NameRise of the Roman Empire

Rise of the Roman Empire – Fans of economic and tactical strategy will appreciate the city-building simulator that allows gamers to role-play a Roman city planner. A significant burden of responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the young ruler – the management of great power. Build your empire and protect it from destruction. In the fascinating story of Rise of the Roman Empire: Build a City and a Kingdom, you can create an outpost and then try to stand against the crowds of the enemy.

Rise of the Roman Empire is a historical strategy game in which the player will rule in one of the cities owned by the Roman Empire. First, the newly minted mayor needed to build a full-fledged city in the middle of the wilderness, in which all conditions should be created to attract new settlers and build housing and infrastructure. Take control of the town, create a safe environment for the inhabitants, equip heroes for raids and battles, and conquer new lands. To fully prepare and provide your arm train will need unlimited resources, so we recommend you install the game with a mod for a lot of money; your army will always be in optimal combat readiness.

Playing the role of the great Roman emperor, the user must initially take care of the extraction of resources and minerals, which will help to build not only ordinary buildings and houses but also military barracks and outposts, allowing you to acquire cavalry, archers, and later orders. By increasing production, you will soon be able to turn your outback into a prosperous empire, making you a celebrated and accomplished manager. With the profits, you can upgrade your buildings and military facilities, creating an impenetrable outpost in the enemy’s path. By researching improvements and technologies, the player will gradually acquire an army capable of effectively resisting enemy raids and entering neighboring provinces and territories…

A rather complicated story awaits you, with few heroes to protect your empire. Only one hero is ready to take risks, take responsibility and decide the world’s fate. Take everything into your own hands, build a big city, manage it, develop trade, accept merchants worldwide, and create ideal conditions for a settlement. Protect people, open up new opportunities for them, and explore new lands to get more valuable resources. Gather a powerful squad, control it, lead it into battle, and defeat any opponent. You will have to take the city’s fate into your own hands to act quickly and correctly enough.

In Rise of the Roman Empire, you must develop your civilization from ancient to modern by completing various quests and quests. Train massive Roman legions to fend off invaders and increase your combat power. Upgrade your property by developing all the hubs when you have enough resources. All units will improve if you improve the center of the provinces. Expanding your possessions will attract the attention of neighboring countries around you and enemy troops, who are just waiting for the right moment to try to crush a piece of your precious land under them. Therefore, in addition to improving the infrastructure, you will have to create an army and participate in battles here. So take the fate of the entire city into your own hands and act!

Rise of the Roman Empire MOD

Wrote on 01 February 2024 and suggested a few ideas on improvements and making this game interesting. Nothing has happened. Putting that aside, I've created and built my empire to maximise on acquiring resources to my benefit. In addition I've been able to on a daily basis acquire the minimum return of Diamonds without having to purchase, 17 Diamonds per day (Free). If you know how to use your Military Units then progressing is very easy without losing a single Unit, even at the end battle.. I do love this game very much I would have gave you a perfect five stars but when I went and bought a bank for my game and a trojan horse it did not give me my bank it said I paid for it but it did not give it to me so I could not put it in that spot where I wanted but I did get the clothes in the horse I bought can you please fix it so I can put my bank at my spot I would really appreciate it thank you very much may God bless you please fix it I want my bank. Dear Qumaron pls make more new amazing stuff in the game also pls fix the bugs which it has in the game the main as well is for it to be both online and offline plus make the land to expand in your next update on which your planning.Thank you for reading this comment and replying back i hope you have a good day..

Rise of the Roman Empire APK

It's good for single player. Product takes a bit time to get but that is perfect for me. I usually open this game one or two times a day. Easy to control battle. But I cannot find introduction in the game. What will happen after reaching level 12?. the game is not balanced, the rewards are too small to make forward, in addition the consume of population is too high and when ordering some food it takes 4hrs to have 40foods, the mission requirements is very impossible to meet i put three stars because it have a rich historical structures of Rome.

Rise of the Roman Empire APK

Soooo I actually love this game, easy to understand, easy to navigate, for me anyway. And the best part of all you don't have to pay to play because you don't have to worry about getting wiped out by other players. I bought a few items because I feel like it's worth it.. Is it even fair to have 11 ports requesting ceramics at the same time? And when one delivery is done, ceramics is asked again ??? I'm sorry, but i had to go down to 3 stars. At least, each port should have multiple options of goods from where to choose to be delivered. I really hope this problem can be worked out as I love playing the game alot.

Rise of the Roman Empire APK

It's good but need more improvement on a lot of places.Very good potential.I would like you to prioritize clan war Edit: How does some guilds reach a whopping 2 billion power?I didn't even knew that reaching that much power was possible. Good game but play store is a liar. This game is not offline game. It needs internet connection to work. It doesn't work offline. Please remove offline from the game description. I was looking for offline city building empire game. This is not the one..

Random elements thrown together to produce a game. Heroes in particular seem to serve no real purpose and the rewards for hero adventures are rubbish. The difference in combat system for heroes vs normal troops is confusing. Troop and sea battles are slow and very boring. Multiplayer aspects are bolted on the side and very weak so can be ignored, leaving this mainly an unchallenging single player city builder. Quests can't be skipped so annoying when you get one that isn't constructive to do.. Why do pple still talk bad about this game bruh this game has so many engaging factors such has the design and build up of the game it's so awesome has it let's u do something from attacking pirates to fighting provinces so all I got to say is I would really recommend it.

I installed the game 5 days ago and have enjoyed it but my progress has slowed to a crawl due to lack of diamonds and my refusal to pay for "resources", especially this early in the game. Bye Rome. Nice place to visit but not to stay.. Played few days, game is nice but it's not captured my interest to keep playing so I quit. Can't give 5 stars as game need more upgrade on some area. Try check some suggestion here on some reviewers comments n try manage or solve some of it for better this game in future. Give 3stars only..

I've lost some of my buildings which I purchased with my diamonds over 4000, Please developer should do something about expansion,Expansion price is too high please help us to reduce the price,we need human voice in the resident to look lively, upgrade human structure I gave 5 stars before, but I'm giving 3 now, if the problem got fixed I'll give 5..

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