NameKingdom Rush Frontiers
ReleaseIronhide Games

However, regardless of that, loads of video games provide extraordinarily fascinating gameplay and introduce new parts to their games. One such recreation is Kingdom Rush Frontiers, an award-winning hit by Ironhide Games. This tower protection recreation lets you defend your land in opposition to all types of monsters. However, this does not imply that no excellent tower protection games are on the market now. Quite the opposite, you’ll be able to get pleasure from a singular one as we speak once you obtain Kingdom Rush Frontiers. This can be a recreation that allows you to get pleasure from special tower protection as you face several ranges.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD

Not as fun as the first game, but still decent. Definitely feels like it was made more difficult just to last longer. Still better than 99% of freemium android 'games'.. How am I supposed to fight if the enemies can get invisible, can revive other fallen enemies, can regain health etc.. Feels incredibly hard at times. Idk what I'm not understanding to be able to complete these levels, but 4 missions in and I can barely complete them.. So much fun. Keeps me entertained until I get frustrated. Back I will be in short order playing again. Great games in this whole series. Has aged like a steak dinner in the middle east. Instead of building on everything this game was good for, they innovated what didn't need it, and all the games after this snowballed into a dumpsterfire. I have good memories of this game, but I don't want play it for the 3000th time because it's the apex of their creation. I wanted more, instead they ruined what could have been great..

Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK

It's more of the same thing as the original Kingdom Rush but with some design tweaks Probably adding a new tower at the start and making be hero a little more different.. First part is way better, this sequel is just complicated for no reason and there are way too many over powered enemies, I can't beat a single level on hardcore difficulty, also in mid game, enemies come from new route somewhere through the unmarked path in woods or mountains.... It's easily the best Kingdom Rush game out there. The towers and enemies are extremely powerful yet balanced to where the game never feels too easy. The animation is unique and helps immerse you in various environments that add to the aestic feel to the game. Not to mention, it has some of the most entertaining boss fights I've ever done with one pinning you against the literal embodiment of darkness in a cavern ridden with alien-like beings.. Edit: it seemed fun at first but honestly it is stupid. The maps are designed to be frustrating and annoying. The creatures are designed to be frustrating and annoying. Casual should be enjoyable and easy but instead it is rage inducing as they almost never give you enough money and MANY maps give creatures a drop off point directly at your base sometimes even behind your backmost tower location. I liked the original KR but this is just infuriating garbage..

Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK

Favorite. I had every level done, every hero maxed, then my mom took my ipad for herself and cracked it and then trashed it. Oh well.. This game would be excellent if the spirit totem from axe throwers worked on all casters. (As its description actually says) This is especially critical in storm atoll. Three stars is impossible to earn here.. I love it so much every time I switched devices I bought it. Iphone, Android, and Google Play store. This and origins are my two favorites. The original feels a little old compared to these two. I feel like they never age. They also play differently from towers to stage design.. I like the kingdom rush game so much I play all off them for hrs at a time I even restart them over and over again.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers APK

Very similar to the free version yet different enough with levels, monsters, buildings, upgrades to make it worth the buy.. It's harder than usual, but it's still awesome. So far, gameplay looks basically the same as in the previous game, but I just started). I love all the games in the series. Really fun. Great strategy. Love that it's offline and doesn't ask for added payments every 2 steps. L O V E it .. Very good game for its price. Action Strategy based game from the Iron hide "Kingdom rush" franchise. Would absolutely recommend to anyone with a love for strategy, tower defense type of games. I personally have played it through multiple times, and it doesn't disappoint because, first of all, you have many strategies to choose from, and secondly, we may get an update really soon. Much love from my side and as a real passionate for iron hide's games i can just recommend. -HSVH.

Remember it from computer class back in the day. It's still a fun game. Just don't like the in-app purchases. Would rather just pay a little more upfront.. golden TD package the best KR game imo, love all the different biomes and the new towers are really interesting. Of all tower defense games, this is my favorite. Of all kingdom rush, number 2 is where it's at imo. 1 got me into the game, but 2 ...he challange of 3 stars ..WOW. so rewarding when i get it. Not pay to win at ALL. N towers most unique in this one imo. Memorable 5th lvl. U'll c. Buy. BUY if u like td. Balanced. Fun Hard but beatable. I like the necro and the shadowsteppers that steal coin on hit So fun. Mixed with axe and mortar . Soooo fun to try new strats. Kingdom rush is top tier td.. One of the best TD game series ive ever played, very pleasing graphics and Ux, Strategic gameplay with difficulty variation..

Very fun. BUT EMBERSPIKE DEPTHS level is so freaking hard.. lol. When you think you've won, the boss goes around, destroys all your towers, then you have to defeat him with nothing... So hard.. lol. Great game, but not the best kingdom rush, Origins is better for the same price, and the original is free. What a great game to play and you don't even really need loot to play or to beat but it would be great if you could just unlock the other heroes but sadly I don't think you can without having to pay for them.. If this game had the progression system that allowed you to unlock the heroes like the Steam version has, then this would be 5 stars. Even if you had to buy it and unlock "the full version" of the game. Unfortunately, instead you get price gouged with the heroes that in total end up costing two to three times as much as the micro-transactionless Steam version. And then you have the gem shop, which I don't really care about as long as you don't earn gems slower than the Steam version..

Game tui th ca mnh, ln ny mua hero xn chi cc .. Not as fun as Origins, the difficulty is over tuned for a casual tower defense game and the UI is a bit lacking.. Good Tower Defense. Not the greatest game of all time but exciting, fast paced, and fresh enough to easily deserve 5/5. Paying an extra dollar for the hero doesnt feel like cheating, it made the game more fun. It felt like I bought the game and before it was a trial. Nice job. I got far on this before but look like my saved data has disappeared and I'm not playing it all over again..

I was having a lot of fun until I got to the final boss in the story. Twice in a row the stage simply stopped. I couldn't win nor lose. Because this stage is not completable I cannot get the stars needed to finish upgrades or play any unlockable stages. Sad that there is nowhere that bugs can be reported.. why is this game like literally so difficult i beat origins pretty easily but frontiers is so difficult like damn daniel what's with this game.

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