lounches ok but still is not playable. The game no longer crashes now. Star count goes up. However, I noticed that the resource gain is highly sporadic one moment gains are high, then drop off well into the negative without any kind of cause for it.. It's a really fun game but it has a lot of screen freeze, which I hope the devs would fix because it's not a free game, would have given it five stars if there were no bugs. A well designed rts game, which includes the good bits of base building, strategy, balancing economy, and combat. All simplified for mobile devices, yet still allowing micromanagement, so you can pull low health units out of combat to swich the enemies focus. However, while the game seems great, I've constantly run into game breaking bugs, and the game freezes forcing me to close and restart the app. Other than not being able to play the game fully, it runs really smoothly! Buy at your risk.. Its kinda lame its so easy to fail in tje most random conditions. Will not load and no not going to unload and then reload it back up and then tried a million things for the next three hours of my time trying to get your game to work. The game freeze on Galaxy S23 Ultra, i'm unable to play....

Love the pc version. App crashes a lot. Will run fine for first 20 min. Then as more map gets discovered crashes.. Never played the PC version because I got no PC lol. But to think this game made its way to the mobile version is astounding! Have so much fun playing it and looking at the new clan and ideas the dev brings to the update really shows how much passion they put on this game. Thank you for your work on this game. One question remain though, is the new Northgard: Cross of Vidar also coming to the mobile version?. i love playing this game, everytime i got home after work, ialways strat to play this.also im a huge fan of norse mythology, i just 1 request, can we all have the DLC in mobile platform like on steam? i really wanted to play all the clans available. thanks for this wonderful game. i hope to have it all in future. Downloaded it and the extra files. As the game started, it offered the choice of scale. I was going to look through them to see what was best but it got stuck and I couldn't change back. Uninstalled.. I absolutely love this game so much thank u for making this game. Laggy, after the update games dont load or if they do they crash after some time, waste of 10euros. To bad i cant refund. freezes the screen sometimes - needs to be restarted - every 20-30 minutes on average - annoying for a paid game EDIT: setting the scale to x1 solves the stability issues EDIT2: need's mouse support. I LOVE IT!!! It's a great rts game! Im a fan of rts games, and I've played this for hours! Beautiful graphics, nice maps, and simple yet complex game play! Yes, the game does need a tutorial to explain a lot of things, and the game does shut down sometimes, but other than that, GREAT GAME!. Poorly optimized, crashes, ui is not fully adopted for mobile. Not a well made port. The game itself has it's issues as well. It's a great game. Except for the fact that on more than half my games if the scout I get at the beginning of the game dies, the new one recruited will not be able to continue scouting the map making a battle win impossible.

This game crashed after about 5 minutes. I don't need the hassle. There's plenty of other games that work.1. I feel like they really tried to make this a good game. However, they failed at it. I gave it a chance and I tried to like it, but I just couldn't get into it. I thought at first, maybe it had a learning curve, but I dont think it does. Resources are needlessly and extremely scarce. Making each game nothing but a sloooow grind.. Best RTS on mobile, but sadly not everythings perfect. If you manage to fix the sudden flickering screen its perfect. Pls fix it hurts my eye. I think most of the reasons this game was rated low have been fixed, its a great game, more people should play it. Fun gameplay, interesting story and massively cluttered UI. Thats my only issue and i could not assign half my stuff to where it needed to be, cant open new territory because the food button never showed up when selecting a new area. The lacking tutorial and the UI made it unplayable because I couldnt advance at all. Fix this and it would be up there with Civ.. Great 4x RTS on mobile. Just wish it had cross play with pc and console as finding match in multiplayer takes some time.. Pretty sad charging money for a game and being so cheap you can't even label what the buildings are on the build list. How the heck am I supposed to know what's what?. Great game, but freezes constantly. I had no problems the first two levels... Half way through the 3rd level, and I can't play more than a few seconds before it freezes and I have to force quit... I cannot finish the level. I'm on a Galaxy S22+.. Game is awesome...It made remind of all the pc startegy games..., The story I loved.. The problem where it was kinda lagging in phone and also, the buttons... Hahaha...The buttons are kinda hidden in the map page, during story, It was difficult for me and I found the buttons for adding villager to work,feast,and cancel accidentally.... So when the buttons was found.. the game became truly amazing.Having the option to adjust the button to user or giving him to customise the buttons would be nice.. This game is so good on PC. Mobile port is no good..

UI is waaaay too small and complicated for a mobile game. So much text. I don't mind reading in a game but it just doesn't work with walls of tiny text on a tiny screen.. I really want to love this game but the crashes make it impossible to enjoy.. The game same good has potential but is unplayable. Freezes all the time. Edit. Excellent game, minor bugs, but we need more games like this.. It's Cool. Just need to fix the bugs that this game still have. Right now I can't play the game. It freezing up and keep kicking out of the game and back to my phone home page. Unplayable and ridiculous that they released a game like this knowing it wont work. LITERALLY THIS GAME WONT LET YOU PLAY.. It has a ton of potential but it REALLY needs a tutorial. When you size the menu to large it cuts options off of the screen & you can't scroll to see them, which is annoying. Other than that, I think it will grow into a great game. I will update my review as my experience with the game grows.. Awesome game. Controls and UI in general could be better, but for a mobile game, it is fantastic.. Updating my review to reflect all previous issues I had with crashing and unplayability were solved after I dusted off and updated my game recently. Well done!. Brilliant game but the crashing is totally off-putting. I have to save every 3 mins through fear of it crashing.. Played for two hours and no issues. A really fun game.

Hi. Since last update game stops and screen freezes. Trird many times to reinstall. Problem is still there. Evry time freezes few minutes in to the game. Needs fixing asap!. I have been playing this for a while and notice a few thing, in some matches the game freeze a lot and other time its fine for the whole match, it happend often when playing ragnarok mode. I hope the dev implement multiplayer along with the new patches from all clan. Cant wait till i play this with my friend. Dev pls update this game i need the meta to change i am tired fighting ox clan over and over again.. Love the game, but its really hard to get the special war chiefs. It doesnt even really explain how to get them I had to google it and really hard to ever win on multiplayer without them.. After the new update, the game hangs up while loading into a map. It doesn't happen all of the time, but i can usually replicate the issue by loading into a single-player match, playing for a couple of minutes, exiting out, and then loading into another game (same or new). Is the team aware of this, and if so, is there a fix for it currently in the works? Thank you for your time!. So much that could have been just wasn't there with this game. Mobile controls just don't fit a RTS like this. The cutscenes will always happen if you are placing a build, which is more frustrating then it needs to be as you will have to start over placing the building.. Squirrel clan brewage upgrade option needed It either got removed or just got bugged in-game please look into it. 04/05/2022 i commented Doesn't want to run just tried it agian today but still doesn't work so uninstalled. Still feeling it out. The game crashes randomly or takes me back to the Google page a lot. Hoping it will get better.. It's the greatest RTS I've ever seen! Not only on mobile platform, but at all! But unfortunately it crashes quite often. Pocophone F1 2023 p.s. The problem is solved and I still play this gorgeous game!. It's unplayable as it crashes about 2 minutes into the first mission..

I love this game but I can't play this game anymore due to the game crashed everytime I open it. Please fix it.. Keeps crashing - s22 ultra, would be amazing if it didn't crash randomly.. Seriously? I never played the PC version, so I don't think it's fair to compare. This is so sick to be able to play on your mid tier phone when you have time to kill, or just wanna play a decent phone game. Love it. I am very fussy about what games I keep on my phone, and this is a keeper.. Awesome game. Pity I can't play it as the game keeps freezing on the loading screen.. Great game. Only issue is the fact that I had payed for both bundles to unlock all clans. The bundle w the lynx, ox and horse clan was playable until it wasn't. One day it just told me I have to buy the clans again. Like, what? I have save files of me playing as the clans I "never owned"? Seems ridiculous. For mobile, I've played a little, not a lot. Unit management on mobile is nothing like it is on PC. The PC release is fantastic and I've not had but one or two crashes that were fixed by updating my drivers and verifying file integrity (Steam launcher). That said, until I see more to sully my opinion, 4 stars.. Nothing but crashing cannot even play a match freezing on just the loading screen. Great concept but it leaves you with a few questions about how to play. Other than that it was pretty good. Better on PC or may be tablet. Very confusing, and difficult on small screen. Fun game, wish there was more. Since the new update it has been crashing constantly. Can't even play. Deleted all saved games, still crashes..

A would be 5 star if they could figure out how to prevent freezing.. Unplayable, freezes in the 1st minute of any game i launch, on galaxy s21. Much less updated than the PC version. Clunky controls, but there is more villager automation. UI scaling settings are nice. Disable shadows for less heat. Does NOT crash on ROG phone 1. Does not support gamepad nor mouse.. Top AAA strategy game on Android!!! Well made & optimized... Played on PC before Adding mouse support would be nice . Amazing game I've played on PC is a shame is not well adapted to mobile cause I'll be playing the hole day if it wasn't because the compatibility with mobile displays. Excellent game horrible execution, I played on easy with 1 enemy and the ai has too much of an advantage, 2 giants attacking directly to my town hall every 3 minutes. I lost because they had direct access. I can't send giants on ships, this is stupid. Es un buen juego, los pocos minutos que estuve jugandolo iba todo bien, el gameplay es entretenido, y me recuerda a un juego que hace tiempo jugaba demasiado, sin embargo tiene unos problemas graves de bugs, el mas importante es cuando repentinamente la imagen se congela y no puedes hacer nada mas, ojala se arregele esto en una update futura. I paid fpor thia game on my switch an loved it got it for my new chromebook and it wont even open i want a refund. Not optimised for Android at all. Battery drains like a capri sun , on a SD 888 this performance is disappointing. Downloaded it on steam, see you there.. Decent strategy, especially for the mobile platform. Works pretty well on budget Samsungs and Motorolas..

Not ready for mobile. Good game on PC but crashes constantly. Not worth trying on your phone. Worth to buy.. nice strategy game. Just..the only things I don't like is about the land. There are limit to build house every land. N that really hard to's only me don't like it. Need more resources before the winter . That make me dizzy to think about how my people to survive..n I hate that felling. I like the game just only me give up playing. Yall should try the game bcoz it's fun. Don't be like me. I like but I give up..tired~. I would give this 5 stars and play this game every second I could (it's the closest mobile app I've ever found to a true Age of Empires style game), if it weren't for the constant crashes and freezes. I can only play the game for a few seconds at a time before it freezes and after the second time freezing the entire game crashes . Still game crashes on S22 Ultra. I love the play but will probably uninstall because of it freezing and crashing so often. And i see many others have this issue as well.. Been having a bit of an issue with the scouts on stage 3 story mode on Android. Pay 14 bucks and it's got this issue. I hope this can be resolved. I'll try it out again but it may have the same problem. At first it would crash, the. I believe an update went out and now I am able to play without issue. Very fun game, good base building RTS PC style, not mobile RTS. Highly recommended. Not able to play the game, in starting it was saying to buy play pass, which I already had buied. Then it showed something went wrong check internet connection. Please help.. Great game with city builder elamints and rts the perfect game for somebody looking for a strategy game that's replayable. Playdigous has done a great job in trying to bring Northgard by Shiro to mobile but sword and solace update has not been yet brought to mobile version that is why i am giving it 4 stars instead of 5.. Doesn't work. Workers seem to forget their job. Healers will not heal, even the enemies can't seem to finish the job. Just a bunch of broken pieces on a gameboard..

Game will not load. I pick my story or si gle player game, hit start game and it loads and freezes on the loading screen.. Story mode works fine and is awesome. Game is the most similar to age of empires for mobile which I have been waiting for for YEARS. however single player crashes and lags, I have a Samsung Galaxy s22+ hopefully gets fixed with updates then review would be 5*.

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